Capital Goods

In the above diagram, the elimination of discrimination is best represented by

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  • Q : Public Policy and the Distribution of

    The two policies that most likely account for most of the trend toward greater income equality during 1929 and 1975 are: (w) improved educational opportunities, and tax and transfer policies. (x) reduced sex discrimination and public availability of b

  • Q : Discount coupons and trip afforded by

    Relative to people along with lower incomes, and high-income families be likely to shop for groceries less often and use fewer discount coupons, although buy more throughout each trip, since: (w) their superior access to transportatio

  • Q : Highest income in supply Glynn s weekly

    Glynn s weekly income would be the highest at: (1) point a. (2) point b. (3) point c. (3) point d. (4) point e.

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    Q : Problem on price level-real domestic

    Refer to the below diagram. Give me answer of this question. If equilibrium real output is Q2, then: A) aggregate demand is AD1. B) the equilibrium price level is P1. C) producers will supply output level Q1. D) the equili

  • Q : Marginal productivity theory about

    John Bates Clark's marginal productivity theory gives details that the marginal productivity of resources finds out: (w) the true value of human life. (x) an equitable distribution of tax burdens. (y) the income distr

  • Q : LEAST Liquidity in market The LEAST

    The LEAST liquid of the given assets is: (1) a corporation's capital. (2) savings accounts. (3) cash. (4) U.S. savings bonds. (5) checking accounts.

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  • Q : Profit-maximizing monopolists I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Profit-maximizing monopolists. Please help me in the following question. Profit-maximizing monopolists exploit the labor since: (i) Workers are paid very less than the value of their average physical products. (ii) The

  • Q : International federal or agreements and

    Consider goods for that various people are willing and capable to pay much more than the costs of production therefore widespread shortages exist. International federal or agreements, state and local laws as well as regulations are probably key factor

  • Q : Post tax and transfer distribution of

    By looking the post tax and transfer distribution of income, all even constant, an increase into the progressivity of income taxes must: (w) shift the Lorenz curve outward. (x) shift the Lorenz curve upward. (y) not influence the Lore

  • Q : High poverty rate among not employed

    The high poverty rate in between those who do not work: (w) reflects voluntary choices for leisure over income and work. (x) is no cause for concern if it involves voluntary choice. (y) occurs since family responsibilities prevent many people from wor