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  • Q : Define debugging of joomla extension

    Define debugging of joomla extension.

  • Q : Define Deadlock Deadlock : A situation

    Deadlock: A situation which occurs whenever two threads each acquires the lock to one of a set of resources which they both require.

  • Q : What is an Exception Exception : An

    Exception: An object symbolizing the occurrence of an exceptional circumstance - usually, something which has gone wrong in the smooth running of a program. Exception objects are made from classes which expand the Throwable class.

  • Q : Print the factors of each perfect number

    An integer number is said to be a perfect number if its factors, including 1 (but not the number itself), sum to be the number. For example, 6 is a perfect number because 6 = 1+ 2+ 3. Write a function perfect that determines if parameter number is a perfect number. Us

  • Q : Define the term Condition Define the

    Define the term Condition: It is a Boolean expression which controls a conditional statement or loop.

  • Q : Define Software engineering Software

    Software engineering: It is the system of applying of an engineering discipline to the implementation, design and maintenance of the software systems.

  • Q : Define Well-known port Well-known port

    Well-known port: It is a port number at which a server provides a familiar service. For example, 80 is well-known port number for the servers employing the HyperText Transfer Protocol (abbreviated as HTTP).

  • Q : Define the term Arpanet Define the term

    Define the term Arpanet: It is a network which was a forerunner of the global Internet.

  • Q : Describe Timers Timers: While time

    Timers: While time values usually cannot be reduced in the target system, their usage can be encapsulated as an abstraction which can be replaced easily (e.g., by a non-deterministic choice) during model checking.

  • Q : Method over ridding in java Q.  

    Q. Explain method over ridding in java. Give ex