Areas where data warehouses are utilized

Specify some of the areas where the data warehouses are utilized in the present and in the future?




Potential subject areas where the data ware houses may be designed at present and also in future are:

a) Census data:

Registrar general and census commissioner of te India decennially compiles the information of all the individuals, villages, population groups and so on. This information is wide ranging just like the individual slip. A compilation of the information of individual households, of which the database of 5%sample is retained for analysis. Data warehouse may be built from this database over which the OLAP techniques may be applied, Data mining can also be carried out for analysis and knowledge discovery.

b) Prices of vital Commodities:

Ministry of the food and civil supplies, Government of the India complies daily basis data for around 300 observation centers within the whole country over the prices of the vital commodities like rice, edible oil and so on, a data warehouse may be built for this data and OLAP methods may be applied for its analysis 

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