i want to write final state report. My state is Texas.

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  • Q : Explain Statewide Cost Allocation Plan

    Statewide Cost Allocation Plan (SWCAP): It is the amount of state administrative, General Fund costs (example, amounts expended by the central service departments like the State Personnel Board, State Treasurer’s Office, State C

  • Q : What is Shared Revenue Shared Revenue:

    Shared Revenue: It is a state-imposed tax, like the gasoline tax, that is shared with the local governments in proportion, or significantly in proportion, to the amount of tax collected or generated in each local unit. The tax might be collected eithe

  • Q : Sensitivity analysis report ABC Company

    ABC Company manufactures three types of products and has provided you with the following linear problem:

    Max Z=15X1+20X2+14X3 (Total profit)
    5X1+6X2+4X3<=210 (Total labor hours available)

  • Q : What is Special Fund for Economic

    Special Fund for Economic Uncertainties: It is a fund in the General Fund (that is, a similar reserve is involved in each special fund) authorized by the statute and Budget Act Control Section 12.30 to offer for emergency situations.

  • Q : Midterm Exam for FIN 6000 Please

    Please complete the midterm exam independently.  Don't discuss it with other students in the class.  Please email me if you have any clarifying questions. 


  • Q : What is Service Revolving Fund Service

    Service Revolving Fund: A fund employed to account for and finance most of the client services provided by the Department of General Services. The amounts expended by the fund are repaid by sales and services priced at rates adequate to keep the fund

  • Q : Financial crisis during 1997-1998

    Describe the Financial crisis during the time period of 1997-1998 ?

  • Q : Fixed Income I need solution by Tuesday

    I need solution by Tuesday evening March 18, 6 pm EST

  • Q : Influence of mergers on fees assessed

    What influence have mergers had on fees assessed for retail bank services?

    The effect is not clear. Market conditions and the level of competition often determine the cost for retail bank services.

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