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  • Q : Claimants to a firms income stream The

    The least probable of the given to be claimants to the firm’s income stream would be the firm’s: (1) Shareholders. (2) Managers. (3) Customers. (4) Suppliers. (5) Government.

    Can someone please help me in finding out th

  • Q : Barriers prevent entry in long run

    Within the long run, a monopoly cannot continually produce economic profit unless: (w) economies of scale are important. (x) corporate taxes are lowered. (y) barriers to entry are significant. (z) the monopolist maximizes profit.

  • Q : Define Real Rate of Interest Define

    Define Real Rate of Interest in Economics?

  • Q : Creating externalities to spread costs

    In efforts to offset specific failures of the private sector, government policy within a mixed-capitalist economy would be least reasonably intended at an objective of: (1) creating externalities to spread the costs of various activities across all me

  • Q : Define Fiscal deficit Fiscal deficit is

    Fiscal deficit is equavalent to excess of total expenditure over the sum of revenue and capital receipts excluding borrowings. That is, Fiscal deficit means borrowing of the government.

    Fiscal Deficit :T

  • Q : Boosting minimum wage laws Boosting

    Boosting minimum wage laws from $5 to $8 per hour is LEAST probable to: (w) give some unskilled workers with higher incomes. (x) cause some low-wage workers to lose their jobs. (y) raise friendship like a basis for employment. (z) decrease unemploymen

  • Q : Perspective of Sociologists and

    Far more than economists and sociologists tend to emphasize human needs for power, status, and class. Research which supports the perspective of sociologists comprises findings that: (1) people whose incomes are the average of per capita world income

  • Q : Produce a natural monopoly by market

    Market forces tend to produce a natural monopoly while: (1) decreasing costs are small relative to market demand for output. (2) diseconomies of scale are substantial at low levels of output. (3) economies of scale are substantial relative to market d

  • Q : Inverse relationship in Law of Demand

    The law of demand signifies to: (i) The direct relationship accessible between quantity and prices demanded. (ii) The inverse relationship accessible between quantity demanded and opportunity cost. (iii) How demand shifts due to modifications in price

  • Q : Monopoly market structure When one firm

    When one firm controls all production and the price of a good without shut substitutes, there is: (i) monopoly market structure. (ii) violation of the law of demand and supply. (iii) lack of equity although assurance of efficiency. (iv) legal barrier to entry. (v) cer