charecteristics of market efficiency

Explain the characteristics of market efficiency?

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  • Q : Define the behave of standard economic

    Standard economic theory supposes that individuals behave: (w) along with charity towards others while they are particularly moral. (x) irrationally while they are in large groups. (y) like home economists when they are Homo sapiens. (z) purposefully

  • Q : Example of economic costs regarding the

    The economic costs of attending college to receive a bachelor’s degree would not comprise: (i) Potential wages earned through incoming work force right after high school. (ii) Potentially higher standards of living throughout the four years or therefore spent st

  • Q : Use of relative prices not inclde by

    Please help me to solve the problem of economics that is given below:

    The functions of prices do not contain the use of relative prices like: (w) rationing devices. (x) mediums of exchange. (y) inf

  • Q : Characteristics of Private property and

    I have a problem in economics on the Characteristics of Private property and laissez faire policies. Please help me in the following question. Private property and laissez faire policies are characteristics of: (1) Fascism. (2) Socialism. (3) Monarchy

  • Q : Determine an example of net investment

    When gross investment is $100 billion whereas $10 billion of capital is worn out, in that case net investment is: (w) $90 billion. (x) $100 billion. (y) $110 billion. (z) not possible to calculate without more information.

    Q : When recently develope theory least

    Recently developed theory is least probable to evolve in common sense when this fails to: (i) conform to the principle of Occam’s razor. (ii) be consistent along with extensively-accepted previous theories. (iii) have realistic assumptions. (iv) accurately descr

  • Q : Description about the wealth of nations

    In 1776 Adam Smith’s work, The Wealth of Nations, is mainly a description of how: (1) democratic socialism is more efficient than totalitarianism. (2) self interest is coordinated within a market system. (3) barriers to internat

  • Q : Illustrate Prices of gold and silver in

    Gold and silver, both although better conductors of electricity than copper, are not generally used for household electric circuits since they are much more expensive. It illustrates prices like: (i) Information. (ii) Rationing devices. (iii) Incentiv

  • Q : Where is all economic resources fall

    Can anybody advise me the explanation for specified problem regarding where is all the economic resources fall within the categories: (i) Infinite, free, energy, or knowledge. (ii) land, labor, capital, or entrepreneurship. (iii) consumption, saving,

  • Q : Better off and worse off condition in

    When an economic change creates one person better off and a thousand persons worse off, this is: (w) good for society. (x) bad for society. (y) neither good nor bad for society. (z) not possible to assess without a value judgment.

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