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  • Q : Associates facts in Economics of

    Hey friends please give your opinion for the problem of Scientific Economic work that is given below:

    Scientific tries to relate facts to produce understanding of how things work are termed as: (w) mathematics. (x) theories or mode

  • Q : Case of unsuccessfulness of goods in

    Consider the several possible goods currently producible within the United States, specified our available technologies and resources. When we produced only cat litter and razor blades, there would be a failure to get: (i) distributive efficiency. (ii) economic equity

  • Q : Give an example of Production in

    By using knowledge and/or technology to apply energy to change materials, thereby making the materials more precious is: (w) production. (x) demand. (y) a total cure for scarcity. (z) economically profitable.

    Can someone clarify/he

  • Q : Specialization and Gains from Trade

    While people develop expertise by dividing up the assignments encountered within major productive activities as like making a movie or manufacturing a plane, one of the most likely consequences is:  (i) Political instability originates by unavoidable frictions in

  • Q : Influence of technology in production

    The production possibility frontier would not be prolonged by: (i) The Pilgrim’s increasing utilization of fertilizer after Native Americans exhibited them that corn grows better when a rotten fish is planted all along with seeds. (ii) Vandalism

  • Q : Offsetting effects of Economic Growth I

    I have a problem in economics on Offsetting effects of Economic Growth. Please help me in the following question. Technological advances and resource diminution tend to join and hence a society’s production possibilities curve experiences: (i) R

  • Q : Positive declaration in positive

    When a mother tells her young child that thunder is caused by the angels bowling up in heaven, scientists would classify her statement as most clearly: (w) a normative statement. (x) a positive statement. (y) microeconomics in place of macroeconomics. (z) scientifical

  • Q : Economic models assumptions regarding

    Economic models based upon assumptions such that singles pursue their own self interests aspect that: (i) Generally predict better than models which assume humanitarian motives. (ii) Yield dubious outcomes for economics. (iii) Distort the economy with

  • Q : Case of priceless in relative prices

    While people sincerely refer to something like "priceless", so they most likely mean that this is: (a) mostly meaningless to name a monetary price since its opportunity cost is more high. (b) worthless junk on that they place no value. (c) irreplaceab

  • Q : Problem on Private ownership of property

    I have a problem in economics on Private ownership of property. Please help me in the following question. The hallmarks of ‘pure’ capitalism are illustrated by the: (1) Absence of productive and allocative efficiency. (2) Interaction of th