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  • Q : Value of the best foregone alternative

    The value of the best foregone alternative explains: (w) opportunity costs. (x) monetary costs. (y) irrational behavior through a consumer. (z) retail price margins over production costs.

    How can I solve my above e

  • Q : Global warming Can someone please

    Can someone please explain me that global warming, litter and pollution are all examples of...(v) produced goods, (w) by-products, (x) technological spin-offs, (y) errors in judgment and (z) economic bads. How can I solve my economics problems? Please

  • Q : Illustration regarding to market

    When the soybean market begins within equilibrium upon S0D0 and in that case a highly publicized study demonstrates yoghurt to be much more nutritious than the tofu made by soybeans, the market changes to: (w) S0D2. (x) S

  • Q : Opportunity or alternative costs when

    Can two ever live as inexpensively as one? What is the opportunity or alternative costs when marrying someone you love?

  • Q : Example of distributive efficiency in

    I found a seashell which you would truly like to have, and you determined a coconut that I would truly like to include. Trading your coconut for my seashell would improve: (i) allocative efficiency. (ii) productive efficiency. (iii) distributive efficiency. (iv) quali

  • Q : When is Self-interest evident How can I

    How can I solve my following problem? Please suggest me the correct answer.

    Explain reason Self interest is evident while: (i) A mugger utilizes a $1 bullet upon his victim to take $100 by his wallet. (ii) Helen cr

  • Q : Explain about the Economic Model

    Economic models are most generally based upon: (i) specification of all interdependencies among all relevant economic variables. (ii) “other things equal” assumptions. (iii) equations which specify how to maximize financial profits. (iv) a

  • Q : Example of Normative Economics with no

    A statement which needs no value judgments would be which an optimal distribution of goods is: (w) invariably best for society. (x) better for society than any non-optimal distribution of goods. (y) better for society only when this conforms to the will of the majorit

  • Q : Explain the normative economic analysis

    Normative economic analysis: (w) involves only non-quantitative measures. (x) gives precise predictions of economic effects. (y) emphasizes a social science approach to problems. (z) is based upon value judgments.

  • Q : Economist-Conclusion for redistribution

    I want a good answer on the topic of normative economics. Please give me your opinion that if wealth and income both were redistributed by the richest one to the poorest five percent of the population, conclusion of an economist would be that: (w) soc

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