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  • Q : Division of Labor I have a problem in

    I have a problem in economics on Division of Labor. Please help me in determining the right answer from the following question. Shannon brewing an espresso drinks whereas Kelly bakes the croissants at their coffee shop are an illustration of: (i) Comp

  • Q : Quality and safety in Adverse Selection

    The popular sporting goods magazine publishes a report on quality and safety of different brands of ski equipment. This report would be most probable to determine a problem consumer’s face since of: (i) Adverse selection. (ii) Brand-name bias. (iii) High priced

  • Q : Labor Unions and Aggregate Wage Income

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The least likely outcome when unions succeed in increasing their member’s wages is that: (i) Wages in non-union sectors will drop. (ii) Employment will grow in the non-union sectors. (ii

  • Q : Elasticity of demand of arc in demand

    The arc elasticity of demand of Ajax for labor in between point b and point c is approximately: (1) 0.30. (2) 0.60. (3) 0.90. (4) one. (5) two.

    Q : Changes in market prices and conditions

    The model of pure competitive is intended to produce insights within how: (w) asymmetric information influences the efficiency of exchange. (x) buyers and sellers negotiate to reach contracts for goods and services. (y) markets determine equitable dis

  • Q : What drives market towards their

    What drives market towards their equilibrium?

  • Q : Expected Rate of Inflation What is the

    What is the Expected Rate of Inflation. Illustrate the term.

  • Q : Occurrence of the price discrimination

    Price discrimination occurs when a good is: (1) priced by a formula yielding monopoly profit. (2) denied to customers who refuse to pay the going price. (3) sold at different prices not reflecting differences in costs. (4) subject to government price

  • Q : Determine Gini index in Loren curve

    Since lifetime earning patterns differ, in that case the Gini index will: (1) continue to rise over time. (2) never reach zero or perfect equality. (3) remain constant. (4) surpass 100 in the near future. (5) be lower for developing countries than for

  • Q : Price elasticity of demand at

    At prevailing prices, there the price elasticity of demand for that good would be lowest: (w) Coca Cola. (x) Generic soda. (y) Water. (z) Dasani bottled water.

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