please help me in question no 9, 4, 2

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  • Q : Interdependent decisions of oligopolies

    Industries dominated by some large firms whose decisions are interdependent are: (1) oligopolies. (2) monopolies. (3) cartels. (4) monopsonies.

    Please choose the right answer from above...I want your suggestion for the same.

  • Q : Determine good for demand to be most

    Of the given, the good for that demand is likely to be most price elastic is as: (1) electricity. (2) airline tickets in throughout spring break. (3) ballpoint pens. (4) Paul Newman’s spaghetti sauce. (5) menthol cigarettes.

    Q : Question on Demand-Supply curves Assume

    Assume that the market for cigarettes in a specific town has the given supply and demand curves: QS = P; QD = 50 − P, here the quantities are evaluated in thousands of units. Assume that the town council requires raising $300,000 in revenue

  • Q : Needs Standard for Income Distribution

    The needs standard for income distribution would certainly involve: (w) difficulty in the measurement of productivity. (x) an enormous bureaucracy. (y) greater incentives for production than the contribution standard. (z) economic ef

  • Q : Characteristics of a purely competitive

    NOT between characteristics of a purely competitive industry would be as: (w) large numbers of potential buyers and sellers. (x) long-run freedom of entry and exit. (y) modern technology that dictates large firms. (z) buyers have no influence on price

  • Q : Market price below equilibrium price

    When the market price is beneath the equilibrium price then: (i) The market will clear. (ii) An excess exists. (iii) Consumers will not invest. (iv) The shortage exists. (v) Each and every consumer will be satisfied.

    Find out the r

  • Q : Duopoly for two sellers What is that

    What is that market termed in which there are just two sellers (or firms)?

    Answer: Duopoly terms to a market condition in which there are only two sellers.

  • Q : Short-run shut-down point for profits

    Short-run shut-down point of the cranberry farm occurs at a price of: (i) P1. (ii) P2. (iii) P3. (iv) P4. (v) Not computable from these figures.

    Q : Requirement of production costs

    Decreasing average production costs needs raising the size of a firm when the raised production encounters economies of: (i) Growth. (ii) Coordination. (iii) Growth. (iv) Scale. (v) Scope.

    Find out the right answer from the above o

  • Q : Investment in Equilibrium Investment is

    Investment is within equilibrium in all of the given cases EXCEPT while: (w) after adjusting for risk, maturity, and liquidity, all income producing assets yield identical returns. (x) all prices of assets exactly equal their respecti