Why is it important to do Social Networking for your Business

Why is it important to do Social Networking for your Business?

Today the world is all about e-marketing. E-marketing makes the presence of business seen and heard on social networking sites. A business which doesn't have a website or which doesn't follow its customers through social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter is considered to have already lost its maximum share of the market. A business which is not there on social networking sites is not recognized by the customers. Social networking sites serve as the advertising platform for the products or services that a business provides. It is an interface where the service provider and the customer interact with each other about their services and expectations respectively.


Social networking is helpful to business in all the possible ways. There is no reason that why a business won't opt for social networking for its business. If a business has to survive the growing competition in the business world, if the business has to outperform its competitors, then social networking is the only solution. Social networking is the panacea for all the advertising and marketing that a business requires. There are various reasons as to why it is important to do social networking for the business. In the following paragraphs we would try to cover the same.


There are endless reasons to support the importance of social networking for a business. Few of them being highlighted here.

1. ATTRACTS THE WEB TRAFFIC - Social networking site is a showcase of the business. It is how well a business displays the products/services in that showcase to attract the customers. Web traffic is the number of visitors who visit a webpage online. The increase in the web traffic implies that more consumers are visiting the web page of the business, which in turn means more business for the service provider.

2. SEO - SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process through which the website receives the traffic from the results of a search. SEO words help in increasing the traffic to the website manifolds. A faster and more competitive business can be done by simply focusing on the use of correct SEO words in the website.

3. HELPS IN TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION BETWEEN BUSINESS PROVIDER AND CONSUMERS - Social networking is the common platform where people with same interests and motives interact with each other. These people can be service providers, consumers, industry leaders, or the people keen on using the services/products of one particular business. At Social networking sites people comment, leave a feedback(positive or negative) or engage in forum discussions about the services provided by the business, improvements required in their services, their expectations from the business. When a business gets to know about its performance in the market and the expectations of its clients, then it becomes easier for the business to mold its business strategies and perform even better.

4. EASIER TO APPROACH THE TARGETED AUDIENCE - Social networking is a miracle tool, which a business can use as per its requirements. With social networking, it has become easy to segregate the consumers based on their education level, interests, and locations and even on the basis of their purchase history. Before the advent of Social networking, the marketing and the advertising have never been so easier.

5. EASY RECOGNITION OF BUSINESS AT EVENTS - Businesses are often involved in organizing charity functions, sponsoring events or attending major meets concerning theenvironment. We as consumers get to know about the involvement of the business in social or such activities only through the social networking sites. Thus, Social networking sites plays a huge role in letting the consumers know about the dedication of the businesses towards the society, environment, or humanity. This in turns helps to build the image of the business in the eyes of customers.

6. QUICK ADDRESAL OF THE CLIENT PROBLEM - Social media serves as a strong tool for the redressal of the consumer complaints and grievances. social media has taken has taken such a strong place that in case, consumers have even the slightest of the problems with the services or product that a business offers, they post it on the social media. Once it has been posted on the social media, the entire world gets to know about the query or grievance. It is in the best interest of the business to respond on the Social networking site to sort the query or grievance posted by the customer and arrives at a solution. Thisenhances the repo of the business as a customer-friendly business provider

7. AT PAR OPPORTUNITY WITH THE COMPETITOR - Social networking sites provides more or less the same start point to all the businesses as far as the scope of advertising is concerned. A business might cater more of its budget towards the campaigning and advertising, but at social networking sites more than the budget, it is the innovation and creativity which matters, that has been put in creating an ad. Since all the competitors are at the same level, after strong webpage, it`s the quality of product that you offer which will earn a business more sales and loyal customers.

8. HELPS IN EXPLORING THE CONSUMER MARKET - Social networking sites have proved to be a boon in increasing the clientele for a business. It works in a two-way fashion-

(a) Business finds customers - There are certain sites which help a business find the customers who are looking for the services and products that are provided by it. This happens with the aid of links that a business attaches to certain keywords. When the customers search for those keywords, the business directs those customers towards their website through the links created.

(b) Customers find business-There are many Social networking sites where in a business joins many groups based on its products/services, supply chain, or customers. Business provides its links in these various groups, which helps in drawing the attention of customers towards their website, thus getting more clientele for the business.


The statistical results are quite convincing that the Social networking is a very powerful tool for the businesses. In the year 2014, according to Hubspot, the percentage of marketers who claimed that Social networking was important for their business was 92%. While 80% claimed that their increased efforts in the Social networking diverted the consumer traffic towards their websites. The new way of business is all about doing business while socializing!!

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