charecteristics of market efficiency

Explain the characteristics of market efficiency?

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    Income tax rates were cut during 1981 year, and again in 2001 year. A question is here that, at least in theory, may be resolved through positive economic analysis is: (w) How do changes in tax rates influence employment and national

  • Q : Illustrations of technological

    I need a good answer on the topic of Economic problems. Please give me your suggestion that illustrations of technological enhancement would not comprise developing new because:

    (i) Lighter and less costly and stro

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    Whose lives are potentially allocated lower prices while a drunk decides to drive home without waiting to sober up?

  • Q : Determine the Supply and Demand in

    This vigorously competitive clothing market is at firstly in equilibrium at S0 and D0. When the moves in the demand for clothing to D1 occurred before the transfer in supply to S1, in that case: (1) the primary signal to fir

  • Q : Savings as big investment The Economic

    The Economic growth in a proficient economy will tend to increase when: (1) Capital quickly depreciates and becomes obsolete. (2) Threats of war divert resources to the national defense. (3) People’s savings increase to permit bigger investment. (4) Funds for re

  • Q : Requirements of Economic Efficiency

    Economic efficiency needs: (w) distributive, productive and allocative efficiency. (x) engineering and dynamic efficiency. (y) historical and sociological efficiency. (z) chemical and physical efficiency.

    How can I

  • Q : Explain the invisible hand as automatic

    Adam Smith’s phrase “the invisible hand” considers to the automatic: (w) withholding of taxes before worker receive paychecks. (x) charitable instincts most people display when confronted by poverty. (y) coordination

  • Q : How to recognize economics as a field

    recognize economics as a field of economics

  • Q : Determine the positive technical

    Which of the given is a positive technical statement? (i) The Miss America contest is sexist and tasteless. (ii) The moon is made of green cheese. (iii) Microsoft’s record of innovation justifies Bill Gates’ incredible wealth. (iv) Capitalism improves peop

  • Q : Determine the opportunity cost while

    While people buy something, then its opportunity cost is the: (w) monetary price they paid. (x) enjoyment they get by their purchase. (y) satisfaction they lost by not buying something else. (z) time they should work to pay their bills.

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