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  • Q : Hike in relative price of a good I have

    I have a problem in economics on Hike in relative price of a good. Please help me in the following question. The hike in relative price of a good will quickly increase the: (i) Quantity demanded. (ii) Market supply. (iii) Rate of inflation. (iv) Quant

  • Q : Define market supply Market supply: It

    Market supply: It refers to the sum of all outputs of all producers of a good at a price throughout a given time period.

  • Q : Probable demand to be least price

    Of the given, the good for that demand is probable to be least price elastic is: (i) electricity used to light downtown streets. (ii) airline tickets in late December. (iii) Bic pens. (iv) chocolate milk. (v) Merit cigarettes.

    Q : Wages-Portion of costs Assume that a

    Assume that a firm with market power in output market wishes to grow up and that hiring more workers needs it to increase wages 8% for all the workers. Output prices will most likely: (1) Increase 8% to cover the wage raise. (2) Increase less than 8% as wages are only

  • Q : General law of demand I have problem in

    I have problem in this question based on law of demand. Provide me correct answer of this. Described the circumstances in which the "general law of demand" not hold?

  • Q : Scarcity of good in market problem In

    In the market of papayas: (1) A scarcity exists at P2. (2) Papayas are a free good at P0. (3) Papayas are presently a scarce good. (4) Consumer’s demand prices equivalent P2 at quantity Q2. (5) Equilibrium price for papayas be P0.

    Q : Social Welfare and Labor Market

    The labor market functions inefficiently when labor is hired only up to a point where, for last worker: (1) VMP = w. (2) VMP minus MRC surpasses zero and is maximized. (3) P x MPPL = w. (4) Added net revenue equivalents added net cost.

    Q : Goods in positive price cross

    When two goods contain positive price cross elasticities of demand, then the two goods are: (1) inferior goods. (2) superior substitutes. (3) complementary goods: (4) gross substitute. (5) normal goods.

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  • Q : Break-even levels of output for a firm

    Break-even levels of output for a firm happen where is: (w) total revenue equals total economic cost. (x) accounting profits are zero. (y) total variable cost equals total fixed costs. (z) competitive firms will shut down within the short run.

  • Q : Maximized output level and zero

    When all production costs for a monopoly are fixed [MC =0], in that case economic profit: (i) falls when price is raised in the inelastic range of a demand curve. (ii) rises when price is cut in the inelastic range of

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