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  • Q : Legal factors to restrict a corporation

    Are there any legal factors which could restrict a corporation in its attempt to pay cash dividends to common stockholders? Describe.
    A firm may be legally limited as to the dividends it can pay through existing bond indentures or loan agreemen

  • Q : Describe the primary variables in EOQ

    Describe the primary variables being balanced in the EOQ inventory model? Clarify
    In the EOQ model the primary variables being balanced are carrying costs and ordering costs. The more frequent orders are placed the lower the firm's carrying co

  • Q : Define Financial Planning Financial

    Financial Planning: It is a comprehensive assessment of an investor's present and future financial state by employing presently known variables to forecast future cash flows, asset values and the withdrawal plans.

  • Q : Influence of opportunity costs How do

    How do opportunity costs influence the capital budgeting decision-making procedure?
    Opportunity costs reflect the foregone benefits of alternative not selected when a capital budgeting project is chosen. Any decrease in the cash flows of the fi

  • Q : Explain Equity Financing Equity

    Equity Financing: New or small businesses might find it hard to get debt financing therefore they turn to equity funding. The Equity financing frequently comes from non-professional investors like family, friends, or employees. This can as well come f

  • Q : 222 what do you understand by planning

    what do you understand by planning premises

  • Q : What is Revenue Revenue : Any adding up

    Revenue: Any adding up to cash or other current assets which does not raise any liability or reserve and does not symbolize the reduction or recovery of expenditure (example, reimbursements or abatements). Revenues are a kind of receipt usually derive

  • Q : Why do analysts compute financial ratios

    Why do analysts compute financial ratios?
    Ratios are comparative measures.  Since the ratio illustrates relative value, they let financial analysts to compare information which could not be compared in its raw form.  For instance, rati