i want to write final state report. My state is Texas. You can use the resources that i attached, also you can use another resources to cover the outlines.

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  • Q : Define Reimbursements Reimbursements :

    Reimbursements: The amount received as a payment for the cost of services executed, or of other expenditures made for, or on behalf of, other entity (example, one department reimbursing the other for administrative work executed on its behalf). Reimbu

  • Q : Explain State-Mandated Local Program

    State-Mandated Local Program: The state compensations to local governments for the cost of activities needed by legislative and executive acts. This reimbursement necessity was established, Statutes of 1972 (SB 90) and further approved by the adoption

  • Q : Explain Administratively Established

    Administratively Established Positions: The positions authorized by the Department of Finance throughout a fiscal year that were not comprised in the Budget and are essential for workload or administrative reasons. These positions fin

  • Q : What can a financial institution do for

    What can a financial institution frequently do for a surplus economic unit which it would have complexity doing for itself if the surplus economic unit (SEU) were to deal directly along with a deficit economic unit (DEU)?
    Usually, Surplus economi

  • Q : Alternative combinations of the two

    Assume you won $15 on a Lotto Canada ticket at the local 7-Eleven & decided to spend all the winnings on bags of peanuts and candy bars. The cost of candy bars is $.75 and the cost of peanuts is $1.50. Build a table illustrating the alternative combinatio

  • Q : Define Special Funds Special Funds :

    Special Funds: For legal base budgeting purposes, funds produced by statute, or administratively per Government Code Section 13306, employed to budget and account for taxes, licenses, and fees which are restricted by law for specific activities of the

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