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  • Q : Explain relationship between XHTML and

    Explain relationship between XHTML and DTD?

  • Q : Properties exposed through ActiveX

    Write down the properties exposed through ActiveX controls?

  • Q : Explain Variable declaration Variable

    Variable declaration: It is the association of a variable with a specific type. It is significant to make a distinction among the declaration of variables of primitive types and such of class types. The variable of primitive type performs as a contain

  • Q : Requirement of Timer control in AJAX

    Explain the requirement of a Timer control in the AJAX.

  • Q : Explain Mutator method Mutator method :

    Mutator method: It is a method specifically designed to permit controlled modification of a private attribute of a class. By convention, we name the mutators with a set prefix obeyed by the name of the attribute being transformed. For example, the mut

  • Q : Explain the term an XHTML element

    Explain the term an XHTML element attribute.

  • Q : Explain Singleton pattern Singleton

    Singleton pattern: It is a pattern which permits us to make sure that only a single instance of a specific class exists at any one time. Such an instance is termed as singleton. The pattern can as well be employed whenever instances would have no excl

  • Q : Describe Method Method : The portion of

    Method: The portion of a class definition which implements some of the behavior of objects of the class. The body of the method includes declarations of local variables and statements to execute the behavior. The method receives input through its argu

  • Q : Define Absolute filename Absolute

    Absolute filename: It is a filename whose full path is unambiguously provided starting from the top (that is, root) of a file system tree. For example:


  • Q : Component which are used in 2nd layer

    What are the different types of component parts which are used in 2nd layer?

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