Capital Goods

In the above diagram, the elimination of discrimination is best represented by

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  • Q : Competitive equilibration processes

    When a purely competitive industry is within long-run equilibrium and consumer demand then raises, the short-run industry quantity supplied and equilibrium price would tend to: (w) fall. (x) rise. (y) remain similar. (z) swing up and

  • Q : Value of the Average Product Hulk is

    Hulk is the fitness counselor who coaches 5 clients at a time in the exercise groups at Beefcake Body Builders. His hourly salary is $17, and Beefcake charges Hulk’s clients $20 for each and every hour-long conditioning session. Average value of the product Hulk

  • Q : Meritocracy in System of Distribution

    An emphasis onto socioeconomic mobility based upon equality of opportunity, independently of inheritances of land or else physical capital, which is a centerpiece of a system of distribution termed as: (1) meritocracy. (2) laissez faire capitalism. (3

  • Q : Problem on buyers and sellers

    The supply and demand are affected by the time in sense that the longer the time interval considered, the: (1) Less sensitive sellers and buyers are to price changes. (2) Much sensitive sellers and buyers are to price changes. (3) Bigger is supply and

  • Q : Maximize profits with producing demand

    An imperfectly competitive firm can’t maximize its profits through producing where demand is: (w) elastic. (x) unitarily elastic. (y) inelastic. (z) downward sloping.

    Can someone explain/help me with best sol

  • Q : Impact of Monopoly in welfare Discuss

    Discuss the impact of a monopoly  on the welfare  of the citizens of the country. In  your discussion you should include policies that can  be implemented by the government too reduce the abuse of dominant position in the market.

  • Q : Problem on price elasticity and total

    A) Use the table below to draw graphs that show the relationship between price elasticity of demand and total revenue.


  • Q : Accumulation of Capital in Market

    The individuals who eventually enable accumulation of capital into a market economy are: (1) consumers. (2) firms. (3) government. (4) savers. (5) capitalists.

    How can I solve my Economics problem?

  • Q : Negatively sloped demand curve for

    The idea which harsher and more certain punishment decreases cheating on examinations recommends that: (i) Normative values must guide the positive economics. (ii) Student honesty has refused in recent years. (iii) Macroeconomic reasoning as well applies to microecono

  • Q : Problem on Paradox of Value I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Problem on Paradox of Value. Please help me in the following question. Since diamonds are much expensive as relative to water, the: (i) Fundamental needs of people don’t comprise water. (ii) Consumer surplus from consuming the di

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