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  • Q : Eccentricities of Jeremy Bentham The

    The eccentricities of Jeremy Bentham (from 1748 to 1832) did not comprise: (i) allowing a pet pig to freely roam his mansion. (ii) petitioning the London Council for permission to replace shrubbery beside his driveway along with mummi

  • Q : Ownership of major non-labor resources

    I have a problem in economics on Ownership of major non-labor resources. Please help me in the following question. Government ownership of main non-labor resources is the characteristic of: (1) Capitalism. (2) Decentralization. (3) Anarchism. (4) Soci

  • Q : Explain the normative economic analysis

    Normative economic analysis: (w) involves only non-quantitative measures. (x) gives precise predictions of economic effects. (y) emphasizes a social science approach to problems. (z) is based upon value judgments.

  • Q : Circular flow models of markets I have

    I have a problem in economics on Circular flow models of markets. Please help me in the following question. In a simple circular flow model of markets, the eventual ‘owners’ of all labor and non-labor resources are classified as: (i) Emplo

  • Q : Problem related to Income distribution

    The necessary criterion for distribution asserts is that: (i) everyone requires a few luxuries to attain psychological balance. (ii) Output must be distributed in proportion to people’s requirements. (iii) Individual requirements will be met bes

  • Q : Explain about the good economics models

    Good economic models are: (1) intricate models of all aspects of the actual economy. (2) designed to create economics hard. (3) simplifications of the real world. (4) scientific only when expressed mathematically.

  • Q : Entails of a technical approach to

    A technical approach to economics entail: (1) positive questions since this cannot resolve normative matters. (2) normative questions since this cannot resolve positive matters. (3) positive and normative questions since this can resolve all matters.

  • Q : Example of Normative Economics with no

    A statement which needs no value judgments would be which an optimal distribution of goods is: (w) invariably best for society. (x) better for society than any non-optimal distribution of goods. (y) better for society only when this conforms to the will of the majorit

  • Q : Concept of income more to the poor than

    The concept about, on average, further income implies more to the poor than to the rich conforms most to the teachings or philosophy of: (1) Thorstein Veblen. (2) Friedrich Nietzsche. (3) Gautama Buddha. (4) Jeremy Bentham. (5) Nostradamus. (6) Adam S

  • Q : Specialization and Gains from Trade

    While people develop expertise by dividing up the assignments encountered within major productive activities as like making a movie or manufacturing a plane, one of the most likely consequences is:  (i) Political instability originates by unavoidable frictions in