Capital Goods

In the above diagram, the elimination of discrimination is best represented by

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  • Q : Oligopolistic markets in equilibrium

    Oligopolistic markets in equilibrium are described by: (w) a large number of sellers of homogeneous output. (x) monopolistic sellers dealing along with only some buyers. (y) a small number of sellers of close substitutes. (z) socially optimal amounts

  • Q : Saving and Investment Lowered interest

    Lowered interest rates since households have determined to save more tend to: (1) give incentives for financial investors to switch by stock to bonds. (2) reduce the optimal level of economic investment. (3) discourage investments in new residential c

  • Q : Problem regarding Labor Union Goals The

    The union goal of maximum employment would make most of the union members: (1) Happy as unemployment rates would be zero. (2) Happy since of the big union membership. (3) Unhappy as only a very low wage maximizes employment. (4) Unhappy as they don’t understand

  • Q : Question on utility function Assume a

     Assume a consumer with the given utility function: U = 3y1y2 + 5.

    1. Suppose y2 = 1, derive the marginal utility schedule for y1. In what direction is it moving?

  • Q : Monetary revenue generated by firm Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the most precise answer from the given options. The Monetary revenue produced by the firm throughout a specific period minus its explicit costs gives up: (1) Value added. (2) Gross cash flow. (3) Tax liability. (4) Economic income. (

  • Q : Effect of preference on demand Maureen

    Maureen generally drinks two glasses of Lost Horizons Cabernet Sauvignon each evening. Her demand for her preferred brand is least probable to be influenced by:  (i) The bad crop of grapes lowering the quality of Lost Horizons Cabernet. (ii) Getting a $4000 annua

  • Q : Define autonomous investment Autonomous

    Autonomous investment: Investment that is made up without depending on the gain of the enterprise.

  • Q : Persistent range of output by economies

    When economies of scale are persistent across the range of output which people might feasibly purchase, in that case: (w) pure competition is the most efficient market structure. (x) competition will prevent monopolization of the industry. (y) competi

  • Q : Selling of physically indistinguishable

    While physically indistinguishable units of a good are concurrently sold at various prices at various locations, such price differentials reflect: (1) differences within marketing and advertising costs. (2) rational ignorance by consumers. (3) differe

  • Q : Higher interest rate in current

    For current consumption growing preferences over future consumption would be evidenced from a: (w) higher interest rate. (x) more quick rate of investment. (y) larger government budget surplus. (z) surplus into the balance of trade.

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