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  • Q : Burgeoning probably interest rate The

    The interest rate will most likely rise when: (1) households decide to delay consumption, causing the loanable funds accessible for business investments to raise. (2) investors become more optimistic into relation with the profitability of investment.

  • Q : Causes of Increase in demand Describe

    Describe the causes of Increase in demand?


    1) Increase in income of the consumer.

    2) Price of substitute goods increase.


  • Q : Asymmetric Information on quality The

    The Asymmetric information on quality can outcome in: (i) Not all potential profits from the exchange being realized. (ii) Lower equilibrium prices. (iii) Purchases of unexpectedly low-quality items termed as ‘lemons’. (iv) Some transactio

  • Q : Market in equilibrium point by interest

    When this market is primarily in equilibrium at point c, any drop within interest rates caused through an increase in people’s willingness to save will cause as: (1) the rate of return schedule reflected into I0 to shift to the

  • Q : Condition of shut down of firm in long

    I have a problem in economics on Condition of shut down of firm in long run. Please help me in the following question. Any of the firm will shut down in long run if its: (i) Economic gain doesn’t surpass zero. (ii) Future revenues are not predic

  • Q : Contribution Standard The concept that

    The concept that people must have income in proportion to their productivity is termed as the: (1) equality standard of distribution. (2) productivity standard of distribution. (3) needs standard of distribution. (4) utility standard

  • Q : Implicitly weigh marginal cost and

    implicitly weigh marginal cost and marginal benefit

  • Q : Price consistent with profit-maximizing

    HoloIMAGine has patented a holographic technology which creates 3-D photography obtainable to consumers. So the price consistent along with HoloIMAGine's profit-maximizing output would be of: (1) price P1. (2) price P2. (3) price

  • Q : Analytic time of corn harvest The

    The period after one corn harvest is done and before the subsequent corn harvest begins is the: (1) short-run. (2) intermediate period. (3) long-run. (4) market period. (5) fiscal year for budgeting.

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  • Q : Maximize profit by monopolistic

    Monopolistic competitors maximize profit through: (w) adjusting output at a given price. (x) adjusting price for a given output. (y) adjusting output and price. (z) cheating.

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