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  • Q : What is validating parser What is

    What is validating parser?

    Answer: A parser makes sure that an XML document is valid additionally to being well formed.

  • Q : Database management information system

    How much would it cost to create a simple database management information system by utilizing MySQL and PHP?

    The proposal of the system should include the following:

    1. Background
      • narrative of setting and background of problem m

  • Q : Explain the relationship between XHTML

    Explain the relationship between XHTML and HTML?

  • Q : Explain Try statement Try statement :

    Try statement: The try statement performs as an exception handler - a position where exception objects are caught and dealt with. In its most common form, it comprises of a try clause, one or more catch clauses and the finally clause.

  • Q : What is a Real-Time System What is a

    What is a Real-Time System?

  • Q : Who Issues Certificates and how Who

    Who Issues Certificates and How?

  • Q : Describe Overriding for restriction

    Overriding for restriction: It is a form of method overriding in which the sub-class version of a method calls the super-class version first of all and then employs or manipulates the outcome or consequences of that call in some manner.

  • Q : Explain Assignment operator Assignment

    Assignment operator: The operator (=) employed to store the value of an expression into the variable, for example:

    Variable = expression;

    The right-hand

  • Q : Updating the Status of an Order in SQL

    Build a procedure named STATUS_SHIP_SP which permits a company to employee in the Shipping Department to update the status of an order to add up shipping information. The BB_BASKETSTATUS table maintains a list of events for each order and hence a shopper can see the c

  • Q : Criticizing CORBA technology Criticize

    Criticize the process by which the CORBA technology was designed and implemented.

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