Capital Goods

In the above diagram, the elimination of discrimination is best represented by

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  • Q : Needs of Investments Investments

    Investments require: (w) current outlays, and yield current returns. (x) current outlays, and yield future returns. (y) future outlays, and yield current returns. (z) future outlays, and yield future returns.


  • Q : Net income under the negative income tax

    Under the negative income tax system demonstrated in this given figure, a family of four along with earned income of $75,000 per year would have a net as [after-tax] income of: (i) $15,000 per year. (ii) $30,000 per y

  • Q : Present Value and Rates of Return When

    When the annual interest rate is 12 percent and a rental house can be expected to rent perpetually for $1,000 monthly, rough computation suggests the house contain a present value of: (1) $240,000. (2) $144,000. (3) $100,000. (4) $72,000. (5) $12,000.

  • Q : Define normal goods Normal goods:

    Normal goods: Normal goods are such goods whose demand increases with the increase in income of consumer.

  • Q : Resources-Intermediate Goods Can

    Can someone please help me in finding out the precise answer from the following question. Intermediate inputs into the production procedure would comprise: (1) Crude oil. (2) Tennis shoes. (3) Untreated water. (4) Flour.

  • Q : Individual taker in pure competition

    For a particular price taker: (w) price is uninfluenced by quantity. (x) total revenue is constant. (y) profit is constant. (z) consumer surplus is zero.

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  • Q : Illustrates the initial point of

    RoboMatic’s RoboMaids have turn into the hottest innovation in consumer electronics since colour television. The initial point Robomatic requires to see in its quest to maximize profit is: (1) point e. (2) point f. (3) point g.

  • Q : Recommendation of data on poverty Data

    Data on poverty into the United States recommend that the: (w) sex of the head of the family is unrelated to the poverty rate. (x) race of the head of the family is unrelated to the poverty rate. (y) families headed by African-American or Hispanic wom

  • Q : Synonym of the term utility The nearest

    The nearest to being a synonym of the term “utility” is: (1) Universal.. (2) Consumption. (3) Satisfaction. (4) Multi-faceted. (5) Marginalism

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  • Q : Price elasticity of demand coefficient

    In this demonstrated figure, there the price elasticity of demand coefficient is: (1) one at the midpoint. (2) greater than one in range a. (3) less than one in range b. (4) falling along with movements down along the demand curve. (5) All of the abov

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