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  • Q : Description about the wealth of nations

    In 1776 Adam Smith’s work, The Wealth of Nations, is mainly a description of how: (1) democratic socialism is more efficient than totalitarianism. (2) self interest is coordinated within a market system. (3) barriers to internat

  • Q : Wealth of nation according to Adam Smith

    Adam Smith asserted that a wealth of nation is not gold, although is as an alternative the: (w) wisdom of its government. (x) goods and resources its people control. (y) new physical territory this conquers. (z) military power this co

  • Q : Illustrates the problem of Productive

    At present, at Bob's Candle shop, Arjuna and Krishna share the jobs of making molds and making candles. Nonetheless, while Arjuna is best at making molds and Krishna is much better at creating the candles, then: (a) Bob’s shop is experiencing allocative although

  • Q : Determine the positive technical

    Which of the given is a positive technical statement? (i) The Miss America contest is sexist and tasteless. (ii) The moon is made of green cheese. (iii) Microsoft’s record of innovation justifies Bill Gates’ incredible wealth. (iv) Capitalism improves peop

  • Q : Problem on violating someone rights Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Fee simple property rights do not permit private owners to: (1) Deny utilization of their goods to others. (2) Trade such rights with other people. (3) Employ goods in manner

  • Q : Illustrate the argue by David Hume

    Argument by David Hume that: (w) money is a “veil” which hides the actual workings of the economic system. (x) Corn Laws prevented English workers through competition through low-wage foreign workers. (y) capitalism is the system mainly co

  • Q : Define smog as in Bads economics problem

    Smog is: (w) a good since this gives the air texture. (x) a bad because most people would pay to find rid of this. (y) a free good since you could consume all you desire without having to pay for this. (z) an inefficient utilization of resources.

    Q : Problem on equivalent amounts of goods

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. According to the equivalent share criterion of distribution, individuals must: (i) Share income according to personal requirement. (ii) All produce equivalent shares of output. (iii) Each cons

  • Q : Building blocks for a capitalist system

    Building blocks for a capitalist system comprise: (i) supplies and demands. (ii) private property rights. (iii) laissez-faire policies. (iv) market-determined prices and outputs. (v) All of the above.I need a good answer on the topic of Economic problems

  • Q : Property Rights I have a problem in

    I have a problem in economics on Property Rights. Please help me in getting the right answer from the following question. John Locke believed that the value and property rights derive from: (i) Social conventions prevailing inheritance. (ii) The helpf

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