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  • Q : Define Limited-Term Position

    Limited-Term Position (LT): Any place that has been authorized only for a particular length of time with a set termination date.

    Limited-term positions might be authorized throughout the budget procedure or in transactions approved by the D

  • Q : Define Grants Grants : It is generally

    Grants: It is generally used to explain amounts of money received by an organization for a particular purpose however with no obligation to repay (that is, in contrast to a loan, though the award might stipulate the repayment of funds under some situa

  • Q : Define Planning Estimate Line Planning

    Planning Estimate Line: The separate planning estimate adjustment or entry for a specific expenditure or type.

  • Q : What is Legislative Analysts Office

    Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO): A non-partisan organization which gives advice to the Legislature on the fiscal and policy matters. For illustration, the LAO annually publishes a full analysis of the Governor's Budget and this document becom

  • Q : Analysis On Financial Indices On a

    On a weekly basis, starting from week ending on 18/1, you need to produce a weekly performance report of the major indices around the world following this structure: 

    a. USD vs Yen, vs GBP(GBP/USD), vs. Swiss Franc (USD/CHF)
    b. Euro vs USD, Y

  • Q : What is Abolishment of Fund Abolishment

    Abolishment of Fund: It is a closure of fund pursuant to the operation of law. The funds might also be administratively eliminated by the Department of Finance with the concurrence of the State Controller’s Office. Whenever a sp

  • Q : Define Financial Controls Financial

    Financial Controls: Any measure of how fine a company or department controls its costs, at times stated as how far beneath or over budget it is. Financial controls are a critical portion of any financial system. They make sure that the resources are b

  • Q : Why warrants are hardly exercised

    Describe why warrants are hardly ever exercised unless the time to maturity is small?
    Warrants are hardly ever exercised until the time to expiration is small since the market price of the warrant is higher than the exercise value. The holder o

  • Q : How do mergers influence communities

    How do mergers influence communities?
    While a locally controlled bank is merged into a bank headquartered elsewhere (an out-of-market merger), some of the apprehension regarding the institution's future commitment to the local community is bound