please help me in question no 9, 4, 2

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  • Q : Creating externalities to spread costs

    In efforts to offset specific failures of the private sector, government policy within a mixed-capitalist economy would be least reasonably intended at an objective of: (1) creating externalities to spread the costs of various activities across all me

  • Q : The perfect price discrimination

    Suppose a monopolist has zero marginal cost and faces the following demand curve

    D(p) = 10 - 2p

    (a) Graph the demand curve, the marginal revenue curve, and the rm's margin

  • Q : Profit maximizing strategy at breakeven

    Nostalgia Corporation would exactly break-even on its Silver Screen DVDs when, in place of correctly identifying its profit maximizing strategy, this: (w) operated at point i, charging only $10 per DVD and producing 8 million DVD. (x)

  • Q : Separable utility function One of my

    One of my friends can't find the answer of this question. Give answer of following economic based question. Tell me about strongly separable utility function?

  • Q : Produce output by zero marginal reveune

    When LoCalLoCarbo, the favorite corporation of fad dieters,in that case produces output q* [that where is marginal revenue is zero] as: (1) LoCalLoCarbo’s total revenue is at its highest possible level. (2) expanding output to q4 would cause tot

  • Q : Problem on Equilibrium price What

    What happens to equilibrium price if increase in demand is equivalent to increase in supply?

    Answer: In case of equivalent increase in demand and supply the equilib

  • Q : Transaction Costs-Process of trial and

    In an uncertain globe, people are supposed to try to make best use of their satisfaction by: (1) Determining in advance the mixture of goods that maximizes the utility and then purchasing this mix. (2) The procedure of trial and error. (3) Making marginal decisions ti

  • Q : Uncertainty and Decision-making I have

    I have a problem in economics on Uncertainty and Decision-making. Please help me in the following question. The error of omission would be: (i) The failure of an individual to invest in Microsoft 20 years ago. (ii) Individual cheating on a test. (iii)

  • Q : Limitation in Lorenz curve A Lorenz

    A Lorenz Curve cannot be used to demonstrate scientifically how the: (w) income is distributed among members of society. (x) wealth is distributed in between members of society. (y) taxes alter the distribution of income. (z) income must be distribute

  • Q : Signals between buyers and sellers In

    In the competitive market economy, most of the prices: (i) Make sure high incomes for the bureaucrats. (ii) Free resources and ration free goods. (iii) Act as a signal among sellers and buyers. (iv) Are set by the govt.

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