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  • Q : Non-discriminating firm with monopsony

    I have a problem in economics on Resources and Products Flow Model. Please help me in the following question. The non-discriminating firm with the monopsony power in labor market confronts a: (1) Wage rate which consistently surpasses the marginal rev

  • Q : Another name of micro economics What is

    What is another name of micro economics?

    Answer: Price theory

  • Q : Variation in demand curve with price

    The demand curve along with price elasticity which definitely varies along the curve is within: (w) Panel A. (x) Panel B. (y) Panel C. (z) Panel D.

    Q : Reduce total revenue when demand is

    Boosting the price for Pixie’s cheesy fried grits by P2 to P3 will: (w) increases total revenue since demand within inelastic. (x) increase total revenue since demand is elastic. (y) reduce total revenue since demand is inelastic. (z) reduce total revenue since demand

  • Q : Problem on competitive equilibrium

    The economy consists of an equal number of smokers (S-types) and asthma sufferers (A-types). Good 1 is cigarettes, good 2 is “other stuff.” S-types have the utility function:

    xS1 + xS

  • Q : Essay why is marginal revenue

    why is marginal revenue product=marginal resource cost a formula for profit maximization?

  • Q : Cross-elasticity of demand Interpret

    Interpret the following Cross-Price Elasticities of Demand (XED) and explain the relationship between these goods. (3 marks total, 1.5 marks per part) XED= + 0.64 and XED= -2.6

  • Q : Horizontal summation of individual

    The market demand curves for most of the goods are as: (i) Cross-multiplied products of the individual demand curves. (ii) Insignificant for most of the analytical aims. (iii) The horizontal summation of the individual demand curves. (iv) Irrelevant for business decis

  • Q : Perfectly competitive monopolized

    When a perfectly competitive industry is monopolized along with no effect on costs in that case the result will be: (w) higher prices and greater output. (x) lower prices and greater output. (y) higher prices and lower output. (z) lower prices and low

  • Q : Standard of Income Distribution

    According to the requirements standard of income distribution: (w) marginal productivity is easily measured. (x) people’s needs are proportional to their marginal products. (y) income must be distributed in proportion to people’s needs. (z

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