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  • Q : Consequence of the increased

    People would be least probable to be happier like a consequence of the increased accessibility of: (1) free goods. (2) economic resources. (3) superior technologies. (4) economic goods. (5) economic bads.

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  • Q : Give an example of Absolute Prices When

    When the overall price level rises, then there are changes within: (i) absolute prices. (ii) subjective values. (iii) relative prices. (iv) objective prices. (v) tax rates.

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  • Q : Divisions of labor in production

    Economic efficiency tends to be improved via: (1) Divisions of labor in specialization and production and trade according to comparative advantage. (2) Maximization of the opportunity costs. (3) Understanding macro-economics. (4) Intensive investments

  • Q : Economic questions incapability of

    Economic questions incapable of scientific verification like to correctness or falsity, as like why, how and when to prosecute and execute alleged murderers, or to whom income must be again distributed, fall in the category of: (1) positive economics.

  • Q : Requirement of government transaction

    A federal regulation needing all government transaction to be based upon ideal information would be: (v) The surest way to create best decisions. (w) Consistent along with the ideals of Occam's razor. (x) Impossible since no computer could handle which much informatio

  • Q : Argument for infant industries to

    The argument for infant industries must be protected through competition through established foreign industries was first advanced through: (1) Richard List. (2) Gustav Schmoller. (3) David Ricardo. (4) Alexander Hamilton. (5) Thomas Robert Malthus. (6) early mercanti

  • Q : Explain about the positive economic

    Positive economic statements: (1) are factual and can never be wrong. (2) predict political viewpoints. (3) are attempts to explain economic relationships. (4) estimate the fairness of social programs. (5) can resolve the matter of equity.

  • Q : Example of Productive Efficiency in

    If six units of capital can be substituted for one unit of labor without changing total steel output, whereas 4 units of capital can be substituted for one unit of labor without changing the output of wheat, at that moment: (w) there is an optimal allocation of resour

  • Q : Case of unsuccessfulness of goods in

    Consider the several possible goods currently producible within the United States, specified our available technologies and resources. When we produced only cat litter and razor blades, there would be a failure to get: (i) distributive efficiency. (ii) economic equity

  • Q : Entrepreneur in economic profit

    Economic profit is the entrepreneur's: (i) payment to managers for their services. (ii) capital stock minus depreciation. (iii) reward for innovation and bearing risks. (iv) difference between monetary cost and total income. (v) opportunity cost for capital.

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