i want to write final state report. My state is Texas.

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  • Q : Frauds in banks Frauds in banks : In

    Frauds in banks: In today’s world all the financial institutions face a major problem of security in banking operations. Today it is a challenge in front of ever bank to secure its functioning and avoid the fraudulent practices in their banks. I

  • Q : Why coefficient of variation is better

    Why is the coefficient of variation frequently a better risk measure while comparing different projects than the standard deviation?
    Whenever we desire to compare the risk of investments which have different means, we employ the coefficient of va

  • Q : What is Service Revolving Fund Service

    Service Revolving Fund: A fund employed to account for and finance most of the client services provided by the Department of General Services. The amounts expended by the fund are repaid by sales and services priced at rates adequate to keep the fund

  • Q : Explain primary assumption behind

    Explain primary assumption behind the experience approach to forecasting?
    The experience approach to forecasting is depending on the supposition that things will happen a certain way in the future since they happened that way in the past. For exa

  • Q : Define Accrual Basis of Accounting

    Accrual Basis of Accounting: The foundation of accounting in which transactions are identified whenever they take place, regardless of when cash is disbursed or received. The revenue is recorded whenever earned, and expenses are recor

  • Q : Define May Revision May Revision : The

    May Revision: The annual update to the Governor’s Budget having a revised estimate of General Fund revenues for the present and ensuing fiscal years, any proposals to adjust expenditures to reflect the updated revenue estimates,

  • Q : Capital investment appraisal methods

    The capital investment appraisal methods like NPV, IRR, ARR, PV and Time value of money have become irrelevant post Celtic Tiger. Due to the depth of the recession companies do not have budgets to invest. Explain?

    At first use this

  • Q : What is Fiscal Year Fiscal Year (FY):

    Fiscal Year (FY): Twelve-month periods throughout which income is earned and received, compulsions are incurred, encumbrances are prepared, appropriations are expended, and for which the other fiscal transactions are recorded. In Cali

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