Required parts are clearly describes at the end of the questions and additional resource contains the journal article related to question three.. Approx 2000 word assignment.. First Question is of not more than 1000 words to make memorandum and its example is given at end of assignment and required points also given which need to discuss in this memorandum. Second Question is to prepare Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income for the year and Statement of Financial Position from given data and additional information and notes. Third question is of about 500 word to write abstract of given article (additional resource) and own opinion.

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    Describe Sale return or return inward in brief.

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    Explain Canadian Outdooring in brief ?

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    State some of the advantages of currency options contract as a hedging tool as compared with the forward contract?

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    Write an article on Global expansion's strategy followed during 1990.

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    Define the term Equipment in Accountancy? Why they are used?

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    Compute 30-, 90-, and 180-day forward cross exchange rates between German mark and Swiss franc by utilizing the most recent quotations.  Specify forward cross-rates in “German” terms.

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    Liability Management: The procedure by which financial institutions balance outstanding liabilities, like deposits, CDs, and so on, with suitable liquidity reserves. Banks and other lenders employ liability management to decrease liquidity risks and u

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    Explain the difference between consensual crimes and conflict crimes, and give three examples of each.

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    The following information is taken from the financial statements of an entity: 20x4 20x3 Property, plant and equipment $4,600,000 $4,200,000 Accumulated depreciation (1,800,000) (1,350,000) Depreciation expense 560,000 Gain on disposal of PPE 65,000 The asset disposed of had a cost

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    The woman in the dark suit (serious women always wear black suits) leafed through the papers on her desk. She was a fund manager and she was nearing the deadline for an investment decision by one of her leading clients, who wanted to invest in sovereign bonds in a dev

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