charecteristics of market efficiency

Explain the characteristics of market efficiency?

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  • Q : Determine the positive technical

    Which of the given is a positive technical statement? (i) The Miss America contest is sexist and tasteless. (ii) The moon is made of green cheese. (iii) Microsoft’s record of innovation justifies Bill Gates’ incredible wealth. (iv) Capitalism improves peop

  • Q : Define an example of a free good of

    The closest of the given to being a free good would be from below: (i) affection and support by your parents. (ii) a $100 bill you determined after a stiff breeze blew this onto your porch. (iii) health insurance given by a firm to all its workers. (iv) the second bag

  • Q : Governmental allocations of non-human

    The fundamental foundations of a capitalist system do not comprise: (1) Supplies and demands. (2) Private property rights. (3) Governmental allocations of non-human resources. (4) Laissez faire policies. (5) Market-determined prices and outputs.

  • Q : In fundamental economic each society

    I need a good answer on the topic of existence in society economically. Please give me your suggestion that

    The fundamental economic questions that each society should address contain: (i) what, how, and for whom,

  • Q : Firm-production similar to output with

    When a firm could produce at least similar output with less of one resource and no additional of any other, mix of resources of the firm is technologically: (w) and economically efficient. (x) efficient, but economically inefficient. (y) inefficient, but economically

  • Q : Punishment to criminals devoid of

    The early philosopher who argued about criminals must be punished proportionally to the harm completed to society, but without consideration of remorse, intent or motive was: (1) John Stuart Mill. (2) Edwin Chadwick. (3) Jeremy Bentham. (4) Adam Smith. (5) Aristotle.<

  • Q : Fundamental categories for economic

    The four fundamental categories for economic resources are: (w) matter, energy, technology and information. (x) wages, rent, interest and profits. (y) land, labor, capital and entrepreneurship. (z) machinery, energy, workers and government.

  • Q : Determine the initial distribution of

    When goods are traded and several families gain without worsening other families' well-being, so in that case the initial distribution of goods should have been: (w) optimal. (x) distributively inefficient. (y) superior to the new dis

  • Q : Quantity theory of money David Hume and

    David Hume and John Locke summarized an early version of: (1) the circular flow of income. (2) the permanent income hypothesis. (3) the quantity theory of money. (4) the marginal disutility of poverty. (5) the backward-bending supply

  • Q : Relative market prices and ratios of

    Jeremy Bentham would have been least familiar along with the concept such that: (1) criminals must be punished proportionally to the harm completed to society, without consideration of intention, remorse or motive. (2) consumers are in equilibrium whe

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