Capital Goods

In the above diagram, the elimination of discrimination is best represented by

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  • Q : Unlimited liability in a partnership

    The word ‘unlimited liability’ in the partnership signifies that a partner: (1) Pays to begin to the partnership, however can’t be held liable for additional/extra funds. (2) Can be held personally accountable for any and each of the partnership&rsqu

  • Q : Paying bond by given interest rate When

    When you buy a bond when the interest rate is 10 percent and sell it while the interest rate is 15%, you will obtain: (w) less than you paid for the bond. (x) more than you paid for the bond. (y) identical amount that you paid for the bond. (z) income

  • Q : Example of Screening Nick answers ‘help

    Nick answers ‘help wanted’ ads through making phone calls and scheduling the interviews. Whenever a prospective employer asks for queries and resume Nick regarding his references and skills, then the firms are practicing an illustration of: (i) Signaling.

  • Q : Technological advancement influencing

    Describe how technological advancement influence the supply of specific product.

  • Q : Average standard of living in Africa

    Elucidate briefly the average standard of living in Africa?

  • Q : Microeconomics Question #2 Consumer

    Question #2 Consumer Demand. How to answer questions from a-g iii. I belive the MRS is 2y/x for B. But not sure

  • Q : Quantity of good supplied-Law of supply

    The law of supply states that the amount of a good supplied is: (i) Legally governed by the production regulations. (ii) Inversely related to its absolute price. (iii) Recognized by the consumer tastes in the free market economy. (iv) Positively relat

  • Q : Question on demand and supply Refer to

    Refer to the following diagram. A decrease in supply is illustrated by a: A) move from point x to point y. B) shift from S1 to S2. C) shift from S2 to S1. D) move from point y to point x.

    Q : Problem regarding labor monopsonist The

    The labor monopsonist will hire labor up to the point where the marginal: (1) Revenue product of the labor equivalents the wage. (2) Resource cost of labor equivalents the salary. (3) Revenue product of labor equivalents its marginal resource cost. (4) Resource cost o

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