Warning! Your Parents Want to Spy on your Facebook Page

Warning! Your Parents Want to Spy on your Facebook Page

Parents are not able to get a good night's sleep because there are always worried their children's activities on Facebook and other social media sites. It is not to one particular country, but the world over! Parents are anxious about their children getting caught up in the endless online web. They are scared that the children are sharing vital family information. Children are naïve, and they are very vulnerable online. All sorts of people are online, the good and the bad. It's difficult to say what their real motives or intentions are. Children are not aware of this. They take social media sites to be fun, exciting and the 'in' thing. Everyone is on it, why should they stay behind. Though many social networking sites guarantee to be safe; that no data or information gets leaked, it's a nutshell. The internet is full of viruses, bugs and hackers. They do everything they can to hack the sites. Some do it for fun while some take it up to a whole new level. They want to see their skills and potential. Now and then, social networking sites are offering upgrades and security to its users, but many parents and experts find this useless. Online is not the place to keep and store vital information. It can turn lives upside down! If it's not the children, it's the parents who put up everything on Facebook; from baby photos to family get-together events to how they spent their time or when they are going for a holiday! Parents should first set the example for their children to follow. It shouldn't be the other way around. Moreover, Facebook has certain age criteria for its members that its 13 years and above. When children sign up, they do not share true information about their age, and thus become members. It is not alone for Facebook, but other social networking sites as well. There's no doubt that Facebook has become part and parcel of everyone's life. But that doesn't mean that one should be stupid and share everything. In fact, a person makes oneself into ridicule.

What Parents Should be Aware Of?

Parents should keep up with the upgrades of Facebook. There are old and new versions. If there is no universal computer in the household which everyone uses, parents should know what version their children are using. They should monitor the children's personal computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones. It's best for parents to keep a common computer which is used by every family member. They should avoid giving very young children laptops or smartphones because this is when the problems usually start. Many family members have a different Facebook page, though they may be sharing everything on the family page. Parents should know that this is not all because it shows only a part of what they have uploaded! Children also have personal pages, and they should be monitored. Parents need to be aware of the settings and go through it. Apart from upholding photos and videos, children do more. They chat with their friends from school or the neighbourhood. They also make friends online. Online friends are a 'danger'. This is because one doesn't know their true identity, whether they are a child or an adult!


There are so many software and applications available that monitor and track online activity. Parents can take advantage of them. With the software, they will be able to keep a log of their children's activities. It's best to select a software or application that is compatible with whatever gadget (laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone) a person is using. They should keep in mind to have it regularly updated. Otherwise, it won't work actually. With such software, parents can:

-    Go through the websites the children have used

-    Set GPRS tracking to locate the child and device

-    See files, photos, and videos that been uploaded, shared and emailed

-    Go through the messages and chats

Parents only monitor and track their children to see that they are safe. They have to be aware of the children's friend network. Overall, personal information should be protected at all times. People shouldn't share too much detail about their families on social networking sites. By doing so, they are inviting trouble. Parents should keep up to date with new versions of the site, the settings and monitoring software. They should keep the children safe and not make them feel uncomfortable. Children also have rights.

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