Charpy impact toughness on object

What affect would raising the charpy impact toughness on an object have on surface of the object it strikes if all else remains the same? Would it cause more harm to the object it strikes?




Charpy toughness is the measure of metals capability to resist tearing or to soak up energy throughout the impact. Commonly, we accomplish that by changing the microstructure to be more ductile. In the satiated and tempered alloys (or steels) for illustration, which involves tempering to convert the hard brittle martensite to softer more ductile bainite or the ferrite carbide mixture. Thus, we are making the softer metal; thus, if it influences another object it would be inclined to deform more. There would be less harm to the object being struck because the striking object would distort more and distribute its load across more of the surface of object being struck.

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