why cotton textile tndustry is a microeconomic study

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  • Q : Define deficient demand Deficient

    Deficient demand: If AD < AS at full employment level, then it is defined as deficient demand.

  • Q : Price inelasticity of demand At a price

    At a price for $0, the demand for DVD games is around: (w) perfectly elastic. (x) perfectly inelastic. (y) unitarily elastic. (z) positively sloped.

    Q : Consumer Equilibrium-Utility

    Assume that you are an avid golfer and profit $36 worth of pleasure from the first golf hole played on any specific day, however the additional pleasure you profit from playing succeeding holes falls by $2 per extra hole. The $40 greens fee is needed to begin golfing

  • Q : Decrease prices as firms enter the

    When most firms in a competitive industry experience economic profits, in that case long run competitive pressures tend to cause: (w) greater economic profits. (x) prices to decrease as firms enter the industry. (y) industry output to fall. (z) severa

  • Q : Utility function notes on separable

    notes on separable utility function in microeconomics

  • Q : Question based on production

    In drawing the production possibilities curve we assume that: 1) technology is fixed. 2) unemployment exists. 3) economic resources are unlimited. 4) wants are limited.

  • Q : Price elasticity of demand relatively

    The transfer of wealth from industrialized countries to oil exporting countries (OPEC) which followed skyrocketing oil prices within the 1970 year indicates such that the price elasticity of demand for oil: (w) relatively low. (x) relatively high. (y)

  • Q : Engel curve and the income effect I

    I can't get the answer of this question of Engel curve. Help me in determining answer of this question. Describe relationship between the Engel curve and the income effect?

  • Q : Maximized output level and zero

    When all production costs for a monopoly are fixed [MC =0], in that case economic profit: (i) falls when price is raised in the inelastic range of a demand curve. (ii) rises when price is cut in the inelastic range of

  • Q : Changes in market prices and conditions

    The model of pure competitive is intended to produce insights within how: (w) asymmetric information influences the efficiency of exchange. (x) buyers and sellers negotiate to reach contracts for goods and services. (y) markets determine equitable dis

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