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  • Q : Define the term Prices in prices and

    Prices are: (w) used to ration free goods and resources. (x) zero for several scarce goods and resources. (y) the merely efficient way to assign luxury goods. (z) one mechanism for rationing scarce goods and resources.

    Q : Economic problem of increase employment

    I need a good answer on the topic of Economic problems. Please give me your suggestion that the concept that restricting steel imports will increase employment within the steel industry that is a: (w) normative argument. (x) Positive argument, since the idea can be te

  • Q : Founder of utilitarianism Jeremy

    Jeremy Bentham [from 1748 to 1832] was: (1) the owner of a pet pig he permitted to roam by his mansion. (2) the founder of utilitarianism. (3) appointed to the Board of Trustees of the University of London, and keeps on the Board today. (4) stuffed an

  • Q : Explain the invisible hand as automatic

    Adam Smith’s phrase “the invisible hand” considers to the automatic: (w) withholding of taxes before worker receive paychecks. (x) charitable instincts most people display when confronted by poverty. (y) coordination

  • Q : Example of Relative Price Suppose a

    Suppose a deluxe hamburger is $5, an Oreo blizzard is $3, and a soda is $1. Then the relative price of the hamburger is: (a) 1.6 blizzards. (b) four sodas and half of a blizzard. (c) two blizzards. (d) a blizzard and one soda.

    Q : Problem of Slavery and Normative

    Please guys help me to solve the problem of Slavery and Normative Economics that is given below:

    Slavery like a mechanism for allocating labor previous to the Civil War eventually proved to be in conflict along wit

  • Q : Why is Scarcity existed for human

    Scarcity exists since human desires are: (i) minute relative to the means available to satisfy them. (ii) heavily affected by advertising and wants to “keep up along with the Joneses.” (iii) immoral. (iv) controllable merely through brainw

  • Q : Who thought Murderers do more harm than

    Murderers do more harm than shoplifters; therefore they must be punished proportionally more harshly as per the school of thought developed through: (i) medieval scholar Thomas Aquinas. (ii) Chinese leader Mao Zedong. (iii) lawyer and social reformer Jeremy Bentham. (

  • Q : Define smog as in Bads economics problem

    Smog is: (w) a good since this gives the air texture. (x) a bad because most people would pay to find rid of this. (y) a free good since you could consume all you desire without having to pay for this. (z) an inefficient utilization of resources.

    Q : Problem on economic system of a country

    The economic system of a country is generally categorized according to: (1) Who makes decisions and who owns that resources. (2) Whether it is totalitarian or democratic. (3) Its per capita GDP and its currency value in the Euros or U.S. dollars. (4)