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  • Q : Unexpected inventory growth of price

    These supply and demand curves within the sugar market specify that: (w) a price floor of P0 for sugar will cause a surplus. (x) a price ceiling of P2 will cause a shortage. (y) the market clears while quantity equals Q0

  • Q : Total variable cost Total variable cost

    Total variable cost:
    1. variable cost changes with the change in quantity. It increase or decrease as the output change.
    2. it is zero when output is zero
    3. Its curve is parallel to the curve of total cost.
    4. Example :- cost of r

  • Q : Price increases and price cut in

    Within the kinked-demand-curve model, there the firm faces: (w) a less elastic demand curve for price increases as well as a more elastic demand curve for price cuts. (x) a more elastic demand curve for price increases and a less elastic demand curve

  • Q : Welfare from Poor to Rich “ Welfare by

    Welfare by the poor to the rich” is best illustrated when: (1) an l8 year old dishwasher pays Social Security taxes to give payments to a 67 year old retired vice president of General Motors. (2) federal highway funds are diverted to a ma

  • Q : Capital Labor Ratios and Income Assume

    Assume that half of the world population, randomly certain, was magically vaporized through space aliens, although no other aspect of life onto Earth was influenced. Ignoring any psychological trauma that calamity might entail, upon average, the economic

  • Q : Lower value in the Gini index A lower

    A lower value for the Gini index tends to be related with: (w) increasing equality of the distribution of income or wealth. (x) decreases in the population’s total amount of income or wealth  (y) increased on the whole curvature of the Lore

  • Q : Procedure of transforming predictable

    The procedure of transforming predictable income streams in wealth is termed as: (1) capitalization. (2) profiteering. (3) financial alchemy. (4) capitalism. (5) asset conversion.

    Can someone explain/help me with b

  • Q : Equality between marginal revenue and

    If all variable costs can be covered, in that case every firm maximizes profit by adjusting output till: (w) total revenue is maximized. (x) marginal revenue = average cost. (y) average cost = marginal cost. (z) marginal revenue = marginal cost.

  • Q : Problem on implicit belief in a moral

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Assume that when faced with the Faustian option [that is, a deal with the devil] of torturing an naive child in the interest of securing world peace and an end to global hunger,

  • Q : Problem on Conglomerates Can someone

    Can someone help me in finding out the precise answer from the given options. K-Mart Corporation operates the K-mart and Sears retail stores, gives financial services like insurance and the Discover card, and consists of a real estate division. Such characteristics re

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