Asymmetic Infomation

The problem of asymmetric information is that: A. neither health care buyers nor providers are well-informed. B. health care providers are well-informed, but buyers are not. C. the outcomes of many complex medical procedures cannot be predicted. D. insurance companies are well-informed but policy purchasers are not.

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  • Q : Economy-efficiency while transaction

    Transaction costs tend to be decreased, consumer prices tend to be lower and additionally stable and economy-wide efficiency is enhanced if: (1) rigid wage and price controls are imposed. (2) central planning fosters

  • Q : Most efficient production technique of

    Refer to the given data give the answer of following question. In view of the indicated resource prices, the economically most efficient production technique(s) is (are) technique(s): A) #1. B) #2 and #4. C) #3. D) #1 and #3.

    Q : Trends in Income Distribution The year

    The year in that a long-run trend towards greater equality within the U.S. income distribution was reversed, therefore income since then has become less equally distributed, it was roughly: (w) 1945. (x) 1960. (y) 1975. (z) 1990.

    Q : Change in the price of a resource A

    A change in the price of a resource will cause a modification in the: (w) demand for the resource. (x) supply of the resource. (y) quantity demanded of the resource. (z) demand for the good the resource produces.


  • Q : High relative income define by Census

    The Department of the Census defines high relative income as experienced while families: (w) earn more than $60,000 annually per worker in the family. (x) have income which is twice the median incomes of other American families. (y) e

  • Q : Profit maximization at the rate of

    At the rate of output, profits are maximized where marginal: (i) revenue is maximized. (ii) revenue equals marginal cost. (iii) revenue exceeds marginal cost by the greatest amount. (iv) cost is minimized.

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  • Q : Determining type of good An increase in

    An increase in the income of Consumer X leads to fall in demand for that good by that consumer. Name the good X termed?

    Answer: Inferior good

  • Q : Social Welfare and Value of Marginal

    I have a problem in economics on Social Welfare and Value of Marginal Product of Labor. Please help me in the following question. The social value of additional output from the additional units of labor is: (i) Marginal revenue of the product of labor

  • Q : Earn income and transfer benefits When

    When a family can earn income and transfer profits of $11,500 by working full time at the minimum wage, and also $12,500 in transfer benefits without working, the family’s net gain through working is: (1) zero. (2) $12,500. (3)

  • Q : Operations of constant cost industries

    Purely competitive industries operating under circumstances of constant cost have long-run supply curves which are: (w) horizontal. (x) upward sloping. (y) downward sloping. (z) equal to LRATC for every firm.

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