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  • Q : Labour economic Can someone help me in

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The Taft Hartley Act of 1946 made it illegal to encompass a: (1) Right-to-work law passed by the state legislature. (2) Conviction for the misdemeanor and serve as union officer. (3) Union for the agricultural migrants or go

  • Q : Unpredictable and frequent fluctuations

    Adam Smith attributed unpredictable and frequent fluctuations within profits to: (i) variations in the prices of the goods a firm or person produces and sells. (ii) the bad or good fortune of rivals. (iii) the good or bad fortune of customers. (iv) tr

  • Q : Barter - Efficiency and the Gains from

    Relative to other systems, economies in that people exchange goods or resources directly along with other people for other goods or resources without using money like a usual denominator rely relatively heavily upon: (i) barter. (ii) specialization. (

  • Q : Rivalry for various types of resources

    Intermediaries ultimately prosper only when they give a service of decreasing: (1) demand for a good (2) prices paid to manufacturers of a good. (3) transaction costs. (4) rivalry for various types of resources. (5) cut-throat competition into markets

  • Q : Example of public goods Drinking at a

    Drinking at a public water fountain is: (w) a public good because anyone may drink from it. (x) results in a negative externality because others can’t drink from this at similar time. (y) a positive externality because you are benefiting by other’s provisi

  • Q : Are quantities supplied-demanded equal

    In perfectly competitive market, the market demand curve is given by Qd = 10 − Pd, and the market supply curve is given by Qs = 1.5Ps.

    a) Prove that the market equilibrium price and

  • Q : Main advantage of EVA The main

    The main advantage of using EVA is that it is simple to calculate and understand. It uses simple measures like operating profits and cost of capital terms which are widely known and accepted in the financial arena. It helps the managers to assess thei

  • Q : Sources of not tax revenue Provide some

    Provide some sources of not tax revenue?

    Answer: Escheat, income from public enterprises, special assessment, fees and fines and so on.

  • Q : Answer the following questions based on

    The dataset used in this question contains data on 180 economics journals for the year 2000. The variable descriptions are as follows:

    logoclc - log of the number of library subscription

    loglibcit - log of the library subscription price per citation.

  • Q : Laissez-faire philosophy of government

    As per to the laissez-faire philosophy of government,: (1) economy works best while all investment decisions are centralized. (2) market system works best along with only minimal government intervention. (3) government must be restricted to stabilizin

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