bargaining model

settlement range between management and the trade union

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  • Q : Normal market supply curves I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Normal market supply curves. Please help me in the following question. The actuality that normal market supply curves slope upward is most obviously due to: (i) The lower costs incurred as production rises. (ii) Overti

  • Q : Problem regarding to trade barriers for

    When the import market was within equilibrium before the Japanese government began subsidizing all autos exported by the amount dg, in that case U.S. car buyers would be: (w) pay P2 for a car previouslszy priced at P0. (x) suffer Q0 to

  • Q : Strategic Barriers to Entry in

    Extravagant and costly marketing through established firms in an oligopoly is probable to: (w) encourage entry by other profit maximizing firms. (x) raise the minimum efficient scale of production for new entrants. (y) act as a regulatory barrier of entry. (z) increas

  • Q : Marginal productivity theory about

    John Bates Clark's marginal productivity theory gives details that the marginal productivity of resources finds out: (w) the true value of human life. (x) an equitable distribution of tax burdens. (y) the income distr

  • Q : Marginal and average revenue-market form

    In which market form is the marginal and average revenue of a firm always equivalent?

    Answer: Average and marginal revenue of a firm are for all time equivalents beneath perfect competition.

  • Q : Generating utility through production I

    I have a problem in economics on Generating utility through production. Please help me in the following question. The production generates utility by making a good more precious in: (1) Possession. (2) Time. (3) Form. (4) Place. (5) All the above.

    Q : Price elasticity coefficient at

    Every point beside a vertical demand curve (when there was such a thing) would include a price elasticity coefficient equivalent to: (1) 1. (2)  1. (3) zero. (4) infinity. (5)  1/2.

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  • Q : Determine price elasticity of demand

    Moving from point b to point c beside demand curve D, in that case the price elasticity of demand for video games upon DVDs equivalent: (1) 0.8. (2) one. (3) 1.10. (4) 1.25. (5) 2.50

    Q : Imposition of rent controls under

    The imposition of rent controls below equilibrium rental rates tends to create: (i) a housing surplus. (ii) booms of new apartment construction. (iii) declines in the quantity and upkeep of rental units. (iv) rising incomes for landlords. (v) enhanced

  • Q : Define surplus budget Surplus budget:

    Surplus budget: When receipts of government are greater than its receipts, it is termed as surplus budget.