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  • Q : What is Minor Capital Outlay Minor

    Minor Capital Outlay: The construction projects or tools needed to finish a construction project, estimated to cost less than $600,000 bonus any escalation per Public Contract Code 10108.

  • Q : Explain Fund Condition Statement Fund

    Fund Condition Statement: A budget display, comprised in the Governor’s Budget, shortening the operations of a fund for the past, present, and budget years. The display comprises the starting balance, previous year adjustments, loans, revenue, t

  • Q : How are financial trades made in an

    How are financial trades made in an over the counter market?
    On the contrary to the organized exchanges that have physical locations, the over the counter market contain no fixed location, or more accurately, it is everywhere. The over the counte

  • Q : Describe risk aversion Describe risk

    Describe risk aversion?
    Risk aversion is the tendency to ignore additional risk. Risk-averse people will ignore risk if they can, unless they attain additional compensation for letting that risk. In finance, the added compensation is a higher ex

  • Q : Are there security and soundness

    Are there security & soundness implications of mergers?
    No. All mergers needs regulatory approval and are subject to intense examination through regulators. If anything, the influence on safety and soundness is in general positive, as mergers

  • Q : Describe Schedule 8 Schedule 8 : A

    Schedule 8: A detailed listing produced from the State Controller's Office payroll records for a department of its past, present, and budget year positions as of June 30 and updated for the July 1. This listing should be reconciled with each and every

  • Q : Summer Co. is expected to pay a

    Summer Co. is expected to pay a dividend or $4.00 per share out of earnings of $7.50 per share. If the required rate of return on the stock is 15% and dividends are growing at a current rate of 10% per year, calculate the present value of the growth opportunity for the stock (PVGO)

  • Q : Explain computing of payback period How

    How do we compute the payback period for proposed capital budgeting project? What are the basic criticisms of the payback method?
    We compute the payback period for proposed project through adding a project's positive cash flows, one period at t

  • Q : What is Workload Budget Adjustment

    Workload Budget Adjustment: Any adjustment to the presently authorized budget obligatory to maintain the level of service needed to fund a Workload Budget, as stated in the Government Code Section 13308.05. A workload budget adjustment is as well term

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