why cotton textile tndustry is a microeconomic study

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  • Q : Type of model used by economists Which

    Which type of model is used by the economists to analyze competitive market?

  • Q : Definitions of Poverty The official

    The official United States “poverty line” is based upon the cost of securing the goods essential to maintain a standard of living: (w) at a middle class level of comfort. (x) one standard deviation below the national average. (y) that is m

  • Q : Labor Market Equilibrium Can someone

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The wages tend to rise if labor demand: (i) And supply both reduce. (ii) Reduces and supply rises. (iii) And supply both rise. (iv) Rises and supply reduces.

  • Q : Estimation of total cost in specific

    Total cost can be estimated as area: (i) 0bcq1. (ii) 0adq2. (iii) 0Peq2. (iv) aPed. (v) Cannot be measured in illustrated figure.

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    Q : Economic theories Economic theories: A)

    Economic theories: A) are useless because they are not based on laboratory experimentation. B) that are true for individual economic units are never true for the economy as a whole. C) are generalizations based on a careful observation of facts. D) are abstractions an

  • Q : Highest legal price for Whopper Slushees

    Beginning at equilibrium, a new highest legal price for Whopper Slushees set at P1 would: (i) cause people to purchase more Slushees and fewer cones from Dairy Queen. (ii) Reduce total market demand. (iii) Yield surplus demand and a scarcity. (iv) Inc

  • Q : Selling product below cost by predatory

    Nintendo Co. of Japan has been accused of discarding its products (as selling below cost) upon the U.S. market that harms U.S. producers. When true, it is an illustration of: (w) excessive international competition. (x) protectionism. (y) aggressive advertising. (z) p

  • Q : Problem on merging firms Elucidate how

    Elucidate how the efficiency might increase when two firms merge?

    Answer: If the two firms merge, their joined efficiency is expected to enhance owing to:

  • Q : Marginal revenue when market price

    When the market price of a good is $50 and a purely competitive firm raises its output from 20 units, marginal revenue of it is: (w) $50. (x) $1000. (y) $2.50. (z) $0.40.

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  • Q : Demand and supply An increase in

    An increase in consumer desire for strawberries is most likely to: A) increase the number of strawberry pickers needed by farmers. B) reduce the supply of strawberries. C) reduce the number of people willing to pick strawberries. D) reduce the need for strawberry pic