Why Living in a College Dorm is Important

Why Living in a College Dorm is Important?

College is an experience of a lifetime. Everyone looks forward to going to the college, making friends, living away from home and channelling a career path. Apart from higher education, college teaches us about living. We get to make decisions and learn from mistakes and failure. At college, all the students are on the same level as everyone else. They learn by falling, and it's a significant step towards independence and into the big world. With college comes the freedom that we had been dreaming about in high school. We get to control the money; live in flats with friends; attend classes; participate in extracurricular activities; and part-time jobs. We learn how to utilise and manage time and at the same time party! For the majority of the freshmen, it's the first time to live away from family. Initially, they may find it tough and get homesick but with time, everyone gets settled in. Many colleges have dormitory (Dorm) facilities. A dorm is a residential building or housing for students. It has hundreds of rooms and a common dining hall. The students can opt for single rooms or share it, roommates. By living in college dorms, students get to live independently and grow up as responsible young adults. They get to be part of sororities and fraternities. These are social groupings where members get to participate in various activities. It's fun. Dorm life is a social experience. You get to meet all kinds of people. And some become friends for a lifetime.

The Advantages of Living in a Dorm

While you get freedom, dorm life also develops you as an individual. It makes a person strong and independent. You get to overcome challenges and engage with others. By living in a dorm you can also:

•    Set goals- the goals can be for your academic and career success. You can set out short-term goals and work towards it. Once, it has been achieved, you can set new goals.

•    Choose time - with the dorm just walking distance to college, you can choose what time you want to attend the classes. If you are not a morning person, you can go for afternoon classes.

•    Prepare well for exams - with friends and classmates around, you can easily form a study circle or group to prepare for exams. It makes studying fun and less tiresome. Moreover, you can easily be in touch with your mentor.

•    Be part of clubs - there's more to college than academics. You can develop and enhance your skills by being participating in various clubs and activities. Plus, they get to explore their talents and enrich it. This is also an opportunity to socialize and make acquaintances.

•    Grow and develop - in college, everyone grows and develops into unique individuals. They can converse with lecturers, professors, peers, friends and seniors. They get to learn from one another and share their experiences. They also get to strengthen themselves.

•    Friends - every college provides a diverse learning environment. You get to meet people of different culture, religion, race and region. Some you connect with and make it into a lifelong network. Even after graduating, you can stay in touch through parties and reunions.

If you are planning to live in the dorm, check out the college prospectus; or you can go down and have a look yourself. You can ask one of the senior students or administrators to guide you. After seeing the rooms, you can decide to live alone in a room or have a double room and share with a mate. If you opt for the latter, discuss with your mate what things they would be bringing into the room. Otherwise before you know it, you'll be having two refrigerators and electric kettles! You can discuss what things you plan on getting that your mate shouldn't and vice-versa. This will save both of you the money and the space! Its best to have separate pillows and blankets for hygienic purpose. Then you can go down and see if there's any hall for laundry purpose. If there isn't, you can check in the town. Probably, you will find a shop or outlet where you can get it done easily. By living in a dorm, you won't get bored or depressed. There will be plenty things happening around to help you out of homesickness. Moreover, it's a good life experience that one shouldn't miss out. It will build your confidence level and boost your self-esteem. And you will get to make friends.

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