Capital Goods

In the above diagram, the elimination of discrimination is best represented by

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  • Q : Drive rivals out of business A firm may

    A firm may temporarily lower prices as well as earn negative profits in trying to: (w) drive rivals out of business. (x) find rivals to lower prices. (y) maximize current profit. (z) A rational firm would not do this.

    Q : Classified industries as oligopolistic

    Industries which would be classified as oligopolistic comprise: (w) public utilities. (x) postal service. (y) breakfast cereal. (z) retailing.

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  • Q : Determine equality of marginal revenue

    Marginal revenue equals the change within total: (w) profit as output expands slightly. (x) output from hiring an additional worker. (y) revenue from selling an extra unit of output. (z) tax rates while tax revenue increases a bit.

    Q : Define deficient demand Deficient

    Deficient demand: If AD < AS at full employment level, then it is defined as deficient demand.

  • Q : Problem on average retail price and the

    Table indicate the average retail price of milk and the Consumer Price Index in the year 1980 -1998.

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    Q : Product markets and labor markets

    Relative to firms which are price takers in both the product markets and labor markets, firms through market power in both the product markets and labor markets tend to. (1) Hire fewer workers and pay them less. (2) Rely more heavily on the screening and signaling thr

  • Q : Effect of average expected lifespan on

    When new medical technology raised the average expected lifespan through 10 years and people responded along with increases in their desires to have hefty “nest eggs” while they retire, it would be least probable to result into: (1) an inc

  • Q : Occurrence of socially optimal

    The socially optimal production of penicillin arises while quantity: (a) Q1 is produced and sold at price P1. (b) Q1 is produced and sold at price P3. (c) Q2 is produced and sold at price P2<

  • Q : Equilibrium price of a quantity I have

    I have a problem in economics on Equilibrium price of a quantity. Please help me in the following question. The equilibrium price is a price at which the quantity: (1) Bought equivalents the quantity sold. (2) Demanded equivalents the quantity supplie

  • Q : Exploiting the economies of Scope Bobby

    Bobby Lee’s dairy has gainfully expanded beyond butter, fresh milk and cheese, by providing Organizmic Fertilizer, guided by ATV tours for the visitors, and Granny Lee’s Exfoliating Body Yogurt. The Clyde County Business News trumpets that the Bobby Lee ha