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  • Q : Potentially allocated lower prices in

    Whose lives are potentially allocated lower prices while a drunk decides to drive home without waiting to sober up?

  • Q : Desires of people when less of a good

    While less of a good is freely obtainable than people desire, the good is: (1) in short supply. (2) a free good. (3) a luxury good. (4) scarce. (5) a requirement.

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  • Q : Combination of land People who seek

    People who seek gains and bear risks and improbability while they combine land, capital and labor in productive ways is: (i) socialists. (ii) sole proprietors. (iii) professional managers. (iv) entrepreneurs. (v) bureaucratic capitalists.

  • Q : Uses of a theory in economic analysis

    To be helpful in economic analysis, a theory should produce: (w) Realistic assumptions. (x) A consensus in between scientists. (y) Results which is not possible to disprove. (z) Predictions supported through real world data.

    Q : Property Rights I have a problem in

    I have a problem in economics on Property Rights. Please help me in getting the right answer from the following question. John Locke believed that the value and property rights derive from: (i) Social conventions prevailing inheritance. (ii) The helpf

  • Q : The closest illustration of a free good

    Which would be the closest illustration of a free good: (1) A can of tuna bought along with food stamps, (2) dead leaves which require raking into fall, (3) water through a drinking fountain at a park, (4) a sample of soap acquired in the mail and (5)

  • Q : Explain about the Opportunity Cost in

    Opportunity cost is explained as the value of the: (w) best alternative specified for the decision made. (x) sum of all alternative choices while a decision is made. (y) monetary cost of making a decision. (z) cost incurred while one ignores alternati

  • Q : Problem on private property rights and

    I have a problem in economics on private property rights and laissez faire. Please help me in the following question. The basics of pure capitalism comprise: (i) Social ownership of all non-human resources. (ii) Strong two party electoral system. (iii

  • Q : When a free good enjoyed by people is

    A free good is something which people enjoy but that is not scarce since: (w) people can costlessly have all they want. (x) people can purchase this along  with credit without containing to immediately pay for htis. (y) luxuries

  • Q : Problem relating to the Distributive

    Several parents ask children to write down lists of “things” they would like Santa to carry for Christmas, as well as to rank their “wants” in sequence. While gifts are positively associated to children’s lists, that “wish list&rdqu

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