using c# visual studio 2012

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  • Q : Define process group Define the process

    Define the process group?

  • Q : Explain String String: It is an

    String: It is an instance of the String class. A string comprises of zero or more Unicode characters, and they are not mutable or immutable, once formed. The literal string is written between a pair of string delimiters ("), as:

    Q : Write the benefits of DLR Write the

    Write the benefits of DLR?

  • Q : Define Arithmetic operator Arithmetic

    Arithmetic operator: The Operators, like +, -, *, / and %, which generate a numerical outcome, as a part of an arithmetic expression.

  • Q : Simple Sorting Program in C Shell

    Assignment: Sorting

    You will write a simple sorting program. This program should be invoked as follows:

    shell% ./fastsort -i inputfile -o outputfile

  • Q : Define the term Graphical User Interface

    Graphical User Interface: A Graphical User Interface (abbreviated as GUI) is a part of a program which permits user interaction through graphical components, like menus, buttons, text areas, and so forth. Interaction frequently includes the usage of a

  • Q : C Sharp console application Write a

    Write a simple C# console application to consume the service to generate uniform random numbers.

  • Q : Explain SQA personnel regarding

    Do you think that the role of SQA personnel regarding inspections or testing?

  • Q : Define the term XSL-FO Define the term

    Define the term XSL-FO.

    Answr: A sub-element of XSL used for explaining font sizes, how information flows from one page to other and page layouts.

  • Q : Explain Primitive Type Abstractions

    Primitive Type Abstractions: An effective way to reduce the state space of a program is to replace the primitive types with the corresponding abstractions that encapsulate all the possible operations that are performed on these types.

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