using c# visual studio 2012

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  • Q : Illustrates the parts of an XML

    Illustrates the parts of an XML document are case-sensitive.

  • Q : Use of new operator What is the use of

    What is the use of new operator?

  • Q : What is Dotted decimal notation Dotted

    Dotted decimal notation: The notation employed to symbolize the 4-byte values of an IP address. Each and every byte is symbolized as a value between 0 to 255, for instance The most noteworthy byte is written at first.

  • Q : Define the term non-XML resource Define

    Define the term non-XML resource?

  • Q : Define the term createWindow object

    Define the term createWindow object?

    Answer: reateWindow() physically makes the Window in memory  based upon the earlier registered WND

  • Q : Aren't HTML Aren't HTML, SGML, and XML

    Aren't HTML, SGML, and XML all very similar things?

  • Q : Describe IEEE 754 IEEE 754 : The

    IEEE 754: The standard 754-1985 issued by Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers for the binary floating point arithmetic. It is the standard to which Java's arithmetic matches.

  • Q : Explain Untyped Allocations Untyped

    Untyped Allocations: In C/C++ untyped allocations such as malloc, calloc, and realloc can easily be used to create overlays, which again require translation overhead to keep the corresponding non-overlaid objects consistent.

    Q : Define Binary search Binary search :

    Binary search: This is a search of sorted data, in which the middle place is examined first. The search continues with either the right or the left part of the data, therefore removing half the remaining search space. This procedure is repeated at eac

  • Q : Reference variables Reference variable

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