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  • Q : Human Resource Management problems


    Write a report on a local firm that faces Human Resource Management problems. Pick two major problems and provide solutions to it. The company selected must

  • Q : Best alternatives while choices are made

    Opportunity costs, which are the values of the: (i) monetary costs of goods and services. (ii) best alternatives sacrificed while choices are made. (iii) minimal budgets of families upon welfare. (iv) hidden charges passed upon to consumers. (v) exorb

  • Q : Determine the productively efficiency

    To be productively efficient, a country should: (w) maximize the satisfaction attainable from its budget. (x) be concerned only with macroeconomic analysis. (y) concentrate on removing scarcity. (z) maximize the value of output produced through specif

  • Q : Calculating fat-tax Question: Max has a


    Max has a utility function U =√ x1x2 where x1 is litres of ice-cream and x2 is boxes of strawberries. The marginal utility of a litre if ice-cream is

  • Q : Theory of wages according to Adam Smith

    Least consistent along with Adam Smith’s theory of wages would be the suggestion that wages vary positively along with the: (w) effort required to learn skills necessary to accomplish particular types of work. (x) stability of employment and the

  • Q : Analysis of US GDP and GDP growth rate

    You may use a calculator and MINITAB to conduct the necessary calculations for all questions. 

    Analysis of US GDP and GDP growth rate (1959-2004). The following variables can be retrieved from MIN

  • Q : Describe the output effects of Inflation

    Describe the output effects of Inflation?

  • Q : Relation of increased productivity by

    Discussion of a pin factory by Adam Smith focused upon the increased productivity related along with: (w) free international trade as per absolute advantage. (x) specialization and the division of labor. (y) free international trade as per comparative advantage. (z) certainty abo

  • Q : How might government correct this

    What divergences arise between equilibrium and an efficient output spillover benefits are present?  How might government correct this divergence?

  • Q : Cost of debt and Equity Cost of debt =

    Cost of debt= (1-tax rate)* interest rate * (debt ÷capital employed)

    Cost of equity = risk free rate + market premium (equity shareholders funds÷ capital employed)