charecteristics of market efficiency

Explain the characteristics of market efficiency?

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  • Q : Market adjustments change equilibrium

    A movement along the demand curve for a good would be caused through changes within: (1) preferences and tastes. (2) costs for productive resources. (3) supply which change the equilibrium price of the good. (4) expectations regarding future prices.

  • Q : Comunity engagement and education

    identify the modes employed in the management of comunity ECD programes in your community and explain them in the following lines 1 sole proprietorship and corporation 2 NGO mode 3 donor managed and ommunity owned

  • Q : Case of unsuccessfulness of goods in

    Consider the several possible goods currently producible within the United States, specified our available technologies and resources. When we produced only cat litter and razor blades, there would be a failure to get: (i) distributive efficiency. (ii) economic equity

  • Q : Fee-simple private property rights I

    I have a problem in economics on Resources and Products Flow Model. Please help me in the following question. “Fee-simple” private property rights permit you to: (1) Shoot trespassers who are on your land with no permission. (2) Refuse to

  • Q : Combination of land People who seek

    People who seek gains and bear risks and improbability while they combine land, capital and labor in productive ways is: (i) socialists. (ii) sole proprietors. (iii) professional managers. (iv) entrepreneurs. (v) bureaucratic capitalists.

  • Q : Rationally optimal decisions hinge on

    Economic scarcity is pervasive, that makes choices essential. Therefore, rationally optimal decisions hinge on tradeoffs which essentially reflect as: (1) using cooperative allocative mechanisms to minimize inequity. (2) opportunity costs. (3) competi

  • Q : Knowing the Property Rights Fee-simple

    Fee-simple property rights comprise the right to: (1) Demolish things you own, sell them, or confer them away.  (2) Duplicate a copyrighted work by paying the small fee. (3) Picnic in such publicly-owned facilities like national parks. (4) Employ

  • Q : What does an unessential complicated

    Unessential complicated theories violate: (w) common sense. (x) the principle of nonsatiety. (y) the laws of demand and supply. (z) Occam's razor.

    Please gues I really need one good answer from the above options.

  • Q : Uses of a theory in economic analysis

    To be helpful in economic analysis, a theory should produce: (w) Realistic assumptions. (x) A consensus in between scientists. (y) Results which is not possible to disprove. (z) Predictions supported through real world data.

    Q : Define subjective opportunity cost for

    Can someone explain me with excellent solution about problem of economic concept of Opportunity Cost...

    If you exchange your Audi for a race horse you hate, and exchange the race horse for 100 shares of gold-mine stock you believe