bargaining model

settlement range between management and the trade union

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  • Q : Equilibrium interest rates on financial

    Equilibrium interest rates on different financial securities tend to be negatively associated to: (1) the time remaining until an asset matures. (2) default, exchange rate, and interest rate riskiness of an asset. (3) liquidity. (4) savers’ time

  • Q : Pure economic profit on rate of return

    Owners of corporate stock obtain pure economic profit only to the extent which the rates of return realized by owning the stock exceed the: (1) interest rate that would have been produced by other investments entailin

  • Q : Arbitrager-individual or organization

    The arbitrager is an organization or individual that will: (1) Simultaneously purchase low and sell high in various markets. (2) Create disparities among prices in various markets. (3) Resolve disputes among sellers and consumers. (4) Purchase low and

  • Q : Subjective preferences of Marginal

    I have a problem in economics on Subjective preferences of Marginal Utility. Please help me in the following question. The Marginal utilities: (1) Reflect the subjective preferences. (2) Are realistically evaluated by wealth. (iii) Are set by the demo

  • Q : Estimate total revenue when unitarily

    When the demand for computer hard drives is unitarily price elastic among lower prices and current prices, lowering prices slightly will yield as: (w) higher total revenue. (x) lower total revenue. (y) no change in total revenue. (z)

  • Q : Negative marginal utility The economic

    The economic good becomes an economic bad whenever consumption is expanded into an area where: (1) Sellers experience the moral hazard.  (2) Marginal returns are diminishing. (3) Marginal utility is negative. (4) Buyers suffer from adverse choice. (5) Extreme cho

  • Q : Zero elasticity for demand curves When

    When any truly existed, then perfectly inelastic demand curves would include: (i) price elasticities of infinity and be horizontal. (ii) zero elasticity and be horizontal. (iii) a slope of one. (iv) price elasticities of infinity and would be vertical

  • Q : Determine elasticity of supply when

    When a $5 price hike raises the number of tanks of dehydrated water supplied into this market from point a to point b, there elasticity of supply is: (w) 4.5. (x) 3.0. (y) 1.5. (z) 0.5.

    Q : Industrial Unions-organizing workers

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Industrial unions are proposed to organize all the workers in: (i) A specific company. (ii) The United States. (iii) Particular skill or the craft. (iv) Particular occupation. (v) Specific ind

  • Q : Microeconomics Question #2 Consumer

    Question #2 Consumer Demand. How to answer questions from a-g iii. I belive the MRS is 2y/x for B. But not sure

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