Calculation of market demand

To compute the market demand for air-filled mattresses, add up the: (i) Amounts demanded at each and every price. (ii) Amounts supplied at each and every price. (iii) Demand prices at each and every quantity. (iv) Supply prices at each and every quantity.

Find out the right answer from the above options.

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    When raising subscription rates to the News and Observer from $8 to $10 monthly cause newspaper sales to drop by 180,000 to 120,000 copies daily, using the arc elasticity formula, then price elasticity of demand equals to: (1) 0.9. (2

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    When a firm hires workers to a point where VMP > MRP = MFC = W then: (1) There is a bilateral monopoly condition. (2) Wage discrimination is being exercised. (3) There is monopolistic exploitation of the workers. (4) The firm consists of monopsony power.

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    Sally is very rich that money hardly matters to her, although when the price of JIF chunky peanut butter doubled Sally switched to Peter Pan chunky peanut butter. This alters is an example of the: (1) Income effect. (2) Payback effect. (3) Substitution effect. (4) Pri

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    When the import car market is in equilibrium prior to the government limits car imports to Q1, the price that buyers will reimburse for an import: (1) Drops/falls from P0 to P1. (2) Is stable, although dealer gains fall by Q0 to Q1. (3) Increases from P0 to P2. (4) Ex

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    The rise in the price of Pepsi will effect a: (1) Shift of the supply curve of Coke to left. (2) Shift of the supply curve of Pepsi to right. (3) Movement downwards all along the supply curve of Coke. (4) Movement up and to right all along the supply curve of Pepsi.