Asymmetric information

Provide the solution of this question. The problem of asymmetric information is that: A) neither health care buyers nor providers are well-informed. B) health care providers are well-informed, but buyers are not. C) the outcomes of many complex medical procedures cannot be predicted. D) insurance companies are well-informed but policy purchasers are not.

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    Dissimilar to a purely competitive hirer of labor, the firm with monopsony power can: (i) Both set any wage it wishes and hire as many workers as it desire

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    The financial investment probably to generate a negative rate of return is the: (w) cost of your college education. (x) purchase of a lottery ticket. (y) $25,000 each a group of business people paid to buy franchises within the American Football League into 1960 year.

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    (a) De

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    The least clear illustration of how decisions are generally at the margin would be: (i) A floral shop hiring an additional clerk and opening earlier in hopes of increasing revenues by half. (ii) Eating less whenever the menu is a-la-carte than at an ‘all-you-can

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    A large negative GDP gap implies: A) an excess of imports over exports. B) a low rate of unemployment. C) a high rate of unemployment. D) a sharply rising price level.

  • Q : Externalities and Deadweight Loss

    Assume that the demand and supply for a product can be described by the following equations:

    Q= 1200-4P
    Q= -200+2P

    Producing the product results in marginal external damage of $8 per unit.

    a. What type of

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