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  • Q : Determine prices for demand of buyers

    Buyers' demand prices would be ____ and sellers' supply prices would be ____ when the U.S. restricted car imports to Q1. (w) P2 and P1. (x) P0 and P2. (y) P0 and P

  • Q : Formula for primary deficit What is the

    What is the formula for primary deficit?

    Answer: Primary deficit = fiscal deficit – interest payment.

  • Q : Problem on unionized construction

    The passage of a significantly higher legal minimum wage would be most probable to advantage: (1) College professors. (2) American high-school dropouts in their teens. (3) Philosophy majors. (4) Unionized construction workers. (5) Foreign workers whose production is e

  • Q : Institutes a legal price floor in

    Assume that recent advances within agricultural technology resulted into the U.S. wheat market being at a first equilibrium upon S0D0. Farmers complain which gluts within the wheat market have depressed their incomes, endangering the family farm.

  • Q : Ceiling price problem When the

    When the government obliged a ceiling price of P0 on papayas, the market scarcity would correspond to line: (1) ab. (2) cd. (3) ac. (4) bd. (5) ae.

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    Q : Words of Johann H. von Thünen about

    The theory about land derives its value primarily by how much its location conserves on transaction costs is attributable to: (a) Johann H. von Thünen. (b) Adam Smith. (c) Richard Cantillon. (d) David Ricardo. (e) Reverend Thomas Robert (“B

  • Q : Marginal tax rate on earn income The

    The marginal tax rate onto earned income in the negative income tax system demonstrated in this figure is: (1) 15 percent. (2) 20 percent. (3) 25 percent. (4) 33.3 percent. (5) 50 percent.

  • Q : Wage Discrimination-Monopsonistic

    Whenever an organization’s wage structure reflects the keenness of individual staff to work, terms which are most applicable comprise: (i) Monopsonistic exploitation & wage discrimination. (ii) Monopolistic exploitation and the separation of possession and c

  • Q : Unemployment among skilled workers

    Rises in the legal minimum wage rate have not been blamed for rising: (i) Unemployment among the teenagers. (ii) Racial discrimination in the employment. (iii) Unemployment among trained workers who have lost their jobs since of competition from the cheaper imports. (

  • Q : Typical purely competitive firm in

    The typical purely competitive firm: (w) is both a price maker and a quantity adjuster. (x) operates within the inelastic range of the demand curve. (y) should decide how much to produce at prices set through the market. (z) tries to maximize total sa

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