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  • Q : Problem on equivalent amounts of goods

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. According to the equivalent share criterion of distribution, individuals must: (i) Share income according to personal requirement. (ii) All produce equivalent shares of output. (iii) Each cons

  • Q : Explain the normative economic analysis

    Normative economic analysis: (w) involves only non-quantitative measures. (x) gives precise predictions of economic effects. (y) emphasizes a social science approach to problems. (z) is based upon value judgments.

  • Q : Economic growth and development I have

    I have a problem in economics on Economic growth and progress. Please help me in the following question. The Economic growth in a proficient economy will be decreased by: (i) Investment in new capital. (ii) Technological advances. (iii) Expanding the

  • Q : Opportunity or alternative costs when

    Can two ever live as inexpensively as one? What is the opportunity or alternative costs when marrying someone you love?

  • Q : Calculate the net investment of machines

    Freddy's Fabulous Faux Frisbee Factory consists of fifty rapid frisbee forming machines. In recent year Freddy bought new fifteen rapid frisbee forming machines as well as retired five of them, all they are resulting within: (1) Net investment of 10 machines. (2) Gros

  • Q : Where is Positive theory inaccurate Can

    Can anybody suggest me the proper description for given problem regarding positive theory in Economics generally.

    Positive theory which is inaccurate: (w) can be disproved through logic and fact. (x) includes poor

  • Q : Mixed economy of a market system

    Whenever compared to a mixed economy which relies primarily on the market system, the society which relies relatively greatly on brute force, queuing, and arbitrary selection tends to experience: (1) Powerful reducing returns. (2) Opportunity costs to drop. (3) Fast t

  • Q : Problem on economic system of a country

    The economic system of a country is generally categorized according to: (1) Who makes decisions and who owns that resources. (2) Whether it is totalitarian or democratic. (3) Its per capita GDP and its currency value in the Euros or U.S. dollars. (4)

  • Q : Effect of current investment Can

    Can someone help me in determining the right answer from the given options. Expanding the current investment associative to current consumption most directly raises an economy’s rate of: (1) Stagnation. (2) Capital absorption. (3) Economic growt

  • Q : Explain economic concept of scarcity in

    Can someone explain/help me with best solution about problem of economic concept of scarcity...

    By which economic concept of scarcity is explained in a simple fashion:

    (w) Our natural resources are running out.

    (x) Particular goods (vintage wines and rare