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  • Q : Closest to being a free good in

    The closest to being a free good of the one given would be: (i) a scholarship for a brilliant but impoverished student. (ii) Free “meals on wheels” programs for the aged and infirm, (iii) a winning lottery ticket you determined on the side

  • Q : Illustrations of technological

    I need a good answer on the topic of Economic problems. Please give me your suggestion that illustrations of technological enhancement would not comprise developing new because:

    (i) Lighter and less costly and stro

  • Q : Esurience of economy-wide efficiency

    For a specified distribution of income, economy-wide efficiency would make sure a: (i) Redistribution to make equal income. (ii) Minimal level of pollution. (iii) Maximum level of particular identity. (iv) Maximum value for whole production.

  • Q : Growth and Development-Production

    The production possibilities curve might be shifted outward by: (1) Decreasing unemployment. (2) Reducing the labor force. (3) Limiting the output of capital goods. (4) Raising the amounts or productivity of the resources.

    Q : Assertion of a normative statement

    How can I solve my economics problems? Please suggest me the right answer for an illustration of a normative statement, would be the assertion which: (w) bald men are intelligent. (x) balding advances along with age. (y) bald men must wear toupees. (z) strength and hi

  • Q : Limitations of economic resources Hey

    Hey friends please give your opinion for the problem of economic resources that is given below:

    Resources (factors of production) do NOT comprise: (i) entrepreneurship. (ii) competition. (iii) land. (iv) capital. (

  • Q : When is Scarcity a problem become

    Scarcity is a problem for: (w) poor countries merely. (x) individuals only when they are poor. (y) capitalists, but not socialists. (z) all people and countries, rich and poor alike.

    Can someone explain/help me wit

  • Q : Confirmation of significant test to

    The first and most significant test a positive economic theory should pass to be acceptable entails an evaluation of how well this conforms to: (1) how things really work. (2) common sense. (3) normative economics. (4) positive economics. (5) Occam's

  • Q : Explain about the Economic Model

    Economic models are most generally based upon: (i) specification of all interdependencies among all relevant economic variables. (ii) “other things equal” assumptions. (iii) equations which specify how to maximize financial profits. (iv) a

  • Q : Example of Normative Macroeconomics

    To say that high joblessness rates in this prosperous country are a national disgrace would be an illustration of a: (w) normative macroeconomic statement. (x) positive macroeconomic statement. (y) positive microeconomic statement. (z) normative microeconomic statemen