Required parts are clearly describes at the end of the questions and additional resource contains the journal article related to question three.. Approx 2000 word assignment.. First Question is of not more than 1000 words to make memorandum and its example is given at end of assignment and required points also given which need to discuss in this memorandum. Second Question is to prepare Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income for the year and Statement of Financial Position from given data and additional information and notes. Third question is of about 500 word to write abstract of given article (additional resource) and own opinion.

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  • Q : Prepare the balance sheet At the end of

    At the end of March, 2006 the balances in the various accounts of TTTTT & Company

    are as follows:

    Rs. in million

    Accounts Balance

    Equity capital 120

    Preference capital 30

    Fixed assets (net) 217

    Reserves and surplus 200


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    Psychological Health: The employees have noted in their survey feedbacks that their peer relations are based on trust and are healthy. But the nature of work is such that they see lot of suffering. Their interaction with clients at times is not health

  • Q : Evaluate the impact of a recent

    A 2000 word essay (maximum allowed 2,200)

    Accessing Learning Outcomes: Knowledge 1 and 2 Skills 1, 2, 3 and 5

                    "Evaluate the impact of a recent healthcare initiative on nursing practice".<

  • Q : Implement a user-defined matlab

    Your solution to the problem should be housed within a while loop, which allows the grader to test your solution repeatedly without having to re-execute the script, as shown in class. You should first display the purpose of the program, and then you should prompt the

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    What are the dimensions of creativity in the Creative Field ?


  • Q : Cash flows in APV model State the

    State the intuition of discounting several cash flows in APV model at particular discount rates?

  • Q : Good international monetary system

    Explain criteria for the ‘good’ international monetary system.

  • Q : Difference between the periodic and

    What is the main difference between the periodic and perpetual process, how will you record it in your note-book?

  • Q : Rule of nominal account Why the rule of

    Why the rule of nominal account is just opposite with the rule of personal account and real account?

  • Q : International financial management

    Explain the importance in studying the international financial management?

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