bargaining model

settlement range between management and the trade union

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  • Q : Goods and services Refer to the above

    Refer to the above data. Choose the right answer from following. Zabella's balance on goods and services illustrates a: A) $5 billion deficit. B) $5 billion surplus. C) $10 billion surplus. D) $15 billion deficit.

    Q : Estimation of price elasticity of

    You can calculate approximately a price elasticity of supply by data indicating that: (a) steel production rises 18 % while national income grows 13 %. (b) farmers increase soybean plantings 15 % while prices rise 5 %. (c) Ford raises production when

  • Q : Most likely Diminishing Marginal Utility

    Jana chugs 5 big cups of Gatorade in five minutes after winning the marathon. Jana’s marginal utility is much likely to be: (1) Equivalent for each cup as she was very thirsty. (2) Maximized at 3 cups, when she is reaching the equilibrium. (3) Diminishing whenev

  • Q : Lowers mortgage payments on interest

    When interest rates fall and this lowers mortgage payments therefore homebuyers can afford to buy more costly houses, the predictable increase within housing prices is most directly a symptom of: (i) capitalization. (ii) a speculative

  • Q : Illustrations of homogeneous goods

    Illustrations of homogeneous goods would comprise: (i) automobile tires. (ii) athletic shoes. (iii) personal computers. (iv) most farm products. (v) college textbooks.

    Hey friends please give your opinion for the p

  • Q : Occupational Licensing The capability

    The capability of otherwise skilled workers to engage in specific careers or enter some professions is most likely most inhibited by: (1) Occupational licensing. (2) Wage discrimination. (3) Segregation in school system. (4) Signaling and screening. (5) Union labor co

  • Q : Barriers to entry and long run

    A firm which realizes an economic profit in the short run will carry on generating economic profits in the long run only when: (i) it maximizes economic revenue. (ii) barriers to entry prevent entry from rival firms. (iii) its managers minimize princi

  • Q : Problem on adjustments in Income Effect

    Whenever your purchasing power drops as the price of a good you purchase increases, you make adjustments as of the: (1) Marginal utility effect. (2) Price level effect. (3) Income effect. (4) Consumer excess effect.

    Choose the righ

  • Q : Income related to positive demand I

    I have a problem in economics on Income related to positive demand. Please help me in the following question. The goods for which the demands are positively related to income are termed as: (i) Normal goods. (ii) Inferior goods. (iii) Substitute neces

  • Q : Problem on implicit belief in a moral

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Assume that when faced with the Faustian option [that is, a deal with the devil] of torturing an naive child in the interest of securing world peace and an end to global hunger,

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