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  • Q : Influence of decisions on consumers

    Consumer’s preferences tend to be most proficiently met whenever decisions are made: (1) Individually. (2) Through democratic voting. (3) In command economy. (4) To share out income according to requirement.

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  • Q : Define decisionsmaking on opportunity

    Decisions based upon opportunity costs are not concerned in a direct way whiles: (i) you fail to buckle up before driving a car. (ii) a brilliant high school graduate works like a rapid food cook in place of attending college. (iii) lightning starts a main forest fire

  • Q : Uses of positive economic analysis Hey

    Hey friends I need your help for given problem:

    Positive economic analysis would be least helpful like a guide to how a society can decrease: (w) specific criminal behavior from punishment. (x) inequality within th

  • Q : Calculate the net investment of machines

    Freddy's Fabulous Faux Frisbee Factory consists of fifty rapid frisbee forming machines. In recent year Freddy bought new fifteen rapid frisbee forming machines as well as retired five of them, all they are resulting within: (1) Net investment of 10 machines. (2) Gros

  • Q : With whom is Economists LEAST concerned

    Economists are LEAST related along with the: (w) gains and losses from changes in government policies. (x) adjustments people make when tax structures change. (y) causes of inflation and unemployment. (z) ethics of political campaigning.

  • Q : Problem on equivalent amounts of goods

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. According to the equivalent share criterion of distribution, individuals must: (i) Share income according to personal requirement. (ii) All produce equivalent shares of output. (iii) Each cons

  • Q : Spending money for enhancement in

    Choosing NOT to spend the additional money required to enhance the safety of a dangerous traffic intersection is an illustration of: (v) macroeconomic policy decisions. (w) positive economics. (x) how society assigns prices to human lives. (y) economic inefficiency. (

  • Q : Explain the invisible hand as automatic

    Adam Smith’s phrase “the invisible hand” considers to the automatic: (w) withholding of taxes before worker receive paychecks. (x) charitable instincts most people display when confronted by poverty. (y) coordination

  • Q : Issues of normative economic policy

    Economic policy matters are usually: (w) simply resolved by positive analysis alone. (x) normative, but workable solutions based on positive analysis. (y) either strictly macroeconomic, or strictly microeconomic. (z) better resolved using common sense

  • Q : High rates of saving and investment Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Production possibilities frontiers can be employed to demonstrate why maximizing economic growth needs: (1) The amount of investment goods to equivalent the quantity of consum