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  • Q : Reallocation of resources-Government

    Describe the Reallocation of resources objective of the government budget.

  • Q : Price equality with marginal costs It

    It is not possible for a nondiscriminating, that profit maximizing monopolist to attain equilibrium where MR = MC as well as: (w) economic profit = 0. (x) economic profit is negative. (yz marginal costs are at the minimum of average costs [MC = ATC].

  • Q : Price taker in the context of a firm

    What is meant by the word price taker in the context of a firm?

    Answer: It means that firm does not contain any control over the price and it has to pursue that pri

  • Q : Marginal revenue for the pure monopolist

    Give the answer of following question. Price exceeds marginal revenue for the pure monopolist because the: A) law of diminishing returns is inapplicable. B) demand curve is downsloping. C) monopolist produces a smaller output than would a purely competitive firm. D) d

  • Q : Determine good for demand to be most

    Of the given, the good for that demand is likely to be most price elastic is as: (1) electricity. (2) airline tickets in throughout spring break. (3) ballpoint pens. (4) Paul Newman’s spaghetti sauce. (5) menthol cigarettes.

    Q : Demand and supply conditions in the

    Refer to the following diagram, which depictes demand and supply conditions in the competitive market for product X. A shift in the demand curve from D0 to D1 might be caused by a(n): 1) decrease in income if X is an inferior good. 2) increase in the price of compleme

  • Q : Size Distribution of Income The degree

    The degree of inequality of income in between households and individuals is the: (w) marginal productivity theory of income distribution. (x) functional distribution of income. (y) distribution of wealth. (z) size distribution of income.

  • Q : Main deficiencies of current welfare

    Not among main deficiencies of the current welfare system is which it sometimes: (w) gives low benefits to the poor relative to total budgetary outlays. (x) collects taxes from the poor to provide benefits to the rich. (y) yields effective marginal ta

  • Q : Requirement of production costs

    Decreasing average production costs needs raising the size of a firm when the raised production encounters economies of: (i) Growth. (ii) Coordination. (iii) Growth. (iv) Scale. (v) Scope.

    Find out the right answer from the above o

  • Q : Interest-rate cost A profit-maximizing

    A profit-maximizing firm must not undertake a R&D project for which the: 1) Expected rate of return exceeds its interest-rate cost of funds. 2) interest-rate cost of funds exceeds the expected rate of return. 3) expected returns are in the distant future. 4) the e

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