Capital Goods

In the above diagram, the elimination of discrimination is best represented by

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  • Q : Types of elasticity of supply Types of

    Types of elasticity of supply:

    There are five kinds of elasticity of supply:

    1. Perfectly elastic supply:

    Q : Welfare from Poor to Rich “ Welfare by

    Welfare by the poor to the rich” is best illustrated when: (1) an l8 year old dishwasher pays Social Security taxes to give payments to a 67 year old retired vice president of General Motors. (2) federal highway funds are diverted to a ma

  • Q : Official unemployement Provide the

    Provide the solution of this question. To be officially unemployed a person must: A) be in the labor force. B) be 21 years of age or older. C) have just lost a job. D) be waiting to be called back from a layoff.

  • Q : Inferior good from income elasticity of

    When income elasticity of market demand is minus 1 (one), the good is: (w) average good. (x) intermediate good. (y) inferior good. (z) "image" good.

    How can I solve my economics problem? Please suggest me the corre

  • Q : Social welfare function What do you

    What do you mean by a social welfare function? If you assume that such a function exists, what properties of social optima would be considered by you? Discuss such properties.

  • Q : Less marginal revenue then price charged

    For a nondiscriminating monopolist, there marginal revenue is: (w) profit per unit minus cost per unit. (x) total revenue per unit minus total cost per unit. (y) the modification in total revenue divided by the modification in total c

  • Q : Determine total fixed cost This

    This profit-maximizing pure competitor’s fixed cost (TFC) can be calculated as area of: (1) 0Phq2. (2) 0bgq2. (3) Pbgh. (4) 0aeq1. (5) daef.

    Q : Find average income by relatively

    When market demands for agricultural products are relatively price inelastic and relatively income inelastic both, in that case as per capita income raises, the average income of farmers will: (w) increase while supplies of agricultur

  • Q : Determine absolute value of price

    Since this demand curve for DVD games is a straight line, and its slope: (w) is constant, although the absolute value of price elasticity of demand falls as output increases. (x) varies to compensate for changes within elasticity. (y) is constant, alt

  • Q : Comparison between supply curves

    Comparing supply curves S2 and S3, supply is: (w) more price elastic along S2 than along S3. (x) more price elastic along S3 than S2. (y) equally elastic along both when they have simil

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