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  • Q : Define Finite State Machines Finite

    Finite State Machines : A Finite State Machine (FSM) is one of the most suitable models for formal checks, especially for concurrent systems. However, FSMs can have problems with inheritance (the state model can change in derived classes) if state asp

  • Q : What is an Assembly language Assembly

    Assembly language: This is a symbolic language closely analogous to the instruction set of a Central Processing Unit. The program employed to translate a program written in assembly language is termed an assembler.

  • Q : Illustrates database connection pooling

    Illustrates database connection pooling which is relative to MTS.

    Answer: This permits MTS to reuse database connections. Pooling of database connections are put to

  • Q : Define Little-endian Little-endian : It

    Little-endian: It is a common difference among machines is the order in which they store up the individual bytes of multi-byte numerical data. The little-endian machine stores the lower-order bytes prior to the higher-order bytes.

  • Q : Define Well-known port Well-known port

    Well-known port: It is a port number at which a server provides a familiar service. For example, 80 is well-known port number for the servers employing the HyperText Transfer Protocol (abbreviated as HTTP).

  • Q : Define Unbounded repetition Unbounded

    Unbounded repetition: The repetition where statements in a loop's body are executed an arbitrary number of times, according to the consequences of the statements in the loop's body. All of the loop control structures in the Java offer for unbounded re

  • Q : Type promotion rule Q. Explain type

    Q. Explain type conversion rules for basic data types in java.

    Ans. Type promotion rule: Java automatically each bits or short operant to int when evaluating an expression. As usual as the automatic promotion

  • Q : Define Data type Data type : There are

    Data type: There are 8 primitive data types in Java; five of such symbolize numerical types of changeable range and precision - float, double, int, long and short. The remaining three are employed to symbolizing single-bit values (that is, Boolean), s

  • Q : What does WSDL stand for What does WSDL

    What does WSDL stand for?

  • Q : What is Lexicographic ordering

    Lexicographic ordering: It is the ordering of words as they would be easily found in a dictionary. It must be noted that dissimilar locales order identical looking words according to their own conventions - this exerts, in specific, to accented charac

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