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  • Q : Estimate income elasticity of demand

    When Y = income, that is the income elasticity of demand is approximately measured when the value of: (i) (% change in Q) / (% change in Y). (ii) ratio of the slopes of demand relative to supply. (iii) (% change in Q) / (% change in P). (iv) constant

  • Q : Production Costs of goods problem I

    I have a problem in economics on Production Costs of goods problem. Please help me in the following question. In order to provide more goods on the market, firms increase prices to cover: (1) Rising opportunity costs in the production. (2) Technologic

  • Q : Operating in state-Right-to-Work Laws

    When it is illegal to necessitate union membership as a condition of employment for firm, then the firm: (1) Needs all the employees to sign the yellow dog contracts. (2) Can’t sign an agency shop agreement with the union. (3) Can need settlement before workers

  • Q : Graphical Production Possibilities

    Can someone please help me in determining the right answer from the following question. The production possibilities frontier is a graphical device exhibiting the: (i) Alternative allocation methods accessible to society. (ii) Combinations of goods wh

  • Q : Total revenue maximize by profit

    A profit maximizing monopoly which does not price discriminate will not: (w) produce in the elastic portion of the market demand curve. (x) experience raised total revenue when it reduces the price. (y) equate marginal revenue and mar

  • Q : State Statutory liquidity ratio or SLR

    State SLR (or Statutory liquidity ratio): It is the ratio of net or total demand and time deposits of commercial bank that, it has to keep in the form of specified liquid assets.

  • Q : Absolute values in price elasticity The

    The form of elasticity which economists commonly state like an absolute value since this is classically negative is the: (1) price elasticity of supply. (2) income elasticity of demand. (3) price-cross elasticity of supply. (4) price-

  • Q : Shut Down Point of monopolist A

    A monopolist will shut down within the short run while its equilibrium price as: (1) equals short-run average cost. (2) exceeds marginal cost. (3) is less than average variable cost. (4) is less than average fixed cost.

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  • Q : Price hike problem of durable good I

    I have a problem in economics on Price hike problem of durable goods. Please help me in the following question. The expectations of price hikes for durable goods tend to: (i) Raise current production, however only for later sale. (ii) Cause firms to r