i want to write final state report. My state is Texas.

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  • Q : Describe how firm search optimal level

    Describe how a firm find out the optimal level of current assets.
    The optimal level of working capital is finding out by determining the amount that balances the requirement for liquidity and for profitability.

  • Q : What is Revenue Revenue : Any adding up

    Revenue: Any adding up to cash or other current assets which does not raise any liability or reserve and does not symbolize the reduction or recovery of expenditure (example, reimbursements or abatements). Revenues are a kind of receipt usually derive

  • Q : Define Tort Tort : It is a civil wrong,

    Tort: It is a civil wrong, other than a breach of contract, for which the court awards indemnity. The traditional torts comprise malpractice, negligence, assault and battery. Lately, torts have been widely expanded such that the interference with a co

  • Q : What is State Operations State

    State Operations (SO): It is a character of expenditure symbolizing expenditures for the support of state government, exclusive of capital investments and expenses for the local assistance actions.

  • Q : Describe present value of the firms

    Describe the term "present value of the firm's operations" (also known as Enterprise Value). What does this number expose?
    The current value of the company's free cash flows reveals the market value of the firm's core income generating operatio

  • Q : Frequency Distribution What is

    What is Frequency Distribution? Compare Categorical Frequency Distribution, Ungrouped Frequency Distribution, Grouped Frequency Distribution?

  • Q : Describe the Hirfindahl-Hirschman Index

    Describe the Hirfindahl-Hirschman Index?
    The Hirfindahl-Hirschman Index, or HHI, is the standard measure employed by economists to evaluate market concentration. The greater the level of concentration amongst competitors, the higher the HHI. The