Characteristic of pure competition

A purely competitive firm: (w) is a price taker. (x) is a price maker. (y) is a large part of the industry. (z) sells a differentiated product.

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    Money: Money is what money does. Or Money is something that is accepted as a medium of exchange and at similar time act as a store of value.

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    No firm can ever generate a pure economic profit unless this: (i) possesses some market power or monopoly power. (ii) can adjust both its level of output and the price of its products. (iii) faces a demand curve with a segment above its average total

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    When the wholesale price P = $7 per bushel of peaches, it purely competitive peach orchard maximizes profit via producing ___ bushels of peaches at a total economic of profit or loss totaling $___. (i) zero; loss; -$4,000. (ii) 2000;

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    NOT between characteristics of a purely competitive industry would be as: (w) large numbers of potential buyers and sellers. (x) long-run freedom of entry and exit. (y) modern technology that dictates large firms. (z) buyers have no influence on price

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