Capital Goods

In the above diagram, the elimination of discrimination is best represented by

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  • Q : Substitution Effect-relative price of

    The substitution effect signifies to the change in consumption pattern as: (1) The absolute price of the good modifications. (2) Income changes. (3) The relative price of good changes. (4) The quality of good changes.

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  • Q : Total revenue when output exceeds When

    When output is expanded, then a firm's total revenues: (1) are maximized where marginal revenue is zero. (2) decline whenever average revenue falls. (3) rise more quickly the faster marginal returns diminish. (4) are maximized where profit is maximize

  • Q : Short-run consequence of hurricanes

    A probable short-run consequence of a devastating sequence of hurricanes smashing by Florida would be: (w) reductions within the prices of building materials. (x) raises the price of tickets at Disney World. (y) declining demand for Florida oranges due to higher price

  • Q : Long-run equilibrium price and output

    Long-run output and equilibrium price combinations describe a purely competitive industry’s: (w) demand curve. (x) long-run supply curve. (y) expansion path. (z) contract curve.

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  • Q : Problem on Labor Unions and Wages The

    The Industrial unions try to accomplish wage rates above the competitive level through: (i) Limiting the supply of labor to the industry. (ii) Raising the supply of labor. (iii) Raising the productivity of the labor in an industry. (iv) Member’s agreeing to work

  • Q : Increasing return to a factor Describe

    Describe the likely behaviour of total product beneath the phase of increasing return to a factor.

  • Q : Net revenues problem When your firm

    When your firm generates ski boats, your net revenues from selling given numbers of ski boats would be influenced least by: (1) Raised prices for jet skis. (2) Pay hikes for dock-workers. (3) Government increasing fees for boat licenses. (4) Vacatione

  • Q : No close substitutes in monopoly When

    When Perpetual Motion Corporation’s recently-invented and patented teleporter buttons have no close substitutes, in that case Perpetual Motion operates: (1) along with absolute certainty of realizing a pure economic profit. (2) in violation of the laws of demand

  • Q : Determine prices for demand of buyers

    Buyers' demand prices would be ____ and sellers' supply prices would be ____ when the U.S. restricted car imports to Q1. (w) P2 and P1. (x) P0 and P2. (y) P0 and P

  • Q : Define Marginal Cost or MC Define

    Define Marginal Cost and also its functions?

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