i want to write final state report. My state is Texas. You can use the resources that i attached, also you can use another resources to cover the outlines.

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  • Q : What is Budget Change Proposal Budget

    Budget Change Proposal (BCP): It is a proposal to modify the level of service or funding sources for activities sanctioned by the Legislature, suggest new program activities not presently authorized, or to remove existing programs.

    Q : What are Federal Funds Federal Funds :

    Federal Funds: For legal basis budgeting purposes, categorization of funds into which the money received in trust from an agency of the federal government will be deposited and finished by a state department in accordance with state and/or federal rul

  • Q : Investors prospects of growth Why might

    Why might investors overestimate the prospects of growth companies and underestimate value companies?

  • Q : Describe factors affecting minimum cash

    Describe the factors affecting the option of a minimum cash balance amount.
    The minimum cash balance amount is find out by how easy it is to increase funds when needed, how predictable the cash flows are, and how risk averse managers are.

  • Q : What is State Operations State

    State Operations (SO): It is a character of expenditure symbolizing expenditures for the support of state government, exclusive of capital investments and expenses for the local assistance actions.

  • Q : How are financial trades made in an

    How are financial trades made in an over the counter market?
    On the contrary to the organized exchanges that have physical locations, the over the counter market contain no fixed location, or more accurately, it is everywhere. The over the counte

  • Q : Define Limited-Term Position

    Limited-Term Position (LT): Any place that has been authorized only for a particular length of time with a set termination date.

    Limited-term positions might be authorized throughout the budget procedure or in transactions approved by the D

  • Q : Pros and cons of commercial paper

    Describe pros and cons of commercial paper associated to bank loans for a company seeking short-term financing?
    Usually commercial paper is a cheaper source of short-term financing for a firm, compared to bank loans. Also, a larger amount of fu

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