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  • Q : The closest illustration of a free good

    Which would be the closest illustration of a free good: (1) A can of tuna bought along with food stamps, (2) dead leaves which require raking into fall, (3) water through a drinking fountain at a park, (4) a sample of soap acquired in the mail and (5)

  • Q : Find an analysis of individual

    Analysis of individual households, markets and firms is: (w) macroeconomics. (x) microeconomics. (y) normative economics. (z) positive economics.

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  • Q : Economic assumption of rationality in

    As per to the economic assumption of rationality: (w) entrepreneurs are usually more rational than employees. (x) consumers often perform in random or erratic ways. (y) people tend to behave in accord along with their goals. (z) people who are rationa

  • Q : Consequence of the increased

    People would be least probable to be happier like a consequence of the increased accessibility of: (1) free goods. (2) economic resources. (3) superior technologies. (4) economic goods. (5) economic bads.

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  • Q : Break-even price what is the break-even

    what is the break-even price in economics?

  • Q : Human choices and consequences in

    Economics as like a Science is most relates with: (a) human consequences and their choices. (b) mathematical formulas to compute profit. (c) how government agencies price services and goods. (d) wealth accumulated through private ente

  • Q : Combination of land People who seek

    People who seek gains and bear risks and improbability while they combine land, capital and labor in productive ways is: (i) socialists. (ii) sole proprietors. (iii) professional managers. (iv) entrepreneurs. (v) bureaucratic capitalists.

  • Q : Government as a trustee on nonhuman

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Government acts as the trustee over nonhuman resources beneath: (i) Laissez-faire capitalism. (ii) Socialism. (iii) Fee-simple property rights systems. (iv) Feu

  • Q : Determine the Supply and Demand in

    This vigorously competitive clothing market is at firstly in equilibrium at S0 and D0. When the moves in the demand for clothing to D1 occurred before the transfer in supply to S1, in that case: (1) the primary signal to fir

  • Q : Explain about the positive economic

    Positive economic statements: (1) are factual and can never be wrong. (2) predict political viewpoints. (3) are attempts to explain economic relationships. (4) estimate the fairness of social programs. (5) can resolve the matter of equity.

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