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  • Q : Illustration of kinked demand curve

    Sarah, Courtney, Carly and Lisa sell shell necklaces. As Lisa lowers her price, Carly, Sarah as well as Courtney lower their price. If Lisa raises her price, Carly, Courtney and Sarah remain their price similar. This interaction is an

  • Q : Barriers to entry A barrier to entry

    A barrier to entry is: (w) an impediment for firms to expand their output capacity. (x) a limit to the number of entrants to a monopolist industry. (y) an obstacle which makes this hard for new firms to enter the industry. (z) the fixed cost to a pote

  • Q : Implication of the law of demand The

    The law of demand implies a relationship which: (i) Apply merely in the market economy. (ii) Needs government enforcement to work. (iii) Is negative among price and quantity demanded. (iv) Applies merely whenever scarcity is cured.

  • Q : LEAST affected market interest rate

    Market interest rates are LEAST affected through: (w) people’s willingness to defer consumption when they are rewarded for doing so. (x) people’s desires for liquidity. (y) the marginal productivity of new capital relative to its price. (z

  • Q : Human Capital-Individuals premium wages

    The firm which offers its workers by substantial specific training tends to: (i) Pay such individuals premium wages to try to make sure retaining such workers. (ii) Need workers to sign the legal contracts of indenture and peonage. (iii) Raise worker productivity appr

  • Q : Shifting of labor demand for Labor The

    The labor demand will shift due to the modifications in all of the given except: (1) Prices of other resources. (2) Prices of the output. (3) MPP (4) Salaries.

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the

  • Q : Competition from poor substitutes A

    A firm in an industry which is a pure monopoly faces as: (w) many competitors from into the industry. (x) competition from only poor substitutes produced in other industries. (y) a market demand curve which is horizontal. (z) prosecution when it impor

  • Q : Experience decreasing costs industry If

    If one industry’s development stimulates development in support and complementary industries, it permits firms within the industry to: (i) move up their rising long run average costs curves. (ii) sell their products for higher prices. (iii) focus old technologie

  • Q : Hike in relative price of a good I have

    I have a problem in economics on Hike in relative price of a good. Please help me in the following question. The hike in relative price of a good will quickly increase the: (i) Quantity demanded. (ii) Market supply. (iii) Rate of inflation. (iv) Quant

  • Q : Question based on GDP In calculating

    In calculating the GDP national income accountants: A) treat inventory changes as an adjustment to personal consumption expenditures. B) ignore inventories because they do not represent final goods. C) subtract increases in inventories or add decreases in inventories.