Tips for Adjusting in New College Life

College life is a life for which everyone dreamed about from their Childhood. The new and different things and the burden which is going to be end by entering in this new life. Thinking of no more need to listen to teachers, no homework. The freedom and fun they are going to experience after their school life.

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But as coin has two sides in the same way college life is not same as it was been showed by friends it is far away from dreams. It is not as simple as shown to adjust in this new phase of life. It is like a new beginning of life. In which a student is going to enter where he/she will not be having that supportive friends and family they have to start this new phase of their life on their own. This is going to be their first step in this competitive world. A world outside their comfort zone.

Every Student has to face some new challenges in this new life. Some tips which are very beneficial for the students who are going to enter in this new phase of life which would be best for them.

This new phase is going to be very amazing, interactive and enhancing of new stuff. The most important tip is to believe in yourself. It is necessary that the student should have faith in him/her. As it is something different from what they have expected so they should be prepared enough to accept all the changes and to face all the new challenges and turns waiting for them. A student should believe and should take decisions with the advice of their teachers, parents or any other elder.

Although college life is far away from what a student had dreamed of but yet it is a platform where a student can enhance his skills. It is a place where every student got fair and equal chance to prove him/her. It is not necessary for a student to show his/her skills in studies only one can show his expertise in various other fields like computers, management, leadership, singing, dancing etc. Various shows are being organised to enhance the skills and to find the hidden talent in them. All the students are requested to be a part of it. As this will become a major part in show casting their talent and to learn.

As in concern of studies the pattern of study changes in college. Here a student cannot completely rely in the teacher for his stuff. As the pattern of books change a student should also change the way of learning. In college life not only hard work matters but a student have to be smart enough to learn. To accept the changes and to explore more.

Not only the pattern and place changes various other things change in the life of a student and the most important change is change in their nature and behaviour. Some changes are good enough and are very beneficial for student like having habit to read articles, novels etc. In the same manner habits are not good and leaves adverse effect on students life like having cigarette, alcohol etc.

A student has to be very particular while taking decisions. He/she has to be particular enough to choice what's good and what's going to be bad for them by keeping in mind future predictions. These friends play a vital role in life of all the students.

We cannot assure that all the decisions taken by the student are appropriate and favourable for them in the entire situation. It might be possible that the decision taken by the student is not right for them in that situation student should not get disappointed and should learn from his own mistakes and rather than regretting one should learn from these mistakes. Parents should always be supportive to the student rather than blaming them for the fault. Parents can become a good friend of their children and can become their advisers.

During this new phase of life student become more conscious for their looks. Every boy only focuses on body building by taking various drugs and girls go on dieting in order to maintain their figures. Which leads to loss of their health. All this leads to loss in their academic and normal life. It is advisable that one should consult a doctor and rather than taking drugs' proper food should be taken and rather than dieting a proper diet should be followed with necessary exercise to stay fit and health.

Personality should be maintained not only by good looks but also by the way a student speak, work. Personality is determined from actions, behaviour and body. A student should always focus on his/her personality. Student should always try to maintain that and have to monitor their actions as all of them are part of good personality.

Time management is also necessary one should have to maintain a complete balance in his/her life by managing time by planning and allotting equal time to studies, time and family.  Time management is beneficial in studies also. Student should also look after themselves as well as self analysing is very beneficial. Student should have to manage up amongst their family, friends and studies.

In the last a tip which is not only beneficial for college as well as for their whole life is that student should stay in present and should focus on their future rather than wasting their time on past activities. Students should focus and work hard for their future and should stay in present only. Instead of regretting what has been done in past. It is a fact that we can't change what's done in the past. We can just assure to work on their present to make their future a better place. So that they should not regret that they would be at better place if they would have worked.

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