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  • Q : People moods towards Positive Economics

    Average men are innately further perceptive than average women within ascertaining people’s moods and predicting behavior, when average women classically have relatively better depth perception and intrinsically more precise geometric intuition. So, the precedin

  • Q : Production in economically efficient

    Production based upon economically efficient mixtures of resources: (w) Maximizes production costs for a specified output. (x) Minimizes output from a specified cost. (y) Maximizes output or/and minimizes costs. (z) is unlikely since resources are unl

  • Q : Allocative Mechanisms and Efficiency

    Allotment of resources and goods through tradition or brute force will most probable outcome in: (i) Inadequately low production. (ii) Equivalent income distributions. (iii) Democratic resource allocation. (iv) Production possibilities growth.

  • Q : Demonstration of scarcity in the U.S.

    By which is scarcity in the U.S. economy demonstrated: (v) The "energy crisis" of the 1970s, (w) Welfare payments to impoverished families, (x) Government budgeting more funding for defence or more for education, (y) Housing shortages in Santa Monica

  • Q : Problem on Economic Ideologies Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the following options. Government makes numerous economic decisions and acts as the ‘trustee’ in owning and allocating most of the non-labor resources beneath an economic system of: (i) Centrally pla

  • Q : Illustrations of technological

    I need a good answer on the topic of Economic problems. Please give me your suggestion that illustrations of technological enhancement would not comprise developing new because:

    (i) Lighter and less costly and stro

  • Q : Illustrate the free goods in economic

    Hey friends please give your opinion for the problem of free goods in Economic that is given below:

    The entire given are free goods EXCEPT the enjoyment people derive from as in below: (w) rain which waters our law

  • Q : How would be an example of a free good

    An example of a free good would be: (1) a cool breeze upon a hot humid day. (2) DVDs specified as door prizes to the first 100 shoppers at the grand opening of a Best Buy. (3) the care and attention mothers provide babies. (4) trinkets at the Dollar Store that cost me

  • Q : Existence problem regarding each and

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for existence problem regarding every society.

    Every society should answer questions regarding “How?, for Whom? and What?” due to the exist

  • Q : Invisible hand of the marketplace The “

    The “invisible hand” of the marketplace is a term coined by Adam Smith that considers to: (w) government policies to set market prices at equilibrium levels. (x) speculative manipulations which create disequilibrium. (y) a

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