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  • Q : Limitations of economic resources Hey

    Hey friends please give your opinion for the problem of economic resources that is given below:

    Resources (factors of production) do NOT comprise: (i) entrepreneurship. (ii) competition. (iii) land. (iv) capital. (

  • Q : Case of fuel efficient machinery in

    If the soybean market begins in equilibrium on S0D0, and in that case farm machinery becomes more fuel efficient, the market changes to: (1) S0D1. (2) S1D2. (3) S1D0. (4) S2D1

  • Q : Existence of scarcity for human survival

    Please help me to solve the problem of scarcity that is given below:

    Why is Scarcity existed for human: (1) survival requires unlimited resources, (2) needs are enormous relative to the means obtainable to satisfy

  • Q : Building blocks for a capitalist system

    Building blocks for a capitalist system comprise: (i) supplies and demands. (ii) private property rights. (iii) laissez-faire policies. (iv) market-determined prices and outputs. (v) All of the above.I need a good answer on the topic of Economic problems

  • Q : When is a thing termed as a good as

    A thing is termed as a "good" (as opposite to a "bad") when: (w) its use improves human happiness. (x) its production needs capital and labor. (y) its value to society is restricted. (z) this is a service to people, as housecleaning.<

  • Q : Define the root of normative economics

    Value judgments which address what “must be” are at the root of: (1) microeconomics. (2) scarcity economics. (3) normative economics. (4) positive economics. (5) macroeconomics.

    How can

  • Q : Economic goals of all economic activity

    Adam Smith believed about the ultimate suitable objective of all economic activity is to maximizing: (w) wealth and power of the national government. (x) satisfaction of individuals by giving people along with the goods they want. (y) employment oppor

  • Q : Problem of Economic Policies and

    Hello guys I want your opinion. Please recommend your view for given Economic Policies and Normative Economics problems.

    Disagreements in between economists about economic policies most commonly occur from differences within their:

  • Q : Achieving economic welfare For any

    For any given point on the production possibilities (or PPF) curve: (i) More economic welfare is achieved than from any points within the PPF. (ii) Moving to some other output combination should yield enhanced economic welfare. (iii) More of some good can be generated

  • Q : Illustrate the argue by David Hume

    Argument by David Hume that: (w) money is a “veil” which hides the actual workings of the economic system. (x) Corn Laws prevented English workers through competition through low-wage foreign workers. (y) capitalism is the system mainly co

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