why cotton textile tndustry is a microeconomic study

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  • Q : Examples of adverse selection Which of

    Which of the given below statement is not an illustration of the adverse selection? (i) You agree on a price for utilized car; however the dealer did not tell you it requires a new clutch. (ii) You send in money to a mail order company, however do not

  • Q : Product differentiation through

    Firms are not only trying to differentiate their products within the minds of consumers while: (1) main networks launch comparable programs to mimic successful “reality TV” shows. (2) beer advertisers feature wild parties in TV advertisements. (3) a deterg

  • Q : Absolute value of price elasticity of

    Moving by point a to point b to point c to point d to pint e beside demand curve D, then absolute value of the price elasticity of demand for DVDs video games is: (w) greater at lower prices than at higher prices. (x) constant and equal to minus one.

  • Q : Shift in demand curve Describe the

    Describe the differences between shifts in demand and movements along the demand curve. What are the main factors which can shift the demand curve? Explain why they cause the demand curve to shift. Use examples and draw graphs to supp

  • Q : Problem related to budget line Refer to

    Refer to the budget line illustrated in the diagram given. If the consumer's money income is $20, the: 1) prices of C and D cannot be determined.2) price of C is $2 and the price of D is $4. 3) consumer can obtain a combination of 5 units of both C and D. 4)

  • Q : Profit-maximizing unregulated monopoly

    No profit-maximizing unregulated monopoly will function in the inelastic portion of the demand curve this faces since: (w) marginal revenue is negative. (x) total revenues are negative. (y) total revenue falls as less is produced. (z) marginal revenue

  • Q : Perfect elasticity of demanded curve

    The graph of a demand curve which is perfectly elastic is: (1) positively sloped. (2) horizontal. (3) vertical. (4) negatively sloped. (5) a 45° diagonal line.

    Can someone explain/help me with

  • Q : Problem on Demand Prices for deck of

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Lauren, a solitaire addict, is eager to spend up to $2 for a new deck of cards. For Lauren, $2 is: (i) Market price for the deck of cards (ii) Demand price for deck of cards. (i

  • Q : Meaning of division of labor Give the

    Give the answer of following question. The division of labor means that: 1) labor markets are geographically segmented. 2) unskilled workers outnumber skilled workers. 3) workers specialize in various production tasks. 4) each worker performs a large number of tasks.<

  • Q : Increase in Income Tax Progressivity

    When this figure demonstrated Lorenz curves for distribution of income after taxes and transfers, in that case it is UNTRUE of the Lorenz curves demonstrated in this demonstrated figure that: (1) line 0E0' represents a Lorenz curve of

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