Tools to employ in education as it bridges gap among countries and cultures

For today’s kids, learning from encyclopaedias is a thing of ancient times.  Now days, children have the wealth of opportunities to learn about parts of world they could only dream about visiting – and they are accessible any time of day or night. Today, the child can visit websites geared toward teaching kids about foreign policy, journalism, global travel, diplomacy and safety at click of mouse.

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International Education is significant is as it serves as the “bridge” between countries and cultures. Oftentimes countries may not have good political relationships; people of dissimilar religious faiths may not understand one another; people speaking diverse languages may not be able to communicate. Though, International Education develops cross-cultural understanding when students work together on the project, meet each other in dorm, perform research, or study for class together. Their different languages, customs, habits, political relationships and religious philosophy are bridged through educational endeavours. International Education is the avenue of which other entities in the world might not have same positive impact.

International Education presents global views and viewpoints which improve education of students who are campus bound, in hunt of the on-line degree or who have opportunity to discover cultures and languages through education abroad. In short, international education assists us to see outside of lives and understand that many view points, talents and hue make more interesting world. Some of the more interesting sites accessible for kids comprise the following.

Global School Net’s mission is to link kids around world.  Site has learning opportunities comprising online explorations of Mt. Everest, learning how to read maps with GeoGames or learning about global issues and then writing articles like the real journalist – and have them read by friends, family and others on web with Newsday Journalism page. Global School Net motivates collaboration with teachers and students to develop interesting, involving eLearning projects globally.


JumpStart presents kids, parents and teachers the wealth of information in way of games, activities and other resources.  JumpStart is safe and secure permitting parents to monitor their child’s actions online as they learn about geography and parts of world.

Culture Quest World Tour

Culture Quest is developed to permit kids to learn about customs and thoughts of people around world.  Your child will join the penguin and the owl as they escape Antarctica and travel world learning about foods, music, arts, crafts and history of a variety of regions.  Regions available comprise Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and more.


One Hen Microfinance

One Hen presents the online board game, online resources and story all designed to teach kids about finance, about managing micro-loans, exploring different global markets and problem solving in the microfinance role playing game.

National Geographic

Study where your stuff comes from, visit the variety of countries around world, watch videos, view photos and learn new crafts and recipes at National Geographic.  Study Turkey, Netherlands, Mongolia and Vietnam, learn about habits and living arrangements of snowy owls, polar bears and flamingos.  You can even enter contests accessible at this interesting, kid-friendly site.

ePals Global Community

View artwork developed by kids around world, watch videos of kids in other cultures, take virtual trip to Haiti and learn about healing power of art.  Involve in activities like exploration of other countries and record findings or post thoughts on online forum as you chat with other likeminded people.  Discover about global elections in other cultures or Walk a Mile in My Shoes project, where you will develop the video of how you get ready and walk to school and then share it with others as they share their videos with you.

When using sites geared toward kids, ensure that you, as parent or guardian, closely monitor your child’s online activity.  Let adding safety software which will alert you to child’s social activity on web.  Set rules in advance of your child are accessing websites. Be clear about what he must do if pop-up seems or if he gets suspicious emails.  Be sure your child knows to never send photos of himself to strangers. Do not scare your child; just ensure he is confidence about what he might meet online so he can have positive internet learning experience.

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