Capital Goods

In the above diagram, the elimination of discrimination is best represented by

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  • Q : Profits and Losses-Natural selection

    The Natural selection theory states that the manager’s failures to maximize the profits cause: (i) Firing of its managers. (ii) The firm’s collapse. (iii) Outside take-overs. (iv) All of the above.

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  • Q : Strategy of lowering then high price in

    Juan, Celia, Cassie and Gupta operated rival gas stations at 4 corners of an intersection. Every one originally charged similar price for their gasoline but after Gupta slashed his prices, Juan and Celia as well as Cassie all shut down. Gupta in that case boosted pric

  • Q : Characterized purely-competitive markets

    Purely-competitive markets are NOT characterized through: (i) substantial barriers to entry and exit. (ii) many small potential buyers. (iii) many small potential sellers. (iv) homogeneous products. (v) zero long-run economic profits.

    Q : What is change in quantity demanded

    Change in quantity demanded: When change in demand takes place due to price alone, it is termed as change in quantity demanded.

  • Q : Possibility of price discrimination

    Price discrimination is not possible when: (w) arbitrage is impossible. (x) all consumers have identical demand curves for the good. (y) firms are not price takers. (z) products are differentiated.

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  • Q : Define straight line of supply curve

    When a supply curve is a straight line start from the origin, in that case supply is: (i) relatively elastic for all prices and quantities. (ii) relatively inelastic for all prices and quantities. (iii) unitarily elastic for all prices and quantities.

  • Q : Difference between planned and actual

    Differentiate between planned and actual saving and investment.

    Answer: There is a big difference between (a) planned S and I and (b) Actual saving and investment.<

  • Q : Rises price elasticity of demand for a

    The price elasticity of demand for a good will tend to rise as the: (i) number of obtainable substitutes increases. (ii) consumer income level increases. (iii) good is a less significant budget item. (iv) time permitted for response decreases. (v) ela

  • Q : Synonym of Word Inequity Of the given,

    Of the given, the closest synonym for the word inequity is: (w) inequality. (x) disproportional. (y) unfairness. (z) regressivity.

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  • Q : Competitive Markets-Labor unions The

    The Purely competitive labor markets are not characterized through: (1) Most of the individual sellers and buyers of labor services. (2) Wages equivalent to the marginal resource costs. (3) Labor unions. (4) Price taking sellers and buyers of the labo

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