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  • Q : Why do governments enact trade barriers

    Why do governments enact trade barriers?

  • Q : Major type of expenditure at the state

    What is the most important source of revenue and the major type of expenditure at the state level?  

  • Q : Expansion of preschool programs for

    Use the circular flow model to confirm this assertion for an expansion of preschool programs for disadvantaged children?

  • Q : Drawbacks of capital budgeting Write

    Write down the drawbacks of capital budgeting?

  • Q : Determine relative price when two

    When the prices for doughnuts and croissants are $.50 and $1 correspondingly: (w) the opportunity cost for one doughnut is two croissants. (x) this is better to buy two doughnuts than one croissant. (y) one croissant will make Pierre twice as happy as one doughnut. (z

  • Q : Prices are the automatic regulator

    “Prices are the automatic regulator that tends to keep production and consumption in line with each other.”  Explain.

  • Q : International trade to the U.S. economy

    How important is international trade to the U.S. economy?  In terms of volume, does the United States trade more with industrially advanced economies or with developing economies? What country is the United States’ most important trading partner, quantitati

  • Q : Illustrate the Optimal or best

    Illustrate the Optimal or best product-mix and also Law of increasing opportunity costs?

  • Q : Market efficiency while transaction

    Transaction costs tend to be decreased and markets are more efficient when: (w) the government subsidizes a good. (x) inter-market price differentials are eliminated through arbitrage. (y) taxes are used to give for social wants. (z) regulations close

  • Q : Capitalism-Tightly regulate business I

    I have a problem in economics on Capitalism-Tightly regulate business. Please help me in the following question. The govt. in a purely capitalist state would not: (1) Find out the property rights. (2) Enforce contracts among private parties. (3) Offer

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