Basic xml based assignment

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  • Q : How can I get an exact image in a web

    How can I get an exact image in a web page?

  • Q : Define the term XML Canonicalization

    Define the term XML Canonicalization?

  • Q : What is an Integer What is an Integer :

    What is an Integer: It is a negative or positive whole number. The primitive types are: short, byte, int and long are utilized to hold integer values in narrower or broader ranges.

  • Q : Describe MCP or Model Checker for C plus

    MCP: Model Checker for C++ (MCP) is an explicit-state software model checker being introduced by the Robust Software Engineering group at NASA Ames Research Center (Thompson and Brat, 2008). MCP was constructed specifically to allow programs written i

  • Q : What is Low level programming languages

    Low level programming languages: It is frequently termed as `assembly languages’; these give little more than the fundamental instruction set of a particular Central Processing Unit. Therefore programs written in low level programming languages

  • Q : Define the term Boot Boot: Whenever a

    Boot: Whenever a computer is switched on it is said to be `boot up'. This word comes from the phrase, “Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps”. Before a computer is ready to be utilized, it should load the programs which it requires from i

  • Q : What are the uses of GPC and GPT What

    What are the uses of GPC and GPT?

  • Q : Explain Test Object Model Define the

    Define the terms Test Object Model, Test Object and Run-Time object?

  • Q : Define Comment Comment : It is a piece

    Comment: It is a piece of text proposed for the human reader of a program. The compilers disregard their contents.

  • Q : Problem on COBOL if sentence Write a

    Write a COBOL IF sentence to use the values of numeric variables EXAM and COURSEWORK, both assumed to be with format PIC 999 and in the range 0 to 100 and to move the value:
    “RC” ( resit coursework),
    “RE” (r

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