Basic xml based assignment

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    What are the different cursors types in ADO and illustrated them?

  • Q : What are the major issues related with

    What are the major issues related with multiprocessor caches and how might you resolve them?

  • Q : Input and output formatting in C++

    Input output formatting in C++: C++ support

  • Q : What is Client Client : It is a user of

    Client: It is a user of a service. The Web client requests resources from Web server, for example: Whenever the client is an object then this is the sender of messages to its object servers.

  • Q : Explain Array initializer Array

    Array initializer: This is an initializer for an array. The initializer takes the position of separate creation and initialization steps. For example, the initializer

    int[] pair = { 4, 2, };

    Q : Problem on COBOL if sentence Write a

    Write a COBOL IF sentence to use the values of numeric variables EXAM and COURSEWORK, both assumed to be with format PIC 999 and in the range 0 to 100 and to move the value:
    “RC” ( resit coursework),
    “RE” (r

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    Build a procedure named STATUS_SHIP_SP which permits a company to employee in the Shipping Department to update the status of an order to add up shipping information. The BB_BASKETSTATUS table maintains a list of events for each order and hence a shopper can see the c

  • Q : Define Divide and conquer Divide and

    Divide and conquer: An approach to trouble solving which attempts to decrease an overall single big trouble into multiple simpler troubles.

  • Q : Class and Object and explain diverse

    Q. Define class and object with example and explain diverse specifies.


  • Q : Define the term Blank final variable

    Blank final variable: A final variable which is not initialized as portion of its declaration. This variable should be initialized in either an instance initialization block or every of the constructors for its class before it is employed. A static bl

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