What causes students to think school is boring?

What causes students to think school is boring?

School the essential part in a child's life. Schooling predicts the future of a child. If in these days he learns and participates in necessary activities, then there open many bright doors for him. Thus school is a means of making a child acquire knowledge and make him understand life, and future aspects and many other basic general things that he would need. Thus, it is necessary for a child to find school interesting else he would lack in getting the lessons he should be having. But nowadays we come across many students who find school boring. Not the fact that they have to go there as it is the basic thing they have to learn- a must. But how can we expect from a child to go to a place and learn new things when he feels sleepy, lazy, bored and uninterested there.

The main thing is that what we can do is to make him find that place amusing so that every day he waits eagerly to know what he's gonna learn today or what he is going to see today, what are the other things that he doesn't know which still exist in this world which he should know about. Thus to make them find school interesting is an essential part. But the question occurs why they find it boring? Well, there are many reasons for that. We see many students go to school only because of their friends or non-academic activities such as sports or other hobbies. The main answer we get from them  is that they don't like the being taught part which may be because the find it useless, not future oriented, not connected with their life goals or the key point could be they don't understand what is being taught to them or the way it is being taught to them. And for these reasons they find their pretty school yawn. The survey, Which clearly indicates to the fact that the way of teaching needs a good transformation. If not done the drop-out rates will go on increasing, which is both harmful to a person and the economy of that country.

If focusing on practical knowledge becomes more from small standards only rather that theoretically based teaching students will find it both interesting and easy to grab things being taught and also they will be able to recognise and remember them as all they will have in main dis the scenario being done in front of them. They would feel it, see it, and understand it better. Which will make them find it interesting? As for an example, one may find a novel boring, but a movie based on that same novel becomes a hit. The reason is simple a thing one see practically is much more different that one gets from reading. I am not aginst the fact that reading is not important, but side by practical side view of the same is also necessary. One will see it and then read it to know what it is.

In other words, he will be finding it interesting. The other reason is interaction. If the teacher doesn't interact with students properly how will he/she make them understand his view points he is trying to explain? Thus a teacher should be able completely to interact with students in a good way. Also, one on one interaction would be beneficial. Another reason for students to find schools boring is homework. Well not forgetting to mention a lot of homework. Homeworks should only be given when it is absolutely necessary, i.e. homework should be given in a way that one doesn't feel it like a burden. He/she is equally interested in solving it. A way he would be eager for the other one to come his way. Unless the homework is a fun activity, most students will try to get it done and over with as fast as possible, even if it means doing in incorrectly.

So, in conclusion, it is not just a duty of a teacher only but also of the parents and students to cooperate in all activities. As we say you cannot clap with one hand, i.e. steps are to be taken from both the side not just the teachers part or the students part should be given priority. Both have to come forward to make things work, which will result in a bright future of both student, teacher and the country.

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