Change in response in determinants of demand

In short run, the demand for mink coats is least probable to change in response to: (i) Development of the petroleum based faux fur fabric which can’t be differentiated from genuine mink except via DNA analysis. (ii) Armies of animal rights activists who splash paint on the passers-by who wear the fur coats. (iii) Reductions in the prices of mink coats. (iv) Extraordinarily mild winter weather in the New York, London, Paris, Moscow and Beijing. (v) Huge redistributions of income from rich to the poor in the US.

Find out the right answer from the above options.

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    When all bonds are perpetuities which pay annual income of $50, at an interest rate of 5% the price of bonds is: (w) $1,000. (x) $500. (y) $100. (z) $750.

    Can someone explain/help

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    Hey friends I need your help for illustrated figure in below where for cranberries, the market demand curve is: (i) A. (ii) B. (iii) F. (iv) J. (v) E.

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    Surplus budget: When receipts of government are greater than its receipts, it is termed as surplus budget.

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    A predictable reluctance through modern welfare recipients to trade all they own for the material possessions of a rich person by a much earlier period would be evidence which poverty is: (w) easily solved by income redistribution pro

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