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  • Q : Economic assumption of rationality in

    As per to the economic assumption of rationality: (w) entrepreneurs are usually more rational than employees. (x) consumers often perform in random or erratic ways. (y) people tend to behave in accord along with their goals. (z) people who are rationa

  • Q : Limits of Technological Advances

    Technological advances would not comprise: (i) Native Americans demonstrating Pilgrims how crops grow faster when rotten fish are dropped within with seeds they plant. (ii) pouring coffee through a coffee pot you obtained as a birthday gift. (iii) new

  • Q : Wealth of nation according to Adam Smith

    Adam Smith asserted that a wealth of nation is not gold, although is as an alternative the: (w) wisdom of its government. (x) goods and resources its people control. (y) new physical territory this conquers. (z) military power this co

  • Q : How to recognize economics as a field

    recognize economics as a field of economics

  • Q : Allocative Mechanisms and Efficiency

    Allotment of resources and goods through tradition or brute force will most probable outcome in: (i) Inadequately low production. (ii) Equivalent income distributions. (iii) Democratic resource allocation. (iv) Production possibilities growth.

  • Q : Value of the best foregone alternative

    The value of the best foregone alternative explains: (w) opportunity costs. (x) monetary costs. (y) irrational behavior through a consumer. (z) retail price margins over production costs.

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  • Q : Illustration of Opportunity Cost How

    How can I solve my economics problems? Please suggest me the accurate answer.

    Harry Homeowner pays three hundred dollar monthly upon a mortgage within a neighbourhood where matching houses rent for eight hundred dollar per month. T

  • Q : Which aspect cannot given by Prices in

    Prices can’t give which one following aspect: (i) Incentives for efficient resource utilize. (ii) Guides for changing levels of production. (iii) Information regarding relative costs. (iv) Ideal references to cover all opportunity costs.

  • Q : Population increase-Economic Growth I

    I have a problem in economics on Population increase-Economic Growth. Please help me in the following question. The production-possibilities frontier can be shifted external by: (i) Removing unemployment. (ii) Lowering the market prices. (iii) A popul

  • Q : Resources and Factors of Production Of

    Of the given words, the term most synonymous along with the term “factor of production” is: (i) technology. (ii) innovation. (iii) entrepreneur. (iv) capital. (v) resource.

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