using c# visual studio 2012

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  • Q : Define the term Image map Define the

    Define the term Image map: This is an image, divided into logical regions, each of which has a hot spot.

  • Q : Define the term Graphical User Interface

    Graphical User Interface: A Graphical User Interface (abbreviated as GUI) is a part of a program which permits user interaction through graphical components, like menus, buttons, text areas, and so forth. Interaction frequently includes the usage of a

  • Q : State the term an XHTML Element State

    State the term an XHTML Element?

  • Q : Define Object-oriented language

    Object-oriented language: Programming languages like Java and C++ which permit the solution to a trouble to be stated in terms of objects that belong to the classes.

  • Q : Define Fully evaluating operator Fully

    Fully evaluating operator: An operator which computes all of its arguments to generate an outcome. Standard arithmetic operators, like +, are totally evaluating. In contrary, some Boolean operators, like &&, are short-circuit operators.

  • Q : What is File Transfer Protocol or FTP

    File Transfer Protocol: The File Transfer Protocol (abbreviated as FTP) states a standard set of rules which make it probable to transfer a file from one file system to the other.

  • Q : Explain Edit-compile-run cycle

    Edit-compile-run cycle: A common portion of the program development procedure. The source file is made initially and compiled. The syntax errors should be corrected in the editor before compiling it again. Once the program has been productively compil

  • Q : Requirement of Timer control in AJAX

    Explain the requirement of a Timer control in the AJAX.

  • Q : Explain Exclusive-or operator

    Exclusive-or operator: An exclusive-or operator (^) is both a Boolean operator and the bit manipulation operator. The Boolean version provides the value true when only one of its operands is true; or else it offers the value false. Likewise, the bit m