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  • Q : Explain Timesharing system Timesharing

    Timesharing system: It is an operating system which shares processor time among multiple processes by assigning each a time slice. Once a process's time slice has finished or expired, the other procedure is given a possibility to run.

  • Q : Basic features of OOPs Illustrate the

    Illustrate the basic features of OOPs?

  • Q : Libraries involved in Windows

    Explain the important libraries involved in Windows programming?

  • Q : What is Virtual desktop Virtual desktop

    Virtual desktop: The name employed to explain a user's graphical working area in a window manager. The name arises in the early days of graphical user interfaces whenever it was thought that such would lead to `paperless offices'. This was anticipated

  • Q : Explain Downcast with example Explain

    Explain Downcast with example: It is a cast towards an object's dynamic kind - that is, `down' the inheritance hierarchy. For illustration:

           // Downcast from Object to String

  • Q : What is PIDs What is meant by the PIDs?

    What is meant by the PIDs?

  • Q : Define Thread starvation Thread

    Thread starvation: It is a condition which applies to a thread which is prevented from running by other threads which do not yield or turn into blocked.

  • Q : Define undershoot You have a driver as

    You have a driver as drives a long signal and connect to an input device. On the input device there is either undershoot, overshoots or signal threshold violations, so what can be done to correct such problem?

  • Q : What is an Exception Exception : An

    Exception: An object symbolizing the occurrence of an exceptional circumstance - usually, something which has gone wrong in the smooth running of a program. Exception objects are made from classes which expand the Throwable class.

  • Q : Determining group ID of new file

    Explain various options available in order to determine the group ID of new file?