Asymmetric information

Provide the solution of this question. The problem of asymmetric information is that: A) neither health care buyers nor providers are well-informed. B) health care providers are well-informed, but buyers are not. C) the outcomes of many complex medical procedures cannot be predicted. D) insurance companies are well-informed but policy purchasers are not.

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  • Q : Experience decreasing costs industry If

    If one industry’s development stimulates development in support and complementary industries, it permits firms within the industry to: (i) move up their rising long run average costs curves. (ii) sell their products for higher prices. (iii) focus old technologie

  • Q : Inefficiency of market equilibrium When

    When firms have market power although do not price discriminate perfectly, in that case the market equilibrium will be inefficient since: (w) P = AC = MC. (x) total revenue equals total costs [TR = TC]. (y) MSB = P > MC = MSC. (z)

  • Q : Inverse relationship in Law of Demand

    The law of demand signifies to: (i) The direct relationship accessible between quantity and prices demanded. (ii) The inverse relationship accessible between quantity demanded and opportunity cost. (iii) How demand shifts due to modifications in price

  • Q : Oligopoly and economic welfare in long

    In an oligopoly, as opposite to monopolistic or pure competition, industry output within the long run is probable to be: (1) lower along with reduced prices. (2) about similar but with higher prices. (3) lower and with higher prices.

  • Q : Income elasticity of positive and

    This given figure as in below demonstrates how consumption of goods A, B, C and D varies like a family’s income changes. Since income rises, the income elasticity of demand is positive and increasing for: (w) good A. (x) good B  (y) good C.

  • Q : Technological innovations and demands

    Pharmaceutical companies have currently developed and tested drugs which reverse the affects of alcohol upon the brain only in a half hour. Such pills allow drivers to sober up before driving and to decrease the severity of hangovers. Within the past few years, variou

  • Q : Relation of transaction costs with

    Transaction costs are costs mainly related with the: (w) transportation and gathering information about goods or resources. (x) direct production costs for goods. (y) inputs quite than outputs. (z) supply prices rather than demand prices.

  • Q : Featherbedding in its hiring practices

    The summation of monopolistic exploitation across all the workers tends to raise however a firm as well operates at a more socially and economically proficient level of output and employment whenever the firm is capable to engage in: (1) Blacklisting in its dealings t

  • Q : Earning income under negative income tax

    Under the negative income tax system demonstrated in this figure, a family of four along with earned income of $15,000 yearly would have a net [after-tax] income of: (i) $30,000 per year. (ii) $27,500 per year. (iii) $25,000 per year.

  • Q : Indeterminable market supply curve For

    For a monopoly firm a market supply curve is: (w) steeper than the market supply curve of a competitive industry. (x) indeterminable because profit-maximizing quantities with profit maximizing prices are determined concurrently, and depend upon costs