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  • Q : Profit Maximization in Labor Markets

    Each and every profit maximizing organizations employ labor up to the point where: (1) VMP = w. (2) MRP = MFC. (3) VMP = MRP. (4) VMP = MFC. (5) MR MC is maximized.

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from

  • Q : Distribution of Wealth Wealth is

    Wealth is distributed within the United States such as the lowest quintile [20 percent] owns: (w) about 7% of all wealth; where the highest quintile owns 60%. (x) about 5% of all wealth; where the highest quintile has 40%. (y) less than 3% of all wealth; where the ric

  • Q : Price of related good in elasticity of

    How the demand for one good alters while the price of an associated good is changed is measured through the: (w) relative ratios of the slopes of the respective demands and supplies. (x) price cross elasticity of demand. (y) ratios of the respective p

  • Q : Recognizing market demand for a good I

    I have a problem in economics on recognizing market demand for a good. Please help me in the following question. To determine the market demand for a good, add up the: (1) Quantities supplied at each and every price. (2) Quantities demanded at each and every price. (3

  • Q : Marginal Productivity Theory about

    Differences into the demands for various resources, into the talents and kinds of labor people possess, within labor/leisure trade-offs, into inheritances, and by luck all play roles into explaining: (1) differences in income among individuals. (2) the term structure

  • Q : Interest rate in Determinants of Demand

    The demand curves for most of the nondurable consumer goods would be least influenced by modifications in: (i) Interest rates. (ii) House-hold income. (iii) Prices for related goods. (iv) Tastes and preferences.


  • Q : Get economic profit by economic rent

    When you quickly attain economic profit because you build a store on rented land which turns out to be located conveniently for potential customers, in that case: (w) profit will increase when you buy the land after your lease expires. (x) rent will a

  • Q : Decreased market demand for generic 2×4s

    Decreased market demand for generic 2×4s as in illustrated graph would result within a(n) ___________ into the price of 2×4s as well as a(n) ___________ in this lumber mill’s profit-maximizing output. (w) increase; decrease. (x) incr

  • Q : Program of Craft Unions The union based

    The union based just on workers with a specific skill, and which usually consists of apprenticeship programs which lead to ‘journeyman’ and then ‘master craftsman’ ratings is a/an: (1) Craft union. (2) Open union. (3) Company union. (4) Exclusi

  • Q : Price above marginal cost to minimizes

    When a monopolist which does not price discriminate maximizes profit and its economic profit is zero, this will charge a price: (w) equal to marginal cost and will be at the minimum average cost. (x) equal to marginal cost, but will p

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