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must use graphs to demonstrate/support answers where available. Submission is to be made tonight, so needs to be finished urgently

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  • Q : Operates a profit-maximizing firm When

    When this profit-maximizing firm as in illustrated graph can’t price discriminate in that case this will operate where is: (1) accounting profit is positive but economic profit is zero. (2) the demand curve facing the firm is th

  • Q : Concept of Horizontal Equity Equity of

    Equity of fairness is an ambiguous idea, in part since people’s personal qualities can vary greatly. Conversely, that policymakers should treat people equally when they are roughly identical in the characteristics thought relevant for government policies is exte

  • Q : Problem on Blacklisting The

    The Blacklisting was once common however now illegal in the labor market practice of: (i) Boycotting the products of firms whose workers are on strike. (ii) Forcing the workers to sign agreements not to join the unions. (iii) Paying the union officers to systematize u

  • Q : Types of market in economy Types of

    Types of market in economy: There are two kinds of market in this economy: Factor market-for Factors of Production and Product market-for goods and Services.

  • Q : Define Average Variable Cost Define

    Define Average Variable Cost. And also state its formula.

  • Q : Individual demand and market demand

    Individual demand and market demand schedules:

    Individual demand schedule states the quantities required by an individual consumer at various prices.

    Q : Problems on Featherbedding The

    The Contracts needing employment after some worker’s jobs have been made outdated by automation are illustrations of: (1) Labor-reducing protectionism. (2) Featherbedding. (3) Check-off provisions. (4) Yellow dog contracts. (5) Blacklisting.

    Q : Calculate of total variable in an area

    Total variable costs can be estimate as: (1) 0bcq1. (2) 0adq2. (3) 0Peq2. (4) aPed. (5) Cannot be measured within demonstrated figure.

    Q : Shut down point in the short run A

    A monopolist will shut down during the short run when its equilibrium price as: (w) equals short-run average cost. (x) exceeds marginal cost. (y) is less than average variable cost. (z) is less than average fixed cost.

    Q : Featherbedding related problem Assume

    Assume that no job vacancies exist for the taxidermists, which students lack any interest in taxidermy, and that taxidermy produces no externalities. When lobbyists persuaded college Boards of Trustees to need taxidermy courses and to set up Departments of Taxidermy s

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