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  • Q : Define the inflation most influences

    Please help me to solve the problem of Prices that is given below:

    Inflation most influences: (i) absolute prices. (ii) subjective values. (iii) relative prices. (iv) objective prices. (v) tax rate

  • Q : Explain about the normative economics

    Please suggest me how to solve the problem of normative economics that is given below:

    Normative economics is: (w) a description of how the economy works. (x) based upon empirical studies. (y) concerned along with

  • Q : Market adjustments change equilibrium

    A movement along the demand curve for a good would be caused through changes within: (1) preferences and tastes. (2) costs for productive resources. (3) supply which change the equilibrium price of the good. (4) expectations regarding future prices.

  • Q : Effect of current investment Can

    Can someone help me in determining the right answer from the given options. Expanding the current investment associative to current consumption most directly raises an economy’s rate of: (1) Stagnation. (2) Capital absorption. (3) Economic growt

  • Q : Illustrates a case of Scarcity and

    Every decision involves opportunity costs due to the fundamental facts which underpin: (i) limits to human reason. (ii) production technology. (iii) limits to human wants. (iv) demand and supply analysis. (v) scarcity.

    Q : Combination of land People who seek

    People who seek gains and bear risks and improbability while they combine land, capital and labor in productive ways is: (i) socialists. (ii) sole proprietors. (iii) professional managers. (iv) entrepreneurs. (v) bureaucratic capitalists.

  • Q : Fundamental fact of scarcity I want a

    I want a good answer on the topic of Economic problems. Please give me your suggestion that the basic fact of scarcity means that every decision includes: (i) Limitless time. (ii) Production costs. (iii) Restricted wants. (iv) Limitless resources (v)

  • Q : Define the normative economics in

    Hello guys I want your opinion. Please suggest your answer for following Normative-economics problem.

    Normative economics: (i) based upon value judgments. (ii) involves statements which are either right or wrong. (

  • Q : High rates of saving and investment Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Production possibilities frontiers can be employed to demonstrate why maximizing economic growth needs: (1) The amount of investment goods to equivalent the quantity of consum

  • Q : Problem on Welfare Can someone help me

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the following options. The equal shares criterion of distribution recommends that each and every individual must: (i) Receive income according to necessitate. (ii) Contribute equivalent producti