Change in prices after short run demands

Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The changes in gasoline prices do not change short-run demands for (1) Bigger versus smaller cars. (2) Gasoline. (3) Alternative forms of the transportation. (4) Batteries, Tires and spark plugs.

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  • Q : Examples of perishable goods I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Examples of perishable goods. Please help me in the following question. Illustrations of perishable goods comprise: (1) The book Carrie reads each and every night before brushing her teeth. (2) The computer Barry emplo

  • Q : Shutdown point of monopoly firm A

    A monopoly firm must shut down in the short run when: (w) P < minimum [average total costs [ATC]]. (x) P > minimum [average total costs [ATC]]. (y) this cannot cover all variable costs. (z) P does not equal marginal costs [MC].

    Q : Marginal utilities for additional good

    When each ice cream cones cost $2 and fried grits are of $4 per pound and your marginal utilities from an additional cone or an additional pound of fried grits per month are each of 40 utils, then, given your present budget, you: (1) Are presently max

  • Q : Pure competitors in market structures

    Marginal revenue is not below the market price by the perspectives of simply: (i) monopolistic competitors. (ii) monopolists. (iii) cartel members. (iv) pure oligopolists. (v) pure competitors.


  • Q : Annual Percentage Rate and Annual

    Interest stated at an annual percentage rate that stands for APR is the rate of interest without consideration of compounding throughout that year. Yearly or annual percentage yield [APY] refers to interest which is compounded continuously. When a ban

  • Q : Equilibrium market price In a perfectly

    In a perfectly competitive market, market demand curve is provided by Qd = 200 − 5Pd, and the market supply curve is provided by Qd = 35Ps.

    a) Determine the equilibrium market price

  • Q : Cross elasticity coefficient complements

    When college enrollments drop 10 % while textbook prices double, in that case textbooks and enrollments are _____ goods as well as their cross elasticity coefficient is approximately _____. (1) superior; 5.0. (2) inferior;   10.0. (3) substi

  • Q : Felicific calculation of utilitarianism

    The supposition that a ‘felicific calculation’ gives a proficient guide for fitting punishment to the crime committed is an integral portion of: (1) Gresham’s Law that ‘Bad will drive out Good’. (2) Jeremy Bentham’s utilitarianism.

  • Q : Demand of various vegetable why demand

    why demand change of onion in during one week due to change in it's price?

  • Q : Indication by data on poverty Data on

    Data on poverty into the United States indicate which: (w) in absolute numbers, additionally blacks are below the poverty line than whites. (x) in absolute numbers, more whites are below the poverty line than blacks. (y) the poverty rate is lower for

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