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  • Q : Natural barriers to entry technology

    Natural barriers to entry would include: (w) long established brand loyalty. (x) enforcement of existing antitrust laws. (y) technology which dictates large plant size. (z) patents and copyright laws.

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  • Q : Problem on Transaction Costs Higher

    Higher income families are far-off more probable to purchase automatic garage door openers than people with the lower incomes primarily as automatic garage door openers: (1) Save time and give convenience that wealthy people value relatively more. (2) Are status symbo

  • Q : Tacit collusion by oligopolists Tacit

    Tacit collusion through oligopolists is possible when: (w) agreed to by the government. (x) a price leader is visible. (y) the oligopolists succeed in forming a cartel. (z) very few firms control the market.

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  • Q : Reduces total production cost and raise

    Assume that Joe discovers the price elasticity of market demand to be 0.8 for Joe’s additional fancy dehydrated water at the present price of $10 per barrel. Every barrel averages $2 to generate. Joe can: (w) increase his profits by 80% if he in

  • Q : Structure conduct performance paradigm

    From about 1890 till 1970, the “structure-conduct-performance paradigm” dominated theories concerning how firms behave in various kinds of markets. The word “conduct” in this context refers to these things as: (i) decisions by

  • Q : Income effect dominating substitution

    The personal supply of labor is characterized by the income effect which dominates the substitution effect if: (1) Trina retires to beach condo subsequent to working for the city for 42-years. (2) Members of a rock band give up touring for a year subsequent to their s

  • Q : LEAST affected market interest rate

    Market interest rates are LEAST affected through: (w) people’s willingness to defer consumption when they are rewarded for doing so. (x) people’s desires for liquidity. (y) the marginal productivity of new capital relative to its price. (z

  • Q : Average cost per unit of production

    When Prohibition Corporation maximizes profit within its production of St. Valentine’s Day software, there average cost per unit of it produced will be roughly: (i) $4 per copy. (ii) $10 per copy. (iii) $18 per copy. (iv) $24 per copy. (v) $32 per copy.

  • Q : What supply curve illustrates What

    What supply curve illustrates?

  • Q : Compute price elasticity At price of

    At price of Rs. 20 the unit quantity demanded is 300 units. Its price downs by 10% its quantity demanded rises by 60 units. Compute price elasticity.



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