bargaining model

settlement range between management and the trade union

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  • Q : Variation in demand and supply with

    It shifts within the demand for new textbooks from D0 to D1 may be a result of: (1) increased enrollments of students. (2) consumers' expectations of a future increase within the price of textbooks. (3) increased literacy rates. (4) increasingly efficient E-

  • Q : Limitation of marginal revenue Marginal

    Marginal revenue is NOT: (i) similar as average revenue or price for a competitive firm. (ii) identical to the price of output for firms along with monopoly power. (iii) specified by (change in TR)/ (change into Q) for all firms. (iv) derived by the d

  • Q : Problem regarding analyzing persistent

    In analyzing persistent shortages within the U.S. market for adoptable children: (w) children are most reasonably considered investment goods. (x) children might reasonably be functioned as consumer goods. (y) lower prices charged adopting families would result within

  • Q : When price elasticity rise Price

    Price elasticity of demand for a good will tend to rise as the: (i) Number of reasonably good replacements available rises. (ii) Consumer income level rises. (iii) Good is a less significant budget item. (iv) Time permitted for response reduces. (v) Elasticity of supp

  • Q : Equilibrium moves market increase in

    When equilibrium moves from point a to point b, the simple market experiencing a raise in supply is demonstrated within: (w) Panel A. (x) Panel B. (y) Panel C. (z) Panel D.

    Q : Total fixed cost Total fixed cost: 1.

    Total fixed cost:

    1. Fixed cost remains constant at each level of output ie it do not change with change in quantity.
    2. It can not be zero when output is zero.
    3. Its curve is parallel to X-aixs

  • Q : Problems on Featherbedding The

    The Contracts needing employment after some worker’s jobs have been made outdated by automation are illustrations of: (1) Labor-reducing protectionism. (2) Featherbedding. (3) Check-off provisions. (4) Yellow dog contracts. (5) Blacklisting.

    Q : Laws and regulations for competitive

    Government regulation intends at certain potentially competitive prices or transactions frequently induce private adjustments through firms and individual therefore unexpected results comprise: (w) increased rates of growth of tax revenues. (x) rapid

  • Q : Conscious Interdependence Oligopolists

    Oligopolists enter within formal or informal arrangements to fix prices within attempts to: (1) stabilize prices to customers. (2) compete more effectively along with foreign competitors. (3) reduce the price elasticity of market demand.  (4) max

  • Q : Factors establishing elasticity of

    Factors establishing elasticity of supply:

    The factors below will persuade the elasticity of supply:

    1. Modifications in cost of production.

    2. Behavior pattern of producers.

    3. Accessibility of faci

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