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  • Q : Predictable outcome droughts in market

    The predictable outcome of the 2001 to 2002 droughts within the U.S. farm belt was to: (w) raise the price and quantity of farm goods sold. (x) stimulate exports of U.S. wheat. (y) reduce the supplies, and increase the prices of farm goods. (z) boost demands and price

  • Q : Spending money for enhancement in

    Choosing NOT to spend the additional money required to enhance the safety of a dangerous traffic intersection is an illustration of: (v) macroeconomic policy decisions. (w) positive economics. (x) how society assigns prices to human lives. (y) economic inefficiency. (

  • Q : Requirement of technically efficient

    I need a good answer on the topic of Economic problems. Please give me your suggestion that for production to be technically efficient needs that the: (i) Maximum benefits are acquired at the highest possible cost. (ii) Opportunity costs of production

  • Q : Nature Adam Smith regarded the

    Adam Smith regarded the partition of labor like crucial for initiating a process of economic development, and capital accumulation like a key element which then drives additional development. In words of Smith, key elements that find

  • Q : Maximization of complete value of

    Maximization of the complete value of output from a fixed amount of resources gives in: (i) Opportunity cost. (ii) Economic efficiency. (iii) Potential profitability. (iv) Comparative benefit. (v) Scarcity.

    How can I solve my

  • Q : Human happiness in an economic problems

    Can someone help me along with best solution about problem of economic that anything which adds to human happiness is an economic: (1) factor of production, (2) good, (3) commodity, (4) resource and (5) product? How can I solve my economics problems w

  • Q : What is made by a progarm I need a good

    I need a good answer on the topic of scarcity economic problems. Please give me your suggestion that program, which gives health care at no charge to patients would create: (w) top quality health care obtainable to somebody. (x) health care a free goo

  • Q : Does the entire thing have a price in

    Does the entire thing have a price? Are there several things you would not perform regardless of price?

    (Keep in mind that prices and money is not synonyms; here prices may be nonmonetary.)

  • Q : Why scientific analysis not used to

    Scientific analysis can’t be used to test the economic assertion which: (w) all nation within the world allocates several economic resources from government agencies. (x) most transitional economies consist of experienced difficulties of falling output and incre

  • Q : Case of priceless in relative prices

    While people sincerely refer to something like "priceless", so they most likely mean that this is: (a) mostly meaningless to name a monetary price since its opportunity cost is more high. (b) worthless junk on that they place no value. (c) irreplaceab

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