Advanced Accounting-Consolidated Financial Stmts

I have worked the problem. I need to know if it is correct. If not, what I'm missing.

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  • Q : Book-value method of accounting for

    The stock is recorded at the book value of debt. The convertible debt is removed at the book value, the number of share times par is added to the stock account, and the remaining amount is plugged in to additional paid in capital. Contrast with the market value in whi

  • Q : Avoidable Interest The book says

    The book says "avoidable interest is the amount of interest cost during the period that a company could theoretically avoid if it had not made expenditures for the asset." This makes it sound like avoidable interest is the total amount of interest paid for an asset. I know it's not but I was wonder

  • Q : Calculate the PV You expect the price

    You expect the price of the stock 3 years from now to be $119.04 (i.e., you expect P ˆ   3  ?? = $119.04). Discounted at a 10% rate, what is the present value of this expected future stock price? In other words, calculate the PV of $119.04.&nb

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    What are the various aspects of Creativity on an individual in the creative industry ?



  • Q : Money market Simply define and

    Simply define and illustrate the Money market?

  • Q : Accouning Required parts are clearly

    Required parts are clearly describes at the end of the questions and additional resource contains the journal article related to question three.. Approx 2000 word assignment.. First Question is of not more than 1000 words to make memorandum and its example is given at end of assignment and require

  • Q : Identification of Responsibility Centre

    Identification of Responsibility Centre: Profit centre has been taken as the responsibility centre. Profit centre is the one in which both the revenue and costs are accounted for. The difference between them is the profit so the managers for this cent

  • Q : Effect of shipping costs Assume that

    Assume that pound is being pegged to the gold at 6 pounds per ounce; on the other hand the franc is being pegged to the gold at 12 francs per ounce. Which, of course, states that equilibrium exchange rate must be the two francs per pound? If existing market exchange r

  • Q : Pricing spill-over effect Discuss

    Discuss pricing spill-over effect.

  • Q : Policy issued by upper management What

    What would you do when upper management issues a new policy and it was problematic to you? Would you pursue the new policy?

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