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  • Q : Define the normative economic statement

    Which of the given is a normative economic statement? (1) Most Republicans favor the death penalty for murderers. (2) Punishment which is surer, swifter, and harsher decreases the rates of violent crime. (3) Most Democrats oppose the death penalty for

  • Q : Explain about the good economics models

    Good economic models are: (1) intricate models of all aspects of the actual economy. (2) designed to create economics hard. (3) simplifications of the real world. (4) scientific only when expressed mathematically.

  • Q : Explain about the payments to

    The payments to entrepreneurs are the: (i) interest earned by saving money and managing main corporations. (ii) rental payments by extensive land holdings. (iii) profits occurrence from bearing uncertainty and risk, innovating new goods and technologi

  • Q : Explaining work in Wealth of Nations In

    In words of Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations had given an explanation of work how: (w) dictatorship is more efficient than democracy. (x) economic processes work in a communistic society. (y) real estate investment is a exact path to

  • Q : Market adjustments change equilibrium

    A movement along the demand curve for a good would be caused through changes within: (1) preferences and tastes. (2) costs for productive resources. (3) supply which change the equilibrium price of the good. (4) expectations regarding future prices.

  • Q : Explain TANSTAAFL TANSTAAFL is an

    TANSTAAFL is an acronym suggestive of that: (1) Tax agents never observe the awful influences from levies. (2) Tenants and needy must take all assets by landlords. (3) There ain't no all things like a free lunch. (4) Temperance and non satiety togethe

  • Q : Explain about the term whom in

    The fundamental economic questions are "What?”, “How?”, and “For whom”? When we ask, "For whom?", we need to know who will: (w) produce the goods. (x) consume the goods. (y) get the profits. (z) decide wh

  • Q : Problem on private property rights and

    I have a problem in economics on private property rights and laissez faire. Please help me in the following question. The basics of pure capitalism comprise: (i) Social ownership of all non-human resources. (ii) Strong two party electoral system. (iii

  • Q : Describe the scientific roles of

    Can anybody suggest me the solution for given problem regarding scientific roles of economists in economics generally.

    Economists, in their scientific roles: (w) hardly ever choose anything. (x) choose much of econ

  • Q : Problem related to Income distribution

    The necessary criterion for distribution asserts is that: (i) everyone requires a few luxuries to attain psychological balance. (ii) Output must be distributed in proportion to people’s requirements. (iii) Individual requirements will be met bes

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