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  • Q : Find out supply shifted to higher

    This market for clothing started on S0 and D0. Inside this market for clothing,: (w) demand has increased, possibly because of a raise in income. (x) new equilibrium price lies below the original equilibrium price. (y) supply may have transferred

  • Q : Why scientific analysis not used to

    Scientific analysis can’t be used to test the economic assertion which: (w) all nation within the world allocates several economic resources from government agencies. (x) most transitional economies consist of experienced difficulties of falling output and incre

  • Q : Founder of utilitarianism Jeremy

    Jeremy Bentham [from 1748 to 1832] was: (1) the owner of a pet pig he permitted to roam by his mansion. (2) the founder of utilitarianism. (3) appointed to the Board of Trustees of the University of London, and keeps on the Board today. (4) stuffed an

  • Q : Economic problem in all societies Can

    Can someone explain/help me with best solution regarding problem of economic concept of societies...

    Within all societies, the economic problem involves: (1) learning to be content with what is obtainable, (2) Equa

  • Q : How to recognize economics as a field

    recognize economics as a field of economics

  • Q : With whom is Economists LEAST concerned

    Economists are LEAST related along with the: (w) gains and losses from changes in government policies. (x) adjustments people make when tax structures change. (y) causes of inflation and unemployment. (z) ethics of political campaigning.

  • Q : Decisions and owns resources The

    The Economic systems are categorized mainly according to: (1) Who makes decisions and who owns the resources. (2) Which political parties are in the power. (3) The extent of economic growth. (4) How efficiently resources are employed.

    Q : How to recognize economics as a field

    recognize economics as a field of economics

  • Q : Explain about the term whom in

    The fundamental economic questions are "What?”, “How?”, and “For whom”? When we ask, "For whom?", we need to know who will: (w) produce the goods. (x) consume the goods. (y) get the profits. (z) decide wh

  • Q : Illustrates a case of entrepreneurs in

    The economic profits realized through organizing production, bearing uncertainty, taking risks and innovating are rewards to: (i) corporate managers. (ii) astute financial investors. (iii) corporate stockholders. (iv) creative inventors. (v) entrepreneurs.

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