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  • Q : Law of demand is the price in the "law

    is the price in the "law of demand" a relative price or an absolute price

  • Q : Copyrights in legal barriers to entry

    Legal barriers to entry do NOT comprise: (1) outright governmental prohibition of entry. (2) protection of inventions by patent. (3) licensing and bonding restrictions. (4) substantial economies of scale. (5) copyrights for music, computer software an

  • Q : Variation in supply and demand curves

    These supply and demand curves for housing do NOT involve that the: (w) demand for housing has increased. (x) supply has increased, because rental price has risen. (y) equilibrium price and quantity of housing have increased. (z) housing market will c

  • Q : Determine price elasticity of demand

    Moving from point b to point c beside demand curve D, in that case the price elasticity of demand for video games upon DVDs equivalent: (1) 0.8. (2) one. (3) 1.10. (4) 1.25. (5) 2.50

    Q : Statement of Demand Prices I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Statement of Demand Prices. Please help me in the following question. Demand prices are stated as the relative: (1) Prices sellers charge for goods whether we purchase or not. (2) Values that individual subjectively put on having a bit

  • Q : Low-income elasticities of demand

    Placing an excise tax upon goods along with low-income elasticities of demand will share out the tax burden as: (1) proportionally between high-income and low-income households. (2) disproportionately on high-income households. (3) disproportionately

  • Q : Wage Rate and Exploitation problem

    Assume that a firm possessesing both monopsony power as the employer and market power in its output market, however that can neither wage neither discriminate nor price discriminate. In equilibrium, in its labor market for workers, of the given variables the lowest va

  • Q : Perfectly elastic supply problem When

    When will a rise in demand entail an increase in the quantity demanded however no change in the price?

  • Q : Statistical perspective of Inferior

    On an average, American families with more income tend to contain fewer children than families with less income. This fact recommends that, at least from a purely statistical perspective, the American children are: (1) Inferior goods. (2) Substitute goods for the cats

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