Basic xml based assignment

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  • Q : Explain Java PathFinder Java

    Java PathFinder: Java PathFinder (JPF) is a model checker that has been developed as a verification and testing environment for Java programs (Figure shown below). It is available as open source at (JPF website). It consists of a custo

  • Q : Illustrations of XML DTDs or schemas

    Give some illustrations of XML DTDs or schemas which you have?

  • Q : What is Single inheritance Single

    Single inheritance: In Java, a class might not extend more than one class. It means that Java has a single inheritance model for the class inheritance.

  • Q : Difference between the choice and list

    Illustrate the difference between the choice and list?

  • Q : System Architecture for Windows

    Tell me about the System Architecture for Windows Programming?

  • Q : State-space Reduction in Promela model

    State-space Reduction: Two language statements are used to reduce the number of states in a Promela model: atomic and d-step.

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    Q : What is an Anonymous array Anonymous

    Anonymous array: It is an array formed without an identifier. The anonymous array is generally formed as an actual argument, for example:

    // generate an anonymous array of integers.
        YearlyRainfall y2k = new YearlyRai

  • Q : How can Corba application has call back

    Describe how can Corba application has call back?

  • Q : Define Continuous simulation Continuous

    Continuous simulation: In a continuous simulation, the time ticks past at a regular rate which is applicable to the specific simulation scenario. At each and every tick, all the objects in the simulation are informed of the passage of time and updated

  • Q : What is an Instruction set Instruction

    Instruction set: The set of instructions which characterize a specific Central Processing Unit. The programs written in the instruction set of one type of CPU can’t usually be run on any other kind of CPU.