Capital Goods

In the above diagram, the elimination of discrimination is best represented by

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  • Q : Theory of microeconomic game in market

    The theory of market structure which several microeconomic game theorists were ready to toss within the dustbin of intellectual history into the 1970 year but that, in the early 1980s, turned into a foundation for the “new&rdquo

  • Q : Problem on deadweight loss Assume that

    Assume that the domestic demand for television sets is explained by Q = 40,000 − 180P and that the supply is provided by Q = 20P. When televisions can be freely imported at a price of $160, then how many televisions would be generated in the domestic market? By

  • Q : Pre-tax and pre transfer income

    From 1950, the pre-tax and pre transfer income distribution comprises: (w) become more equitably distributed. (x) remained about constant. (y) become less equitably distributed. (z) moderated because the rich and the poor both lost income to the middl

  • Q : Profit Maximization in Labor Markets

    Each and every profit maximizing organizations employ labor up to the point where: (1) VMP = w. (2) MRP = MFC. (3) VMP = MRP. (4) VMP = MFC. (5) MR MC is maximized.

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from

  • Q : Price of a share of corporate stock

    When the price of a share of corporate stock increases, all else identical, there will be reduces in the: (w) overall liquidity of a portfolio which includes the stock.  (x) likelihood that the individual who owns the stock will sell this. (y) ra

  • Q : Demand for Labor-Monopsony Power When

    When wage discrimination is not probable for the first 40 workers this profit-maximizing organization hires, however it can wage discriminate perfectly whenever hiring all the subsequent workers, it hires a net of: (i) Forty workers at an average salary of $700 per we

  • Q : Aggregate demand curve Choose the right

    Choose the right answer from following. The aggregate demand curve is: A) vertical if full employment exists. B) horizontal when there is considerable unemployment in the economy. C) downsloping because of the interest-rate, real-balances, and foreign purchases effect

  • Q : Upward-sloping in Law of Supply The law

    The law of supply is graphically exhibited by the supply curve which is: (1) Moving all along the demand curve. (2) Vertical. (3) Upward-sloping. (4) Downward-sloping.

    Can someone please help me in finding out the

  • Q : Employment distinguish between full

    distinguish between full employment and under employment

  • Q : Riskiness of an Investment When the

    When the riskiness of an investment into an apartment complex warrants a 12.5% annual rate of return and the complicated is expected to generate net cash flow (as after utilities, preservation and other costs) of $2 million per year,

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