Capital Goods

In the above diagram, the elimination of discrimination is best represented by

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  • Q : Spending pattern for maximizing utility

    The consumer maximizes utility if spending patterns cause: (1) Level of net utility to increase each time purchases are modified. (2) Marginal utilities of each and every good consumed to be equivalent. (3) Principle of corresponding marginal utilities per dollar to b

  • Q : Different forms of capital account

    Different forms of capital account transactions:

    A) Private Transactions: There are transactions which affect the liabilities and assets of individuals.

    Q : Relation between average and marginal

    Describe the relation between average revenue and marginal revenue. whenever a firm can sell an extra unit or a good by lowering price.

  • Q : Problem regarding marginal factor cost

    In equilibrium for any of profit-maximizing firm, marginal revenue product of the labor: (i) Is equivalent to the change in net revenue related with selling an extra unit of output. (ii) Surpasses the wage rate by maximum possible. (iii) Equivalents marginal factor co

  • Q : Discounted present value of future net

    A fundamental principle of finance is that the value of any of investment is: (w) the discounted present value of all future net cash flows expected by the investment. (x) negatively related to the future net cash flows generated from the investment. (y) the sum of al

  • Q : Competitive Prices for selling This

    This purely-competitive producer’s generic bricks presently sell for: (i) $60 per thousand. (ii) $70 per thousand. (iii) $80 per thousand. (iv) $90 per thousand. (v) $100 per thousand.

    Q : Marginal rate of substitution-marginal

    What is the marginal rate of transformation or marginal rate of substitution or marginal opportunity cost?

    Answer: It is the ratio of units of one good scarified to

  • Q : Shifting demand of labor The demand for

    The demand for labor will shift because of changes in all of the given except: (w) prices of other resources. (x) prices of output. (y) MPP (z) wages.

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  • Q : When is marginal costs equivalent to

    A purely competitive firm adjusts production therefore its marginal costs equivalent the market price, thus: (w) minimizing losses or maximizing profit. (x) ensuring that total costs do not exceed total revenue. (y) surviving the shor

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