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  • Q : High rates of saving and investment Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Production possibilities frontiers can be employed to demonstrate why maximizing economic growth needs: (1) The amount of investment goods to equivalent the quantity of consum

  • Q : Democratic governments exercise partial

    The democratic governments exercise partial control on markets primarily through: (1) Marketing resources it owns. (2) Intimidation. (3) Negotiation. (4) Taxes and regulations.

    Can someone please help me in finding

  • Q : Where is economic efficiency for

    Economic efficiency for society does not need that such: (w) the greatest possible satisfaction is enjoyed through all consumers specified their individual budgets. (x) maximum possible value of output from obtainable resources. (y) exact goods are us

  • Q : Existence of economic inefficiency

    Economic inefficiency exists while there is: (1) A society suffers through economic inequity. (2) No approach for anyone to gain unless someone else loses. (3) Additional output could be generated at lower cost. (4) Maximum net benefits are acquired f

  • Q : Problem on public sector The word “

    The word “public sector” signifies to: (1) Stockholders and households. (2) Investors and Consumers. (3) Households and investors. (4) Democratic voting systems. (5) All actions of government. Find out the right answer from the above optio

  • Q : How to recognize economics as a field

    recognize economics as a field of economics

  • Q : Allocative mechanisms of Economic

    Economic systems (example: capitalism versus socialism) are mainly distinguished by their relative reliance on alternative allocative mechanisms, and particularly by: (1) Who builds major economic decisions and who owns non-human resources. (ii) The level of inequalit

  • Q : Define the root of normative economics

    Value judgments which address what “must be” are at the root of: (1) microeconomics. (2) scarcity economics. (3) normative economics. (4) positive economics. (5) macroeconomics.

    How can

  • Q : Human choices and consequences in

    Economics as like a Science is most relates with: (a) human consequences and their choices. (b) mathematical formulas to compute profit. (c) how government agencies price services and goods. (d) wealth accumulated through private ente

  • Q : Uses of positive economic analysis Hey

    Hey friends I need your help for given problem:

    Positive economic analysis would be least helpful like a guide to how a society can decrease: (w) specific criminal behavior from punishment. (x) inequality within th

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