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  • Q : Define Bill Bill : It is a draft of

    Bill: It is a draft of proposed law represented to the Legislature for performance. (A bill has bigger legal formality and standing than a resolution.) OR

    An invoice, or document statement, of an amount owing for s

  • Q : Advantages of corporation in countries

    Describe some primary advantages while a corporation has operations in countries other than its home country? Explain risks?
    Foreign operations may decrease a company's labour or material costs, and may raise its sales. Risks comprise possible

  • Q : What is Out-of-State Travel blanket

    Out-of-State Travel (OST) blanket: The request by a state agency for Governor’s Office approval of the proposed out-of-state trips to be taken by that agency’s personnel throughout the fiscal year.

  • Q : What is Detail of Appropriations and

    Detail of Appropriations and Adjustments: A budget display, for each association, that replicates appropriations and adjustments by fund source for each of the character of expenditure, (that is, State Operations, Local Assistance, and Capital Outlay)

  • Q : How management incorporated in proforma

    Describe how management aims are incorporated into proforma financial statements.
    Management decide a target goal, and forecasters generate proforma financial statements under the assumption that the goal will be

  • Q : Compounded Quarterly In Financial

    1. If you deposit money today in an account that pays 4.3% annual interest, how long will it take to double your money? Round your answer to the nearest whole. years

    2. Find the present value of the following ordinary annuities. Ro

  • Q : Time Value of Money Problems on a Texas

    TVM Appendix B: Using the TI-83/84 

    Time Value of Money Problems on a Texas Instruments TI-831

    Before you start:

     To calculate problems on a TI-83, you have to go into the applications menu, the blue 

    “APPS” key on the calculator. Several

  • Q : What is Other Finance Refund to

    Refund to Reverted Appropriations: It is a receipt account to record the return of monies (example, abatements and reimbursements) to appropriations which have reverted.

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