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  • Q : Examples of command economies Give the

    Give the answer of following question .Tell examples of command economies: A) the United States and Japan. B) Sweden and Norway. C) Mexico and Brazil. D) Cuba and North Korea.

  • Q : Stable negatively-sloped demand curve

    Assume that a monopolist face a stable negatively-sloped demand curve. Making more sales needs the monopolist to: (1) advertise its product. (2) decrease the price of the product. (3) lower its marginal revenue. (4) improve its technology. (5) increas

  • Q : Neoclassical economics One of my

    One of my friends can't find the answer of this question .Give me answer of this question. How are economic theories created in neoclassical economics?

  • Q : Inconsistent of demand with standard

    The curve which is so inconsistent along with standard consumer theory which is based only on the substitution result, this could not possibly be a demand curve for any standard kind of consumer good is: (1) curve D1D1. (2) curve

  • Q : Maximize profit or minimizes losses

    Assume that a monopolist faces a demand curve that is higher at several output levels than is the firm’s average variable cost curve. Therefore the firm will generate where MR is equal to MC to maximize: (w) total revenue. (x) consumer surplus.

  • Q : Bilateral Monopoly model problem Can

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The bilateral monopoly model is: (i) Among the most modern models of the union bargaining. (ii) Very helpful in describing specific labor agreements. (iii) The theory of dynamic

  • Q : Price elasticity inconsistent with

    Of the given price elasticities for market supply curves or market demand curves, and the one which is absolutely inconsistent along with standard economic theory would be one for that, across feasible ranges of prices as: (i) supply

  • Q : Increase total revenue and exceeds

    When a firm along with market power raises the price of a good a little, total revenue as: (w) falls in the inelastic range of the demand curve. (x) rises over the elastic range of the demand curve. (y) stays close to zero in the unit

  • Q : Annual total revenue of production When

    When Prohibition Corporation maximizes profit in its production of St. Valentine’s Day software, so annual total revenue of it will be around: (1) $140 million. (2) $250 million. (3) $320 million. (4) $420 million. (5) $1 billio

  • Q : State drawbacks of barter system State

    State drawbacks of barter system:

    A) Both sale and purchase must take place concurrently implying double coincidence of wants.
    B) There is no general unit of exchange in barter system, accordingly exchange s

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