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  • Q : Importance of internal audit to the

    Write down the importance of internal audit to the organization?

  • Q : What is Audit Management Audit

    Audit Management: It is a systematic assessment of processes and policies of an organization's management in the administration and the utilization of resources, tactical & strategic planning, and employee and organizational enhancement.

  • Q : Auditing how long will it take and how

    how long will it take and how much will u charge

  • Q : What are Financial Audits Financial

    Financial Audits: It is a financial audit and is the critical analysis of the business's financial records and documentations. This can be completed at any level, from local to governmental. The financial profile or financial audit of the company will

  • Q : Explain Marketing Audit Marketing Audit

    Marketing Audit: One of the most fundamental parts of marketing planning process is marketing audit. It is conducted both at the beginning of the process and also in between the series of points during the implementation of plan. Both internal and ext

  • Q : Audit committee A subgroup of the board


    A subgroup of the board of directors composed of directors who are independent of an organization and not employed by organization. The committee acts on behalf of the full board and all stockholders to check on management actions and it has responsibility for the soundness of the

  • Q : Objectives of Internal Audit Write down

    Write down the main Objectives of Internal Audit?

  • Q : ACL Bradmark Case Case must be analyzed

    Case must be analyzed and reports run using ACL 9 desktop software (Education Edition). Screenprints of reports should be included and explained. All work must be cited.

  • Q : Difference between statutory audit and

    Elucidate the difference between statutory audit and internal audit?

  • Q : Top line revenue versus Bottom line

    What is the difference between Top line revenue and Bottom line revenue.

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