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  • Q : Socialism of nonhuman resources The

    The system in which the government acts as the trustee for all members of society by owning most of the nonhuman resources is: (1) The market system. (2) Capitalism. (3) Decentralized (4). Socialism.

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  • Q : Eccentricities of Jeremy Bentham The

    The eccentricities of Jeremy Bentham (from 1748 to 1832) did not comprise: (i) allowing a pet pig to freely roam his mansion. (ii) petitioning the London Council for permission to replace shrubbery beside his driveway along with mummi

  • Q : Which principle is simplest workable

    The principle which the simplest workable theory is also the fine is termed as: (i) positive analytics. (ii) minimalism. (iii) Occam's razor. (iv) simple-mindedness. (v) hypothesis testing.

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  • Q : Democratic governments exercise partial

    The democratic governments exercise partial control on markets primarily through: (1) Marketing resources it owns. (2) Intimidation. (3) Negotiation. (4) Taxes and regulations.

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  • Q : Charecteristics of market efficiency

    Explain the characteristics of market efficiency?

  • Q : What is made by a progarm I need a good

    I need a good answer on the topic of scarcity economic problems. Please give me your suggestion that program, which gives health care at no charge to patients would create: (w) top quality health care obtainable to somebody. (x) health care a free goo

  • Q : Example of Productive Efficiency in

    If six units of capital can be substituted for one unit of labor without changing total steel output, whereas 4 units of capital can be substituted for one unit of labor without changing the output of wheat, at that moment: (w) there is an optimal allocation of resour

  • Q : Governmental allocations of non-human

    The fundamental foundations of a capitalist system do not comprise: (1) Supplies and demands. (2) Private property rights. (3) Governmental allocations of non-human resources. (4) Laissez faire policies. (5) Market-determined prices and outputs.

  • Q : Illustration of a positive scientific

    An illustration of a positive scientific statement would be which college graduates who: (i) create higher incomes than high school drop outs deserve that higher income. (ii) charge victims of hurricanes as well as other natural disasters outrageous prices must be sho

  • Q : Requirement of economic efficiency

    Economic efficiency needs which the: (i) Productivity is minimized subject to a specified cost. (ii) Production cost of a specified value of output is minimized. (iii) Cost is maximized subject to an output constraint. (iv) Whole dollar value of outpu

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