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  • Q : Reason of Economic problem Why an

    Why an economic problem does arise?

    Answer: It arises due to following reasons:

    A) Shortage of resources.
    B) Alternative utilizations of resources.
    C) Limitless wants and limited resources.

  • Q : Describe Traditional approach of

    Briefly describe Traditional approach of capital structure?

  • Q : Public Sector Government Role

    Illustrate the Public Sector Government’s Role of providing the legal structure?

  • Q : Initial systematic and popular

    The initial systematic and popular description of capitalism was explained in: (1) Sir Thomas Mun’s England’s Treasure by Foreign Trade. (2) Joseph A. Schumpeter’s Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy. (3) John Maynard Keynes’

  • Q : Economic bailout of Spain and Greece


    Conduct an analysis on the following topic and prepare an Executive Summary-style report with supporting exhibits (Insightful Graphs, tables etc. from quality expert analyst references used to write the r

  • Q : Speculators decreases price volatility

    Speculators decrease price volatility through, in effect, changing demand curves: (w) out at low prices, and shifting supply curves out at high prices. (x) out at low prices, and shifting supply curves within at low p

  • Q : Competition is the essential despot of

    Evaluate and explain the statements: “Competition is the essential despot of the market economy”.

  • Q : Describe Quasi-public goods Describe

    Describe Quasi-public goods?

  • Q : What is an inverse relationship Briefly

    Briefly explain the use of graphs as a way to present economic relationships. What is an inverse relationship?

  • Q : Illustrate the Optimal or best

    Illustrate the Optimal or best product-mix and also Law of increasing opportunity costs?

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