Barriers to entry of dominated industry

An industry dominated by small huge firms shielded through barriers to entry is: (1) a monopoly. (2) a vertically integrated industry. (3) an oligopolistic industry. (4) an aggregated industry. (5) a cartel.

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    Between the predictable results while government sets a maximum price below equilibrium are: (1) shortages. (2) queues. (3) black markets and corruption. (4) economic inefficiency. (5) All of the above.

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    Let assume that an auto manufacturer which can produce 10 cars at an average cost of $8000 per car. When the manufacturer enlarges output to 100 cars, then the average cost of production falls to $5000 per car. This firm is experiencing the: (1) Raised demand. (2) Eco

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    Market interest rates are LEAST affected through: (w) people’s willingness to defer consumption when they are rewarded for doing so. (x) people’s desires for liquidity. (y) the marginal productivity of new capital relative to its price. (z

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    The growth of per capita national income would most likely rise the: (i) Prices of lard and employed tires. (ii) Federal budget deficit. (iii) Prices and sales of the luxury cars. (iv) Supply of untrained labor.


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    Microeconomics primarily consist the study of: (w) unemployment, inflation, and our monetary system. (x) capitalism versus socialism. (y) individual decision making within households, industries and firms. (z) rational budgeting through government and

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