charecteristics of market efficiency

Explain the characteristics of market efficiency?

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    I have a problem in economics on Population increase-Economic Growth. Please help me in the following question. The production-possibilities frontier can be shifted external by: (i) Removing unemployment. (ii) Lowering the market prices. (iii) A popul

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    I need a good answer on the topic of Economic problems. Please give me your suggestion that illustrations of technological enhancement would not comprise developing new because:

    (i) Lighter and less costly and stro

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    When the overall price level rises, then there are changes within: (i) absolute prices. (ii) subjective values. (iii) relative prices. (iv) objective prices. (v) tax rates.

    How can I solve my economics problems, which is related to

  • Q : Explain the normative economic analysis

    Normative economic analysis: (w) involves only non-quantitative measures. (x) gives precise predictions of economic effects. (y) emphasizes a social science approach to problems. (z) is based upon value judgments.

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    This market for clothing started on S0 and D0. Inside this market for clothing,: (w) demand has increased, possibly because of a raise in income. (x) new equilibrium price lies below the original equilibrium price. (y) supply may have transferred

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    Which of the given is a positive technical statement? (i) The Miss America contest is sexist and tasteless. (ii) The moon is made of green cheese. (iii) Microsoft’s record of innovation justifies Bill Gates’ incredible wealth. (iv) Capitalism improves peop

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    Maximizing the community's economic welfare needs production: (i) On production-possibility curve. (ii) Of minimum exports and maximum imports. (iii) Of more consumer durables and fewer services. (iv) Exterior to the production-possibility curve.

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    Theory of economic development by Adam Smith relies upon a ________ to kick-start the process, and subsequently _________ to continue this.  (w) higher wages./ the wages fund. (x) division of labor/ higher wages. (cy) explosive p

  • Q : Define problem of restricted resources

    Alex wants a limitless supply of ice cream, flip-flops and candy bars. However, restricted resources and the time needed to produce these staples leaves Alex facing a problem termed as: (i) scarcity. (ii) disappointment. (iii) insufficiency. (v) inadequacy. (v) hunger.

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    Hey friends please give your opinion for the problem of Economic Analysis that is given below:

    Economic analysis: (w) focuses only on financial relations. (x) is a step-by-step guide to gaining wealth. (y) centers

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