Capital Goods

In the above diagram, the elimination of discrimination is best represented by

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  • Q : Monopolistically competition in long

    When a monopolistically competitive firm is in long-run equilibrium, in that case this is unlikely for: (w) MR = MC. (x) P to be greater than MC. (y) P to be greater than the minimum of the long run average cost curve. (z) accounting

  • Q : Break-even levels of output for a firm

    Break-even levels of output for a firm happen where is: (w) total revenue equals total economic cost. (x) accounting profits are zero. (y) total variable cost equals total fixed costs. (z) competitive firms will shut down within the short run.

  • Q : Older or disabled poverty The

    The proportion of older or disabled Americans suffering throughout severe poverty has been most sharply decreased due to such programs as: (w) Social Security and Medicare. (x) negative income taxes. (y) food stamps and subsidized housing. (z) the Emp

  • Q : Different pure economics rent Pure

    Pure economic rents are different most from economic profits in which they are: (w) received by the owners of productive resources. (x) frequently costs to the firm using the resources which generate them, but not to society as a whol

  • Q : Increases profits by marginal revenue

    Assuming which marginal revenue equals $4 and marginal cost equals $5, a monopolist could raise profits by: (w) lowering both price and output. (x) increasing both price and output. (y) increasing price and decreasing output. (z) decr

  • Q : Unitarily elasticity in supply curve At

    At point b, in demonstrated figure the supply curve into this graph is: (w) perfectly elastic. (x) elastic, but not perfectly that why. (y) unitarily elastic. (z) inelastic.

    Q : More willing to hold less cash and more

    When households become more willing to hold less cash and more stocks or bonds, in that case the: (1) level of Aggregate Demand increases. (2) present value of future income falls. (3) interest rate falls. (4) stock market will crash.

  • Q : Strategic Barriers to Entry The

    The successful employment of expensive marketing techniques through established competitors in an oligopoly: (w) encourages entry by other profit maximizing firms. (x) raises the minimum efficient scale of production for new entrants. (y) acts as a re

  • Q : Income elasticity and population growth

    For most families inside the United States, there the income elasticity of demand appears to be lowest, upon average, while looking the demand for: (1) better government. (2) environmental quality. (3) education. (4) children. (5) vac

  • Q : Hiring labor for Profit Maximization

    When the marginal revenue product of the very last worker hired is more than the marginal resource cost of the worker, then the firm: (1) Is experiencing rising returns to the scale. (2) Can raise its gains by hiring more labor. (3) Is maximizing the profit. (4) Must

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