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  • Q : Allocative mechanisms of Economic

    Economic systems (example: capitalism versus socialism) are mainly distinguished by their relative reliance on alternative allocative mechanisms, and particularly by: (1) Who builds major economic decisions and who owns non-human resources. (ii) The level of inequalit

  • Q : Explain about excellent economic

    Good economic theories are tends to be: (w) detailed pictures of real-world economic behavior. (x) based upon value judgments. (y) logical and simple explanations of real world behavior. (z) intended at maximizing capitalists' profits.

    Q : Rationally optimal decisions hinge on

    Economic scarcity is pervasive, that makes choices essential. Therefore, rationally optimal decisions hinge on tradeoffs which essentially reflect as: (1) using cooperative allocative mechanisms to minimize inequity. (2) opportunity costs. (3) competi

  • Q : Erroneous analysis LEAST attributable

    The erroneous analysis that economists seldom agree is LEAST attributable to the fact such that economists are: (w) acquire little media coverage while they agree, when disputes about how economic theory must be translated in policy a

  • Q : Fee-simple property rights I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Fee-simple property rights. Please help me in the following question. Fee-simple property rights are a broad division of: (i) Common law. (ii) Positive externalities. (iii) Negative externalities. (iv) Public property

  • Q : Divisions of labor in production

    Economic efficiency tends to be improved via: (1) Divisions of labor in specialization and production and trade according to comparative advantage. (2) Maximization of the opportunity costs. (3) Understanding macro-economics. (4) Intensive investments

  • Q : Define smog as in Bads economics problem

    Smog is: (w) a good since this gives the air texture. (x) a bad because most people would pay to find rid of this. (y) a free good since you could consume all you desire without having to pay for this. (z) an inefficient utilization of resources.

    Q : Production in economically efficient

    Production based upon economically efficient mixtures of resources: (w) Maximizes production costs for a specified output. (x) Minimizes output from a specified cost. (y) Maximizes output or/and minimizes costs. (z) is unlikely since resources are unl

  • Q : Use of relative prices not inclde by

    Please help me to solve the problem of economics that is given below:

    The functions of prices do not contain the use of relative prices like: (w) rationing devices. (x) mediums of exchange. (y) inf

  • Q : Explained economics capital generally

    Where is generally economic capital referred: (1) Money and other financial assets. (2) Machinery, buildings and equipment. (3) Net investment minus depreciation. (4) Corporate bonds and stocks.

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