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  • Q : Constant cost industry in competitive

    When brick-making is a constant cost industry, during the long run this firm is probable to experience: (i) a severe shrinking of economic profit to zero. (ii) a decline in the price of bricks to approximately eight cents apiece. (iii) increased compe

  • Q : Profit for purely competitive firms in

    Profit for purely competitive firms tends in the direction of zero in the long run since: (w) managers resist charging more than a fair price. (x) firms collude to charge prices which barely cover average costs. (y) profit attracts entry, whereas loss

  • Q : Equilibrium quantity and price

    Elucidate the consequence of an increase in demand of a commodity on its equilibrium quantity and price?

    Answer: Increase in demand causes a rightward shift in the

  • Q : Featherbedding-Labor Contracts The

    The clauses in labor contracts that need continued employment of the workers whose jobs are technologically outdated are termed as: (1) Moth-balling. (2) Yellow dog contracts. (3) Featherbedding. (4) Goldbricking. (5) Shirking clauses.

    Q : What is Average Fixed Cost or AFC What

    What is Average Fixed Cost. Also provide its formula?

  • Q : Perfect mobility and perfect information

    The model of perfect competition assumes perfect mobility and perfect information. Transaction costs are not present; therefore all buyers and sellers base decisions on the best information obtainable to anyone else, as well as transportation (mobilit

  • Q : Problem on Monopsony Power The firm

    The firm probable to encompass significant monopsony power in its labor market would be: (1) Big cotton farm in the Texas hiring migrant workers. (2) Textile producer in the Hong Kong hiring factory workers. (3) Janitorial service firm in London hiring the maintenance

  • Q : LEAST capable inventories of

    A competitive firm is LEAST capable to adjust its inventories throughout the: (w) market period. (x) short-run. (y) intermediate period. (z) long-run.

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  • Q : Define Direct taxes Direct taxes :

    Direct taxes: Whenever the liability to pay tax and the burden of that tax fall on similar person, it is termed as direct tax. Illustrations are: wealth tax, income tax, corporation tax, gift tax and so on.

  • Q : Price cut of Substitutes products When

    When a price cut for licorice gummy bears decrease the demand for tuna fish ice-cream, then: (1) Tuna fish ice-cream and licorice gummy bears are the complementary goods. (2) Price hikes for tuna fish ice-cream will decrease the demand for the licorice gummy bears. (3

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