Various Ways to create a persuasive and planned research paper

Well, Research paper or proposal is the methodical explanation of the researched program, providing the person who read or lecturer clear thought and knowledge on the project being approved out.

It gives answers to several questions about the task like the requirement, budget, planning, method, generated outcome, expected outcomes, and much more. Research paper plays a vital role to pass on the information to the connected individual and the general public in the most exact and informative manner. So it becomes a responsibility to take care of various points while writing a research paper. The general format of research paper comprise the given:

A) Title page: The title must be complete and short.

B) Abstract: This part includes the short summary about the process, objective, dilemma, funds about the project, so as to set up the plan in the reader's mind about the overall content of the research proposal.

C) Table of content: Short and concise proposal doesn’t need table of content while on the other hand, big project require being divided into various section in a suitable format, so, it becomes a necessity to design the table of content so as to outlook sections which include explanation of assured part and these table of content would act as a suggestion to assist reader or lecturer to search out all the necessary information fast.

D) Introduction:  This comprises the aim of the research, statement of problem and significance of the research in a complete form so that it becomes easy for the reader to get full knowledge of the project.

E) Background: It must include all the prior works done on the same research or project so as to give a person who reads the clear knowledge about the foundation that has been set and the differences between the prior researchers and the one carried by you.

F) Explanation of the research: Here, all the details of the procedure are explained with a suitable example of each and every step that has been carried out.

G) Clarification of the resources:  It provides the details about the resources required and reasons that why should sponsor select a specific institute for the proposed research.

H) Personnel: The detail about the institution, time necessitates, a participation of people are all explained in this part.

I) Budget: The estimated budget for taking out the proposal must be clearly described in this part.

Thus, to write down an ideal research paper is not at all an easy task for the students, mostly when they are not aware regarding the correct format and instructions. Though writing a research proposal wants time and patience only then they can achieve the predictable of course good marks. So, to help students in writing a convincing and structured research paper,

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