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  • Q : Confirmation of significant test to

    The first and most significant test a positive economic theory should pass to be acceptable entails an evaluation of how well this conforms to: (1) how things really work. (2) common sense. (3) normative economics. (4) positive economics. (5) Occam's

  • Q : Requirement of technically efficient

    I need a good answer on the topic of Economic problems. Please give me your suggestion that for production to be technically efficient needs that the: (i) Maximum benefits are acquired at the highest possible cost. (ii) Opportunity costs of production

  • Q : Case of economic capital involve in

    When Farmer MacDonald decides to plant a field complete of rutabagas, the economic capital involved within such crop production process would consist of the: (i) tractor he rides. (ii) land he farms. (iii) physical effort he puts into farming. (iv) money invested from

  • Q : Idealized version of pure capitalism

    Beneath an idealized version of the pure capitalism, governments would be least probable to offer: (1) Judicial systems to defend private property rights. (2) National defense. (3) Standardized forms of money. (4) Court systems to implement contracts.

  • Q : Illustrate an example of Efficiency in

    Bobby Joe Bob owns a hog feed factory within Los Angeles, CA. Oddly adequate, there is not a large market for hog feed within L.A. Bobby Joe Bob moves his operation to a minute, backwards town termed as The Sticks, NC, where a huge market for hog feed awaits him. That

  • Q : Example of Productive Efficiency in

    If six units of capital can be substituted for one unit of labor without changing total steel output, whereas 4 units of capital can be substituted for one unit of labor without changing the output of wheat, at that moment: (w) there is an optimal allocation of resour

  • Q : Criterion for distributing The

    The requirements criterion for distributing income entails: (1) Government costless offering all goods required for survival. (2) High administrative costs as determining someone else’s wants are difficult. (3) Dividing the national income unifo

  • Q : The closest illustration of a free good

    Which would be the closest illustration of a free good: (1) A can of tuna bought along with food stamps, (2) dead leaves which require raking into fall, (3) water through a drinking fountain at a park, (4) a sample of soap acquired in the mail and (5)

  • Q : Scaring people of a commodity or service

    Hello guys I want your advice. Please recommend some views for given problem that when are people of a commodity or service scarce: (1) gain from having this obtainable, (2) Wish more than the amount freely obtainable, (3) Say no to p

  • Q : Uses of positive economic analysis Hey

    Hey friends I need your help for given problem:

    Positive economic analysis would be least helpful like a guide to how a society can decrease: (w) specific criminal behavior from punishment. (x) inequality within th

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