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  • Q : What is means of correlation

    What does this mean while we say that the correlation coefficient for two variables is -1? What does it mean if this value were zero? What does it mean if it were +1?
    Correlation is calculated by the correlation coefficient, represented through t

  • Q : Advantages of corporation in countries

    Describe some primary advantages while a corporation has operations in countries other than its home country? Explain risks?
    Foreign operations may decrease a company's labour or material costs, and may raise its sales. Risks comprise possible

  • Q : Explain Statewide Cost Allocation Plan

    Statewide Cost Allocation Plan (SWCAP): It is the amount of state administrative, General Fund costs (example, amounts expended by the central service departments like the State Personnel Board, State Treasurer’s Office, State C

  • Q : Why warrants are hardly exercised

    Describe why warrants are hardly ever exercised unless the time to maturity is small?
    Warrants are hardly ever exercised until the time to expiration is small since the market price of the warrant is higher than the exercise value. The holder o

  • Q : Explain marginal cost of capital

    Explain marginal cost of capital schedule (MCC)? Is the schedule always horizontal line? Describe.
    The marginal cost of capital schedule is graphic depiction of the weighted average cost of capital at distinct levels of financing. The MCC sch

  • Q : Security in banking operations Security

    Security in banking operations is a major problem in financial institutions all over the world today. The compromise of banking information and data more often than not leads to fraud. Fraud has become quite a challenge for many banks as any slight br

  • Q : Slope of the budget line and the

    Consider someone won $15 on a Lotto Canada ticket at the local 7-Eleven & decided to spend all the winnings on bags of peanuts and candy bars. The cost of candy bars is estimated as $.75 and the cost of peanuts is $1.50. Plot the data in this table as a budget li