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  • Q : Explain few Spanish mutual funds

    Is this true that very little Spanish mutual funds outperform their benchmark? Isn’t this strange?

  • Q : Problem on maintaining dividend Jackson

    Jackson Company has 6 million shares of common stock selling at $55 each. It also has $120 million in long-term bonds with coupon 7%, selling at 90. The tax rate of Jackson is 33%. Next year its EBIT is expected to be $25 million with a standard deviation of $7 millio

  • Q : Problem on rules of the International

    RainFlower Trading Limited is a wholesaler of electronic calculators in Hong Kong. It has been importing goods from a Philippine manufacturer for eight years. The Philippine manufacturer had accepted payments in advance in the past. Recently, because of political turm

  • Q : Which parameter good measures value

    Which parameter good measures value creation; the Economic Value Added (EVA), the CVA (Cash Value Added) or the economic profit?

  • Q : Explain Butterfly Spread Strategies

    Butterfly Spread Strategies: In this strategy, there is no limit on the number of options that can be combined to form the butterfly spread. This strategy essentially combines both the bear spread and the bull spread. In this case, options with three

  • Q : Calculate present value of expected

    When valuing the shares of my company, I calculate the present value of the expected cash flows to shareholders moreover I add to the result obtained cash holdings and liquid investment. Is that correct?

  • Q : Problem on Bond Price Kevin is

    Kevin is interested in buying a 5-year bond which pays a coupon of 10 % on a semi-annual basis. The present market rate for similar bonds is 8.8 %. What must be the present price of this bond? (Round to the closest dollar.) (a) $1,048  (b) $965  (c) $1,099&n

  • Q : Explain Straddle and Strangle Straddle

    Straddle & Strangle: In the case of shorting butterfly spread, it can be seen that the gains are limited. However, there exists another strategy known as straddle which produces unlimited gains. This strategy benefits when the trader expects that

  • Q : What is a 3 x 1 Split What is a 3 x 1

    What is a 3 x 1 Split?

  • Q : Relation between book value of shares

    Is the relation in between book value of shares or capitalization a good guide to investments?

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