Unravel the mysteries of physics in trendy way via tech tools

Physics is the study of matter, energy and their interactions – is the international enterprise that plays the main role in future progress of humankind. Support of physics education and investigate in all countries is significant as: physics is exciting logical adventure which motivates young people and expands frontiers of knowledge about nature. Physics creates basic knowledge required for future technological advances which will carry on making economic engines of the world. Physics contributes to technological infrastructure and provides trained staffs required to take benefit of scientific advances and discoveries.

Physics is the significant element in education of chemists, engineers and computer scientists, also practitioners of other physical and biomedical sciences. Physics is the most fundamental of physical sciences. From chemistry and geology through to biology and cosmology, we know science in terms of concepts created in physics. Not only this, but many of the tools on which advances of science and technology rely are direct product of physics. Interests and concerns of physicists have for all time developed foundation of future technology.

Physics enhances the quality of life by giving the fundamental understanding essential for creating new instrumentation and techniques for medical applications, like ultrasonic imaging, computer tomography, positron emission tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and laser surgery.

Equipped with tools like tablets (iPad, Kindle Fire, etc.), educators now increase access to the broad array of teaching weapons, particularly in areas like physics or universal mathematics. There are downloadable application, videos and plethora of resources. For instance, scouring virtual libraries of O2, Google Play and App Store will illustrate you many physics teaching tools. Here are few favourites.


Electrons (by Urban Sedlar) is the charged particle simulator which permits you to observe particle interactions, simulate lightning rod, develop the cathode ray tube, and better imagine all those hard-to-illustrate concepts. Electrons will assist students understand world of electricity and grow deeper knowledge about it.

Particle Zoo

Particle Zoo (developed by Richard Burgess) is based on popular Particle Zoo plushies. This tool will assist students appreciate fundamental concepts behind particle physics. There are well-designed -- and admittedly actually cute- representations for each significant particle, like nucleons, quarks, leptons and all that good stuff. Teachers will absolutely have as much fun as students with this application.

Bobo Explores Light

Thinking of practical experiments when explaining concepts about light can be hard. Bobo Explores Light is an application which will assist you show properties of light through easy-to-understand visualizations. Who would not desire to look at holograms? This will be a hit with younger kids.

Gravity Lab

Gravity Lab (another application from Urban Sedlar) permits you to develop your own universe, create collision of huge bodies to describe how momentum is conserved, and see how first two of Kepler's Three Laws of planetary motion work. This is best tool to appreciate more about physics and how gravity influences the universe. It is a fun application to utilize and it clearly describes the laws of gravity.


SimplePhysics (by Jundroo, LLC) allows you create anything from bridges to Ferris wheels and ensure they are strong enough. This application permits you to model the structure and test whether it is hard enough to endure external forces. Structural areas influenced by huge strain are marked in red that provides you a possibility to fix design. Also, you can test the structure by blowing it up or smashing it. SimplePhysics is effective for learning more about fundamentals of structural engineering. It also has very user-friendly interface, which is ideal for students.

132_Vernier Video Physics.jpg

Vernier Video Physics

If you wish to learn more about velocity, trajectory, and making graphical analysis, Vernier Video Physics (from Vernier Software and Technology) can assist you out. Take videos of motivating objects in motion, and this application will draw their trajectory positions and velocity graphs. Students can now be taught more about two-dimensional kinematics and its main beliefs. These are just the few of many accessible applications that physics teachers can download and attempt during class.

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