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   Related Questions in Public Economics

  • Q : Explain about the Invisible hand of

    The “invisible hand” of Adam Smith explained: (w) a large function for the government. (x) altruist motives within civilized society. (y) technological advances promoted through monopolies. (z) self correcting market mecha

  • Q : Illustrate Prices of gold and silver in

    Gold and silver, both although better conductors of electricity than copper, are not generally used for household electric circuits since they are much more expensive. It illustrates prices like: (i) Information. (ii) Rationing devices. (iii) Incentiv

  • Q : Worse off and better off condition in

    When an economic change makes one person worse off and one thousand persons better off, this is: (1) good for society. (2) bad for society. (3) neither bad nor good for society. (4) not possible to assess without a va

  • Q : Case of unsuccessfulness of goods in

    Consider the several possible goods currently producible within the United States, specified our available technologies and resources. When we produced only cat litter and razor blades, there would be a failure to get: (i) distributive efficiency. (ii) economic equity

  • Q : Define much of a good as need at zero

    I need a good answer on the topic of free good in economic. Please give me your suggestion that when all people can consume as much of a good as they desire at zero cost, this is a: (w) welfare good. (x) bonus for buying something else. (y) surplus su

  • Q : Illustrate the argue by David Hume

    Argument by David Hume that: (w) money is a “veil” which hides the actual workings of the economic system. (x) Corn Laws prevented English workers through competition through low-wage foreign workers. (y) capitalism is the system mainly co

  • Q : Problem relating to the Distributive

    Several parents ask children to write down lists of “things” they would like Santa to carry for Christmas, as well as to rank their “wants” in sequence. While gifts are positively associated to children’s lists, that “wish list&rdqu

  • Q : Most dealing of normative economic

    Normative economic statements deal mainly along with: (w) the way things should be. (x) production possibilities frontier analysis. (y) facts in place of theories. (z) how to measure economic variables.

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  • Q : In fundamental economic each society

    I need a good answer on the topic of existence in society economically. Please give me your suggestion that

    The fundamental economic questions that each society should address contain: (i) what, how, and for whom,

  • Q : LEAST relation of study of economics

    Please help me to solve the problem that is given below:

    The study of economics is LEAST related along with: (w) humanity in its wealth getting and wealth using activities. (x) physiological interpretations of labo

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