bargaining model

settlement range between management and the trade union

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  • Q : Demands possibly the least income

    Demands are possibly the least income elastic for very poor Americans for: (i) automobile services. (ii) Big Macs. (iii) lard. (iv) housing. (v) health care.

    Can anybody suggest me the proper expla

  • Q : Reading Production Possibilities

    I have a problem in economics on reading the Production Possibilities Frontiers graph. Please help me in determining the right answer from the following question. The graph below depicts the mythical country of the Sandwichia’s:

    Q : Define Producers Equilibrium Producer’s

    Producer’s Equilibrium: A producer (or a firm) is said to be in equilibrium whenever it earns maximum gains. Profit maximization of a firm signifies maximizing the difference between total cost and total revenue. Whenever the gains of the firm a

  • Q : Preferance of food after income rises

    Assume that, for you, lobster is an ordinary good and peanut butter is a poorer good. When your income increases, you will probably consume: (1) Greater of both goods. (2) Less of both goods. (3) Greater peanut butter and less lobster. (4) Greater lobster and less pea

  • Q : Moral Hazard-Unemployment compensation

    Jared does not care regarding his job as he is eligible for the unemployment compensation; therefore he frequently goofs off at work and exhibits up late. This is the trouble of: (i) Adverse selection. (ii) Efficiency salaries. (iii) Moral hazard. (iv) Symmetric infor

  • Q : What is the meaning of ex-ante savings

    Meaning of ex-ante savings: Ex-ante savings are expected savings or planned savings.

  • Q : Opportunity costs in different prices

    While a firm is NOT able of price discrimination: (w) various prices are charged for units of remotely related goods. (x) only opportunity costs are reflected in various prices for units of similar good. (y) any short term profit stimulates long run l

  • Q : Constant cost industry of production

    When Del’s production function and costs are characteristic for wheat farmers and when wheat farming is a constant cost industry, in that case in the long run, there the price of wheat will be: (i) $4 per bushel. (ii) $6 per bushel. (iii) $8 per

  • Q : Jeremy Bentham utilitarianism Possible

    Possible utilization of a ‘felicific calculation’ to recognize punishments for the crimes was derived from: (1) Medieval scholasticism. (2) Say’s Law. (3) Gresham’s Law. (4) Marshall’s Maxim. (5) Jeremy Bentham&r

  • Q : Total economic of profit or loss on

    When the wholesale price P = $7 per bushel of peaches, it purely competitive peach orchard maximizes profit via producing ___ bushels of peaches at a total economic of profit or loss totaling $___. (i) zero; loss; -$4,000. (ii) 2000;

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