why cotton textile tndustry is a microeconomic study

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  • Q : Reinforces the substitution effect For

    For normal goods which experience price changes, then the income effect: (i) Recognizes how higher money income influences demands for goods. (ii) Invalidates the diminishing marginal utility law. (iii) Offsets the substitution effect. (iv) Reinforces the substitution

  • Q : Best statement of association between

    Which of the given is the best statement of the association between macroeconomics and microeconomics: (w) Macroeconomics and microeconomics deal along with totally independent types of problems. (x) A clear line splits microeconomic questions from ma

  • Q : Satisfaction gained from consuming

    The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility defines that the: (i) Satisfaction gained from consuming additional units of a good ultimately decline. (ii) Extra cost of energy from the public utility will ultimately decline. (iii) MUa/Pa = MUb/Pb = ... = MUz/Pz. (iv) Ux/X =

  • Q : Problem based on GDP Assume nominal GDP

    Assume nominal GDP in the year of 2002 was $100 billion and in the year of 2003 it was $260 billion. The general price index in 2002 was 100 and in 2003 it was 180. Between 2002 and 2003 the real GDP rose by: A) 160 percent. B) 44 percent. C) 37 percent. D) 1

  • Q : Estimate Gini index Computing the

    Computing the proportion of the area above a Lorenz curve although below the 45-degree reference line relative to the whole area below the reference line yields a numeric measure of inequality termed as a/an: (w) Gini index. (x) inequality coefficient

  • Q : Total variable costs of

    Total variable costs of this profit-maximizing lumber mill are approximately: (i) $2000 per day. (ii) $2400 per day. (iii) $2800 per day. (iv) $3200 per day. (v) $3600 per day.

    Q : Illegal predatory strategies Which of

    Which of the give predatory strategies is illegal: (w) Redesigning an existing product to make this incompatible along with a rival's product. (x) Introduction of a close substitute to a rival's product. (y) Pricing below cost into order to force riva

  • Q : Define consumption function Consumption

    Consumption function: The relationship among income and consumption is termed as consumption function.

  • Q : Buyer beware-Laws and Regulations I

    I have a problem in economics on Buyer beware-Laws and Regulations. Please help me in the following question. Caveat emptor signifies: (i) Let the sellers beware. (ii) Sellers are the most excellent judges of the quality of their goods. (iii) Charge w

  • Q : Excess of good in market problem The

    The excess of papayas would appear when: (1) seller’s supply prices increase to P1. (2) Govt. set a price ceiling of P1. (3) Growers predicted prices to soar. (4) Hurricane destroyed all Central American papaya plantations. (5) Government obliged a price floor o