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  • Q : Economic goals of all economic activity

    Adam Smith believed about the ultimate suitable objective of all economic activity is to maximizing: (w) wealth and power of the national government. (x) satisfaction of individuals by giving people along with the goods they want. (y) employment oppor

  • Q : Reason of confronting problem of

    People whole the world confront the problem of scarcity at all times just because which one reason: (i) Greedy capitalist monopolies under-produce goods, (ii) International markets are plagued with flawed distribution, (iii) Restricted resources and t

  • Q : Potentially allocated lower prices in

    Whose lives are potentially allocated lower prices while a drunk decides to drive home without waiting to sober up?

  • Q : Problem of Economic Policies and

    Hello guys I want your opinion. Please recommend your view for given Economic Policies and Normative Economics problems.

    Disagreements in between economists about economic policies most commonly occur from differences within their:

  • Q : Entrepreneur in economic profit

    Economic profit is the entrepreneur's: (i) payment to managers for their services. (ii) capital stock minus depreciation. (iii) reward for innovation and bearing risks. (iv) difference between monetary cost and total income. (v) opportunity cost for capital.

  • Q : Opinion of the razor of Occam Occam’s

    Occam’s razor gives an opinion such that: (w) Algebraic models are more precise than graphs. (x) Simplistic theories deform reality. (y) All economic phenomena are mutually dependent. (z) The simplest workable theories are the most excellent.

  • Q : Social economics and philosophy

    The early school of social economics and philosophy which strongly emphasized education like a mechanism for social reform were: (i) utilitarians. (ii) physiocrats. (iii) mercantilists. (iv) classical. (v) neoclassical.

    Q : Illustrate an example of Efficiency in

    Bobby Joe Bob owns a hog feed factory within Los Angeles, CA. Oddly adequate, there is not a large market for hog feed within L.A. Bobby Joe Bob moves his operation to a minute, backwards town termed as The Sticks, NC, where a huge market for hog feed awaits him. That

  • Q : Which principle is simplest workable

    The principle which the simplest workable theory is also the fine is termed as: (i) positive analytics. (ii) minimalism. (iii) Occam's razor. (iv) simple-mindedness. (v) hypothesis testing.

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  • Q : Illustration of a positive scientific

    An illustration of a positive scientific statement would be which college graduates who: (i) create higher incomes than high school drop outs deserve that higher income. (ii) charge victims of hurricanes as well as other natural disasters outrageous prices must be sho

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