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  • Q : Oligopoly output control by

    An industry dominated by some consciously interdependent firms which control most of its output is an: (1) uncontestable market. (2) oligopoly. (3) illegal conspiracy. (4) unnatural monopoly. (5) entrepreneurial cartel.

    Can someone

  • Q : Explicit Costs of business The Explicit

    The Explicit costs of doing the business would comprise: (i) The value of owner’s time (ii) Depreciation on the company owned truck (iii) The interest that the owner could earn when her savings were not tied up in firm. (iv) Salaries paid to the

  • Q : Provision of employment opportunities

    Government attempts to decrease poverty in the United States have comprised: (1) the provision of employment opportunities. (2) strong reliance on the negative income tax. (3) elimination of all taxes on the poor. (4) rising federal expenditures for m

  • Q : Most effective excise taxes during

    Excise taxes upon cigarettes are most effective during reducing: (1) smokers' discretionary income for other goods. (2) cigarette production. (3) cigarette companies' profits. (4) consumption of snuff and chewing tobacco.

    Q : Minimum Wage Laws-Group least likely to

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The group which is least likely to be helped by the minimum wage law is: (1) African-American teenagers. (2) Skilled industrial workers. (3) Members of the unions. (4) Experienced construction

  • Q : Laws and regulations for competitive

    Government regulation intends at certain potentially competitive prices or transactions frequently induce private adjustments through firms and individual therefore unexpected results comprise: (w) increased rates of growth of tax revenues. (x) rapid

  • Q : Featherbedding-Carpenter union problem

    The carpenters union is capable to force agreement by the furniture manufacturer in Loblolly, North Carolina which the plant hire at least one carpenter per machine to ensure performance at such stations is proficient. This now outlawed strategy is termed as: (i) Feat

  • Q : Interaction of demand and supply with

    Identify and explain the main economic factors that determine the price of a good or service. Please include how demand and supply interact and elasticity, etc. Also give examples with graphs.

  • Q : Relevant demand of Kinked Demand by

    In this demonstrated figure kinked demand curve model, when a firm at point a raises or lowers its price and the rest of the firms in the industry do similar thing, in that case the relevant demand curve for the firm is: (w) demand curve D0

  • Q : Problem on greatest monopsony power The

    The Employers would have the maximum monopsony power in dealing with: (i) White collar labor in the metropolitan area. (ii) Unionized workers. (iii) Professional athletes. (iv) Blue collar labor in metropolitan area.

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