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  • Q : Calculating Tax on an Order in SQL

    Process the following steps to make a procedure to compute the tax on an order. The BB_TAX table includes the states which need taxes to be submitted for Internet sales. When the state is not listed in the table, then no tax must be accessed on any order. Shopper&rsqu

  • Q : Define the term Assignment statement

    Define the term Assignment statement: It is a statement employing the assignment operator.

  • Q : Define Bootstrap classes Bootstrap

    Bootstrap classes: The classes which make up the Java Platform Core Application Programming Interface (API), like those found in the java.lang, java.io and java.io packages.

  • Q : Define undershoot You have a driver as

    You have a driver as drives a long signal and connect to an input device. On the input device there is either undershoot, overshoots or signal threshold violations, so what can be done to correct such problem?

  • Q : Define Final class Final class : This

    Final class: This is the class with final reserved word in its header. A final class might not be extended by the other class.

  • Q : Differences between primary storage and

    What are the differences between primary storage and secondary storage?

  • Q : What is Concurrency Concurrency : This

    Concurrency: This is a feature of parallel programming. The parts of a program whose executions overlap in time are stated to execute concurrently. Java's thread characteristic support concurrency.

  • Q : State the term non-XML resources State

    State the term non-XML resources?

  • Q : Explain Program counter Program counter

    Program counter: A program counter is an integral portion of a computer's Central Processing Unit. It includes a reference to the memory address of the subsequent instruction to be fetched, ready to be executed throughout the next fetch-execute cycle.

  • Q : Differentiate overriding and

    Differentiate overriding and overloading method?