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  • Q : Define the term Address space Define

    Define the term Address space: The region of virtual memory in which a procedure is run.

  • Q : Benefits of the event-delegation model

    Write down some of the benefits of the event-delegation model over event-inheritance model?

  • Q : Template class and class template in

    Illustrate the difference between a template class and class template in the programming?

  • Q : Explain Wrapper classes Wrapper

    Wrapper classes: The Java's primitive types are not of object types. The wrapper classes are stated in the java.lang package. They comprises of a class for each and every primitive type: Boolean, Byte, Double, Float, Integer, Long & Short and Char

  • Q : Which kernel objects is utilize for

    Which kernel objects is utilize for thread Synchronization on various processes?

    Answer: For thread synchronization on various processes kernel objects are utilize

  • Q : What is Memory leak Memory leak : It is

    Memory leak: It is a situation in which memory which is no longer being employed has not been returned to the pool of free memory. The garbage collector is designed to return unreferenced objects to the free memory pool in order to shun memory leaks.<

  • Q : What is decimal Decimal: The number

    Decimal: The number representation in decimal is base 10. In base 10, the digits 0 to 9 are utilized. Digit positions symbolize successive powers of 10.

  • Q : Choice of technology in coding of game

    What are the choice of technologies while coding a game?

  • Q : Explain Copy constructor Copy

    Copy constructor: It is a constructor which takes a single argument of similar class. For illustration:

        public class Point {

  • Q : What is Hash function Hash function : A

    Hash function: A function employed to generate a hash code from the random contents of an object. The classes can override the hash Value method, inherited from the Object class, to state their own hash function.

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