Tricks and tips when shopping from the huge world of smart-phones

Phones rather smart phones have become a predominant part of our life. It is omnipresent, very obviously seen in hands of everyone across the world. Phones have under-went a drastic change from the day they are introduced upto the age of smart phones.


Difference between a phone and smart phone:

A mobile phone is a cellular phone or cell phone. Mobile phones provide service of voice communications, Short Message Service (SMS), Multimedia Message Service (MMS), and newer phones may also offer Internet services such as Web browsing, instant messaging capabilities and e-mail.

There is one known as PDA that is small handheld devices which combine computing, telephone/fax, Internet and networking features.

A smart phone is combination of the both PDA and cellular phone. Smart phones enable users to store information, e-mail, and install programs, along with using the mobile phone in single device. Basically, it is small computer in your pocket.

A brief history of smart phones:

First smart phones, IBM Simon and Nokia Communicator 9000 were released in the market in the year 1994 and 1996 respectively. Both were larger in comparison to the regular phones. It wasn’t till 2000 that the first real smart phone, the Ericsson R380, was released. It wasn’t any larger than a regular phone, and in early 2000s different others followed suit, with phones like the Palm and BlackBerry getting a big success. In 2007, Apple released its iPhone, which abdicated the hardware buttons for full touch screen control and has been the template for smart phones ever since.

Tips and Tricks for buying the smart phones:

Buying a smart phone for a novice is quite a daunting task. Before buying smart-phones one should get a brief preview of every feature and then select as per one’s requirement.

Operating System

Modern operating system that are prevalent in the markets are very vast like Badd, ios, firefox os and many more. The two operating system that are preferred nowadays in the market includes Android and Windows 8.

It’s the OS which makes smart phones smart. It is same as our computer having operating system.

A) Android:

It is the world’s most popular mobile phones operating system around the world. It is customizable, easy to use, and as it is made by the Google, it works effortlessly with all your favourite Google apps. You may get over a million apps in its Play store. Another benefit of an Android handset is that these are plug-and-play. Just connect it to your PC via a USB cable to begin transferring files to and from the device with zero hassles.

B) Windows 8:

Windows 8 has more than 300 new features. It is catching attention of customers as par with the android. You get really good hardware for the price you pay. Moreover, these devices have subscriptions to the free content such as music and movies depending upon the model and also Maps and Drive+, which are perhaps the best map and navigation services within the country.


You generally hear about the dual-core, quad-core, and even octa-core processors. It is generally believed that newer version will provide more easy working that says larger number of core are apparently better, but you should know on which phone the money should be spent in accordance with your requirement!!

There could be cases where dual-core processors might perform better than quad-core chips. Also, how a processor functions will purely depends upon how the OS utilises its abilities. Thus, an iPhone on the dual-core processor will be a better performer as compared to many quad-core


Best manner in order to judge a smart phones screen is to examine at it from several angles for changes in its colour.

If you are buying a phablet you can invest in a Full HD display. However HD (720p) screens upto 5 inches will work suitably. On smaller devices, your can test by loading a web page to see if the text can be read without any strain to your eyes.  Avoid smart phones having less than WVGA (800x480px) resolution. AMOLED screens are considered as best in terms of showing punchy colours.LCD screens with IPS technology is the second choice; however TFT LCDs must be avoided if you can.


More RAM is better as it will provide more space.

Additional Storage:

Our phones carry e-mails, photographs, social networks, videos, music Always budget a phone having ample storage space. If the capacity of phone is 8GB, it will provide you with the 6.5GB. Therefore, in case you require 4GB, you should buy a phone providing you 8 to 16GB. Also assure you have at least 32GB storage. In case it is possible, one should prefer to buy a phone with 64 GB.


It is a myth that more mega-pixel will provide you better pictures. A 5MP camera is suitable of providing 8x6-inch prints even at 300dpi (dots per inch), which is the standard resolution that is used in the professional printing.


If you are opting for a smart phone over 4.5-inches in size, look for the devices which will come with at least a 2000mAh (milliamp-hour) battery. The higher the mAh, the longer the battery will last.

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