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  • Q : When is Price Ceiling not create

    Price ceilings do NOT create pressures for: (w) shortages of price controlled goods. (x) black markets, queuing, or sales by favoritism. (y) opportunity costs to be lower than or else. (z) transactions at monetary prices below the equilibrium price.

  • Q : Moral Hazard-Equilibrium wage If

    If workers know that they are guaranteed a particular weekly wage and can simply find another job at this equilibrium wage, then some workers tend to loaf or shirk. This is an illustration of: (i) Adverse selection. (ii) Moral hazard. (iii) Demand and supply. (iv) Ine

  • Q : Distribution of middle relative income

    From roughly 1975 year, the proportion of the U.S. population into the Bureau of the Census category that is “middle relative income” where the “middle class’ has: (1) grown since many former u

  • Q : Market structure of monopoly A monopoly

    A monopoly is a type of market structure in that one: (w) seller produces whole industry’s output. (x) giant firm is a price taker. (y) barrier to entry exists. (z) giant firm is the single buyer of resources.

    Q : Burgeoning probably interest rate The

    The interest rate will most likely rise when: (1) households decide to delay consumption, causing the loanable funds accessible for business investments to raise. (2) investors become more optimistic into relation with the profitability of investment.

  • Q : Demand in Dynamics The raise in the

    The raise in the supply of potatoes is probable to decrease the: (i) Supply of potato harvesters. (ii) Demand for pasta and rice. (iii) Price of Big Macs. (iv) Quantity of ketchup people put on hot-dogs. (e) Budgets of most house-holds.

  • Q : Labor Unions and Aggregate Wage Income

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The least likely outcome when unions succeed in increasing their member’s wages is that: (i) Wages in non-union sectors will drop. (ii) Employment will grow in the non-union sectors. (ii

  • Q : Market Power-Demand for Labor I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Market Power and the Demand for Labor. Please help me in the given question. The lack of competition in product market outcomes in: (1) Less labor being hired than when the markets were competitive. (2) Many labor bein

  • Q : Political pressure on government

    When the government imposes a price floor upon a product, in that case there may be political pressure for the government: (1) to produce several of the good itself. (2) to restrict the demands of private buyers. (3) to buy and then store some surplus

  • Q : Margin requirements for deflationary gap

    Elucidate the role of margin requirements for correcting deflationary gap.

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