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  • Q : Describe primary reasons that companies

    Describe primary reasons that companies hold cash?
    Companies hold cash to make essential payments, to take benefit of opportunities as they arise, and to cover unforeseen emergencies.

  • Q : Market share of large bank holding

    Have the large bank holding companies enhanced their market share at the cost of smaller institutions?
    No. A study conducted through the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reveals that the increase in the concentration of assets is primarily becaus

  • Q : How do financial managers compute the

    How do financial managers compute the average tax rate?
    Average tax rates are calculated through dividing tax dollars paid by earnings before taxes (EBT).

  • Q : Define Grants Grants : It is generally

    Grants: It is generally used to explain amounts of money received by an organization for a particular purpose however with no obligation to repay (that is, in contrast to a loan, though the award might stipulate the repayment of funds under some situa

  • Q : Explain regulations Regulations: It is

    Regulations: It is a rule, order, or standard of common application issued by a state agency to interpret, implement, or make specific law enforced or managed by it, or to govern its measures. With state government, the procedure of adopting or modify

  • Q : What are Governmental Cost Funds

    Governmental Cost Funds: For lawful basis accounting and budgeting aims, funds which derive revenue from the taxes, licenses, and fees.

  • Q : What is Local Assistance Local

    Local Assistance (LA): The character of expenditures prepared for the support of local government or other locally administered actions.

  • Q : Describe usual pattern of cash flows

    Describe usual pattern of cash flows for share of preferred stock? How does the market fidn out the value of a share of preferred stock, given these promised cash flows?
    Preferred stock contains no maturity date hence, it has no maturity value.

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