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  • Q : Difference between planned and actual

    Differentiate between planned and actual saving and investment.

    Answer: There is a big difference between (a) planned S and I and (b) Actual saving and investment.<

  • Q : Technological advances in natural

    Natural barriers to entry may be overcome across time from: (w) cut-throat competition. (x) elimination of patent laws. (y) technological advances. (z) rigorous enforcement of antitrust laws.

    How can I solve my

  • Q : Illustrations of homogeneous goods

    Illustrations of homogeneous goods would comprise: (i) automobile tires. (ii) athletic shoes. (iii) personal computers. (iv) most farm products. (v) college textbooks.

    Hey friends please give your opinion for the p

  • Q : Total variable costs of

    Total variable costs of this profit-maximizing lumber mill are approximately: (i) $2000 per day. (ii) $2400 per day. (iii) $2800 per day. (iv) $3200 per day. (v) $3600 per day.

    Q : Demand for Complementary Goods Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Reductions in the price of tea are most probable to raise the demands for: (i) Lemons, ice cubes and sugar. (ii) Cola, coffee and hot cocoa. (iii) Mint juleps, Daiquiris and moonshine. (iv) Va

  • Q : Accused of predatory pricing in

    Wal-Mart business practices have been criticized like destroying small town America. Therefore argument is that Wal-Mart will build a new store and firstly set prices so low that they ultimately drive off all rival businesses. As per its foes, after their rivals move

  • Q : Absolute Poverty of Income A family

    A family whose income leaves this hovering at the brink of survival and that gives only a razor’s edge existence is experiencing: (w) relative poverty. (x) economic shock. (y) financial destitution. (z) absolute poverty.

    Q : Complete equilibrium by distribution of

    When the economy was in a complete equilibrium, in that case the distribution of income would be precisely proportional to the distribution of: (a) taxation. (b) inheritance. (c) luck. (d) wealth.

  • Q : Voluntary verses Involuntary Poverty

    When physically and mentally capable individuals who are born in impoverished families fail to work after they develop up but since they can rely on charity, in that case they are experiencing: (1) involuntary poverty. (2) relative poverty. (3) a vicious cycle of pove

  • Q : Alpha's and Beta's profits Refer to the

    Refer to the below diagram where the numerical data illustrates profits in millions of dollars. Beta's profits are illustrated in the northeast corner and Alpha's profits in the southwest corner of each cell. If Alpha and Beta engage in collusion, the outcome of the g

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