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  • Q : Define Average Variable Cost Define

    Define Average Variable Cost. And also state its formula.

  • Q : Stable Competitive Economy Into a

    Into a stable competitive economy without innovation, transaction, or uncertainty costs, all accounting profits would be: (w) pure economic profits. (x) payments required to secure owner-provided resources. (y) pure e

  • Q : Initial point to identify maximizing

    Nostalgia Corporation has controlled to lock-up the rights to each black-and-white film ever made, as well as the response to its infomercials has been astounding. The initial point Nostalgia requirement to identify in its quest to maximize profit is:

  • Q : Profit Maximization in Labor Markets

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. All the profit maximizing organizations employ labor up to the point where: (1) MR   MC is maximized. (2) VMP = MFC. (3) VMP = MRP. (4) MRP = MFC. (5) VMP = w.

  • Q : Problem on opportunity cost of consumer

    Refer to the given table. If the economy is producing at production alternative C, the opportunity cost of the tenth unit of consumer goods will be:


  • Q : Neoclassical economics One of my

    One of my friends can't find the answer of this question .Give me answer of this question. How are economic theories created in neoclassical economics?

  • Q : Copyright laws for legal barriers to

    Copyright laws are least helpful in protecting the work of people who generate original: (i) lyrics and music. (ii) films. (iii) computer code. (iv) scientific theories. (v) poems or novels.

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  • Q : Central problems of an economy

    Elucidate the central problems of an economy:

    A) What to produce?
    B) How to produce?
    C) For whom to produce?


    Q : Minimize average total costs

    LoCalLoCarbo that is Favorite Corporation of fad dieters, which can minimize its average total costs near producing: (i) output q1 at point a. (ii) output q2 at point b. (iii) output q3 at point e. (iv) output q4 at point f. (v) output q5 at point g.<

  • Q : Cost structure characteristic in purely

    When Cling Peach Orchards has a cost structure characteristic of peach orchards into this purely competitive industry, when the long run new competitors would most likely enter the market providing the wholesale price per bushel of peaches exceeded: (