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  • Q : Describe the sales forecasting procedure

    Describe the sales forecasting procedure.
    This is a group effort. Usually sales and marketing personnel provide assessments of demand and the competition. Usually, production personnel provide estimates of manufacturing capacity and other product

  • Q : Why warrants are hardly exercised

    Describe why warrants are hardly ever exercised unless the time to maturity is small?
    Warrants are hardly ever exercised until the time to expiration is small since the market price of the warrant is higher than the exercise value. The holder o

  • Q : Describe the effect of stock dividends

    Describe the effect of stock (not cash) dividends and stock splits onto the market price of common stock? Why do corporations state stock splits and stock dividends?
    Stock splits & stock dividends decrease the price per share of the common

  • Q : Why coefficient of variation is better

    Why is the coefficient of variation frequently a better risk measure while comparing different projects than the standard deviation?
    Whenever we desire to compare the risk of investments which have different means, we employ the coefficient of va

  • Q : Explain Budget Cycle Budget Cycle : The

    Budget Cycle: The time period needed to made a state financial plan and enacts that part of it applying to the budget year. The Significant events in the cycle comprise:

    • The preparation of G

  • Q : Describe usual pattern of cash flows

    Describe usual pattern of cash flows for share of preferred stock? How does the market fidn out the value of a share of preferred stock, given these promised cash flows?
    Preferred stock contains no maturity date hence, it has no maturity value.

  • Q : Advantages and disadvantages of working

    Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the aggressive working capital financing approach?
    An aggressive working capital financing approach generally results in a lower cost of funds for a firm however a higher level of risk.

  • Q : Effect of raising funds on rapidly

    Companies along with rapidly growing levels of sales do not require worrying about raising funds from outside the firm. Do you agree or disagree along with this statement? Describe.
    Disagree. Quickly growing firms require more assets to accom

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