bargaining model

settlement range between management and the trade union

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  • Q : Shutting down the average expected

    All firms will shut down when the average expected revenue by selling output fails to exceed expected: (w) average total cost. (x) marginal cost. (y) average fixed cost. (z) average variable costs.

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  • Q : Find out price elasticity of supply

    When Info-Gadget and Inc. offers only 333 thousand generic potato peelers monthly at $1 each as well as 1,667 thousand at $2 each, its price elasticity of supply is around: (1) 1.0. (2) 1.5. (3) 2.0. (4) 3.0. (5) 0.5.

    Q : Law of Diminishing Merginal utility Law

    Law of Diminishing Merginal utility: This states that as consumer consumes more and more units of commodity, the utility derived from each and every successive unit goes on decreasing. According to this law TU increases at decreasing rate and the MU d

  • Q : Market Price in intervention Let’s take

    Let’s take a perfectly competitive market in which the market demand curve is provided by Qd = 20 − 2Pd and the market supply curve is provided by Qs = 2Ps.

    a) Determine the e

  • Q : Least Relative Market Interest Rate

    Market interest rates are least associated to the: (1) willingness of people to defer consumption (to save) when they are rewarded for doing so. (2) relative liquidities of alternative financial assets. (3) marginal productivity of new capital relativ

  • Q : Labor Unions and Antitrust The legality

    The legality of trade unions as the labor monopolies and illegality of the monopolies in product markets is most rationally described by the: (i) Trade union’s interest in the social welfare and firm’s interest only in gains. (ii) Number of people who adva

  • Q : Illustrates the Loren curve by total

    When 40 percent of total personal income was received by 20 % of the highest income families, in that case the: (w) income distribution would be perfectly equal. (x) income pattern would be foreign to the U.S. (y) Lorenz curve would be the 45 degree r

  • Q : Constant price in economic rent

    Economic rent is: (1) determined by the supply side. (2) independent of the strength of demand. (3) received whenever owners receive a constant price for a resource that supply curve is upward sloping. (4) included in society's opportunity costs of pr

  • Q : Ecomomics Which one of the following

    Which one of the following statements about discretionary fiscal policy is correct? A. Discretionary fiscal policy refers to changes in taxes and government expenditures made by Congress to stabilize the economy. B. Discretionary fiscal policy refers to any change in government spending or taxes

  • Q : Copyrights in legal barriers to entry

    Legal barriers to entry do NOT comprise: (1) outright governmental prohibition of entry. (2) protection of inventions by patent. (3) licensing and bonding restrictions. (4) substantial economies of scale. (5) copyrights for music, computer software an