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  • Q : Market demand of purely competitive

    How purely competitive industries respond to raises in market demand depends upon: (w) the time period considered. (x) immediate quantity adjustments and longer run price adjustments. (y) each firm’s average total costs. (z) the slope of the mar

  • Q : Controlling costs in the short run

    Executives at the helms of monopolies that may pay little attention to controlling costs within the short run, but during the long run the monopoly will tend to be operated into a technically efficient fashion since: (w) the firm will

  • Q : Labor Union History Can someone please

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Preceding to the AFL-CIO merger in the year 1955: (i) AFL was an alliance of the industrial unions. (ii) The CIO was an alliance of the craft unions. (iii) Strikes over which un

  • Q : Problem on cross-price elasticity Kathy

    Kathy purchases two goods, t-shirts and caps.  Her demand for t-shirts is:

    Qt = 44 – 3Pt - Pc + .04I

    The price of caps is Pc = $2. And her income is I = $300.

    a. Graph a demand curve for Kathy’s t-shirts.

  • Q : Negative externalities Give the answer

    Give the answer of following question. Negative externalities arise: A) when firms pay more than the opportunity cost of resources. B) when the demand curve for a product is located too far to the left. C) when firms "use" resources without being compelled to pay for

  • Q : Elasticity of demand curve In which

    In which form of market, the demand curve is more elastic and why?

    Answer: Demand curve is more elastic under monopolistic since of the availability of close substitute.

  • Q : Determine equilibrium price and quantity

    Suppose a growth hormone is introduced that allows dairy farmers to offer 125 million more litres of milk per year at each price.

    a. Construct new demand and supply curves reflecting this change. Describe with words what happe

  • Q : Effect of percentage change in price

    Give the answer of following question. When the percentage change in price is greater than the resulting percentage change in quantity demanded: A) a decrease in price will increase total revenue. B) demand may be either elastic or inelastic. C) an increase in price

  • Q : Definition if pure monopsonist Can

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The pure monopsonist: (1) Is the sole buyer of a specific good or resource in the given market. (2) Can adjust just quantity and therefore is a price-taker in input market. (3)

  • Q : Law of Diminishing Merginal utility Law

    Law of Diminishing Merginal utility: This states that as consumer consumes more and more units of commodity, the utility derived from each and every successive unit goes on decreasing. According to this law TU increases at decreasing rate and the MU d

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