Calculation of market demand

To compute the market demand for air-filled mattresses, add up the: (i) Amounts demanded at each and every price. (ii) Amounts supplied at each and every price. (iii) Demand prices at each and every quantity. (iv) Supply prices at each and every quantity.

Find out the right answer from the above options.

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    Price of related goods:

    a) Substitute goods – Whenever the price of substitute goods raises they become dearer whenever the price replaces goods falls they bec

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    A strategy probable to make a cartel successful would be for cartel members to: (w) give slightly differentiated outputs. (x) stagger the amounts by which they raise prices. (y) prevent entry and set production quotas which are enforceable. (z) mainta

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    The government price floor for Whopper Slushees at P3 would result a: (i) shortage of Q1 – Q3. (ii) Excess of Q3 - Q1. (iii) Supply price of P1. (iv) Quantity demanded of Q2. (v) Demand price of P2.

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    I have a problem in economics on Labor union monopoly. Please help me in the following question. As compared to pure competition, beneath a pure labor union monopoly, the wage will tend to: (1) Higher and employment will also be higher. (2) Lower and

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    (a)         Explain the impact of external costs and external benefits on resource allocation;


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    When the price elasticity of demand for fried cheesy grits at Pixie’s Breakfast Grill is two, in that case a price cut of $2.80 to $2.00 per serving of grits would be most probably to: (1) reduce Pixie’s revenues from grits by roughly fort

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    When MR exceeds both marginal costs and average variable costs at the recent rate of production, in that case a profit-maximizing firm will: (w) increase output. (x) decrease output. (y) have no incentive to change output. (z) be maximizing profits.

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    I have a problem in economics on Problem on sole Proprietorships. Please help me in the following question. The form of business association with the greatest potential financial liability for its owners is the: (1) Corporation. (2) Sole proprietorshi

  • Q : Determine equilibrium by Price Ceilings

    Between the predictable results while government sets a maximum price below equilibrium are: (1) shortages. (2) queues. (3) black markets and corruption. (4) economic inefficiency. (5) All of the above.

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