company A began operation on january 1,2012. The annual reporting period ends December 31.The trial balance on January 1,2013 was as follows

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  • Q : PPE The following information is taken

    The following information is taken from the financial statements of an entity: 20x4 20x3 Property, plant and equipment $4,600,000 $4,200,000 Accumulated depreciation (1,800,000) (1,350,000) Depreciation expense 560,000 Gain on disposal of PPE 65,000 The asset disposed of had a cost

  • Q : Current and capital account deficit

     Exhibit 3.3 states that in year 1991, the U.S. had current account deficit and consecutively a capital account deficit. Explain about how this may occur?

  • Q : Quick establishment of the interest

    If cost advantage of the interest rate swaps might likely be arbitraged away within the competitive markets, what other explanations exists in order to describe quick establishment of interest rate swap market?

  • Q : Case study of Espresso Tax Seattle is

    Seattle is currently considering a 10-cent tax on espresso drinks to pay for pre-school and day-care programs. The legislation’s sponsor, Rep. Burbank, argues that people who spend $3-5 on exotic espresso based coffee drinks can afford – and will be &ldquo

  • Q : Balance sheet A listing of the



    A listing of the liabilities, assets, and equity of an entity at a point in time, the end of a month, or quarter, or year. It is one of the four financial statements required in a full financial report. The balance sheet gives the reader what the entity owns (assets)

  • Q : Separately-priced-items strategy

    Problem 1.  The manager of Joe's Menswear has noticed that over the past two holiday seasons their usual sales strategy of marking down prices has not been yielding the boost in revenues that it once did.  JM sell men's suits, dress shirts,

  • Q : Equity and social exchange theory What

    What is the difference between the equity theory and the social exchange theory ? Define both the theories in brief.

  • Q : Ppe Question 3 The following

    Question 3 The following information is taken from the financi al statements of an entity: 20x6 20x5 Property, plant and equipment $4,100,000 $3,600,000 Accumulated depreciation (1,400,000) (1,050,000) Depreciation expense 650,000 Gain on disposal of PPE 35,000 The asset disposed of had

  • Q : Contingent Liabilities Explain the term

    Explain the term Contingent Liabilities?

  • Q : Matlab Applications in Image and Video

    Image and video processing is most difficult topic in electrical and electronics field. This topic becomes trickier if you are taking use of Matlab in this. Student faces a lot of problem in image and video processing theories. If you are messed up with same difficulties

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