Capital Goods

In the above diagram, the elimination of discrimination is best represented by

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  • Q : Short run operation and long run

    When Presidio, Hybrid Roses and Texas boomed learned which its rent and utilities had soared upward by $9 per hour hence a new five-year lease would now cost $60 per hour, therefore this monopolist will: (w) continue to realize positive economic profi

  • Q : Competitive industry widespread

    When a competitive industry experiences widespread economic profits into the short run, in that case in the long run: (w) new firms will enter and prices will fall. (x) entry barriers will be erected. (y) resource costs must fall. (z) dominant firms b

  • Q : Marginal revenue product and marginal

    When a monopolist maximizes the profit in a product market, it will: (i) Hire labor till the marginal revenue product equivalents marginal resource cost. (ii) Hire labor till the value of marginal product equivalents marginal resource cost. (iii) Pay a wage equivalent

  • Q : Increase profits of quantity selling by

    When a monopolist was selling a quantity which marginal revenue [MR] is greater than marginal costs [marginal costs [MC] in that case this could increase profits by: (w) raising price. (x) increasing output. (y) raisi

  • Q : Policies for overall demanding labor

    Policies which raise the overall demand for labor and maintain unemployment rates low are: (w) significant for the success of any other programs to reduce poverty. (x) sufficient measures to reduce the incidence of poverty. (y) not relevant to the suc

  • Q : Wage Differentials-similar wages Can

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. As compared to men with identical amounts of experience or education, women on an average earn: (1) Higher wages. (2) Similar wages. (3) Lower wages. (4) There is no special pat

  • Q : Laws and regulations for competitive

    Government regulation intends at certain potentially competitive prices or transactions frequently induce private adjustments through firms and individual therefore unexpected results comprise: (w) increased rates of growth of tax revenues. (x) rapid

  • Q : Economic profit at average total cost

    When a monopolist maximizes profit with producing where average total cost is on its minimum, this: (w) should generate an economic profit. (x) should sell at a price equal to marginal cost. (y) will incur an economic loss. (z) will p

  • Q : Illustration of most complete monopoly

    The most complete monopoly by the given list would be: (1) McDonald’s dominance in marketing fast food burgers. (2) the Federal Reserve System [i.e., an arm of the government] issuing all US currency. (3) limiting subsidized low tuitions at stat

  • Q : Problem on market demand for housing

    All as well equivalent, population growth would tend to rise the: (i) Demand for housing for each and every family. (ii) Supply of natural resources. (iii) Shares of family budgets spend on luxuries. (iv) Market demand for housing.