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   Related Questions in Public Economics

  • Q : When is an economic theory a positive

    Economic theory is a positive science only to the extent which this yields: (i) scientifically testable predictions. (ii) moral answers to ethical disputes. (iii) absolutely exact descriptions of how the world works. (iv) optimistic, quite than pessim

  • Q : FUNDAMENTAL economic problems of

    Society's FUNDAMENTAL economic problems do NOT comprise deciding: (w) what goods to produce. (x) how to produce the goods selected. (y) what occupation each person must pursue. (z) who must find to use the goods produced.

    Q : Circular flow models of markets I have

    I have a problem in economics on Circular flow models of markets. Please help me in the following question. In a simple circular flow model of markets, the eventual ‘owners’ of all labor and non-labor resources are classified as: (i) Emplo

  • Q : Idealized version of pure capitalism

    Beneath an idealized version of the pure capitalism, governments would be least probable to offer: (1) Judicial systems to defend private property rights. (2) National defense. (3) Standardized forms of money. (4) Court systems to implement contracts.

  • Q : Problem on Laissez-faire The movement

    The movement towards laissez-faire policies would best be described by a strategy to: (1) Stimulate the domestic production by raising import tariffs. (2) Remove laws to subsidize farming. (3) Guarantee food stamps for fundamental survival. (4) Functi

  • Q : Determine broad distributive economics

    Economy-broad efficiency: (w) may only be got in a command economy. (x) is classically the most significant goal of public policies. (y) has little to do along with price or market conditions. (z) needs that additional gains to anyone entails losses t

  • Q : Condition to being a free good Which of

    Which of the given probably comes closest to make a free good: (1) Unexpected warmth through the sun within Chicago in January. (2) A hot school lunch given for a needy student. (3) A microwave pizza bought along with food stamps. (4) Income earned th

  • Q : With whom is Economists LEAST concerned

    Economists are LEAST related along with the: (w) gains and losses from changes in government policies. (x) adjustments people make when tax structures change. (y) causes of inflation and unemployment. (z) ethics of political campaigning.

  • Q : Why every society confronts the problem

    Each society confronts the problem of scarcity since: (i) human wants are virtually limitless relative to the resources obtainable. (ii) technology, resources and human potential are limitless. (iii) most people can't have enough money the goods they

  • Q : Problem on Welfare Can someone help me

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the following options. The equal shares criterion of distribution recommends that each and every individual must: (i) Receive income according to necessitate. (ii) Contribute equivalent producti

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