bargaining model

settlement range between management and the trade union

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  • Q : Define Inferior good Inferior good : It

    Inferior good: It is a good for which, other things equivalent, a rise in income leads to a reduction in demand.

  • Q : Demand curve facing monopolistically

    The demand curve that facing a monopolistically competitive firm is: (1) perfectly elastic within the short run. (2) perfectly inelastic due to numerous substitutes for its product. (3) less elastic than the demand curve facing a comp

  • Q : Labor adds uniformly to total revenue

    The entire profit maximizing firm will appoint more labor up to the point where: (i) Average physical product of the labor equivalents the nominal wage. (ii) Last unit of the labor adds up equally to net revenue and net cost. (iii) Marginal product of the labor is at

  • Q : Monopsony power-Purely competitive Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options.

    Dissimilar to a purely competitive hirer of labor, the firm with monopsony power can: (i) Both set any wage it wishes and hire as many workers as it desire

  • Q : Break-even level of income under

    For a family of four the break-even level of income under the negative income tax system demonstrated in this figure is: (1) $15,000 per year. (2) $30,000 per year. (3) $45,000 per year. (4) $60,000 per year. (5) $75,000 per year.

  • Q : Demand for product when its sales fall

    When a 10% hike in the price of paisley socks causes sales to fall with 20%, the demand for such socks is: (1) perfectly inelastic. (2) relatively inelastic. (3) unitarily elastic. (4) relatively elastic. (5) perfectly elastic.


  • Q : Long run equilibrium price When

    When Christmas tree farming is a decreasing cost industry and this firm is typical, in that case an increase in the market demand for Christmas trees will give in a long run equilibrium price: (1) greater than P1. (2) less

  • Q : Preferential treatment of discrimination

    Programs that provide preferential treatment to members of groups which have previously suffered due to discrimination are termed as: (i) redistributive justice. (ii) affirmative action. (iii) compensating variations. (iv) equity considerations. (v) transfer programs.

  • Q : Total consumer surplus received Assume

    Assume that you gain $36 worth of pleasure from first hole of the golf played on any specific day since you are an avid golfer, however the extra pleasure you profit from playing succeeding holes drops by $2 per additional hole. The $40 greens fee is needed to begin o

  • Q : What is Marginal physical product

    Marginal physical product: It refers to the addition build to the total product.

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