Time Management versus Goal Planning

Time Management versus Goal Planning

Time Management and Goal Planning Go Together

Managing time is just as important as goal planning. Goals make you focused. You can work on your goals with time. Proper use of time is essential. It should be effective as well. You need time management and goals to succeed. In fact, these are two necessary ingredients for success. You should set goals. Goals are important because, without them, life will be boring. It keeps you focused and motivated. It helps you achieve. Moreover, goals bring the best in everyone. It can be made individually, as a group or family. Family goals are chosen collectively such as the parents will say that dinner will be at 8 pm every day. The family members will try to make this possible by working together. They will help get the dinner ready, set the table and at 8 pm, everyone will be present. Goals can be personal for example; you want to lose weight. So you will register yourself in a gym or run a kilometre or so every day. You will do exercise. Goals are short-term and long-term. There are academic aspirations and career goals. For example, a high school student wants to take up a career as a doctor, so he or she will first have finish high school then MBBS graduation then Post Graduation to choose whatever specialisation he or she wants. Then after a few years of experience, he or she will be recognized as a doctor. This is achieved through proper time management over a period of time. Short-term goals are usually realised within five years, or long-term goals take five years and more.

What Do You Need

You need a purpose and vision. Goals give you all these plus more. It makes a person and gives them a sense of direction. In the schools and business settings, goals have everyone working together. They are on the same page and move forward together. With goals, you can easily prioritise what is important. You will work on the getting the important things sorted out first. This is the same for students. They assignments and have a deadline to meet. Their goal is to get the assignment done, and they need to manage their time to get it done. For example, they will not hang out with friends after school. Instead, they will use that time on their assignment.

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Time Management

Through proper managing of time, you learn to use it wisely. With goals to realise, you will not want to waste time. It helps you to use time efficiently. Time management is defined as how a person puts oneself into order around some engagements. It results in efficiency and productivity. You work smarter and better with time management. Plus, there is less stress. Poor use of time leads to:

-    Loss

-    Stress

-    Missed cut-off date

-    Disorganization

-    Wasted resources


Proper planning and time management result in:

-    Profit

-    Healthy competition

-    Meeting targets

-    Control of things

-    Organization of work

-    More opportunities

-    Productivity

-    More time on hand

You will find that with time management and goal planning, you achieve more. The results are good and it. If you want to improve on things, then you should spend wasting precious time on phone calls. Keep it to a minimum. Other things that will add towards your productivity are: 

-    Technology: if your computer or laptop is playing up then you should get it fixed. It will save you the time from running to a friend's computer or the internet café to get things done. By getting it repaired for once and all, you are able to manage time well.

-    Don't waste time on social media: ditch the social media for some time. Utilize the time in something else. You cannot refresh time or reclaim it.

-    Important tasks: it's wise to get the important tasks done first. Once, you taste the success of it; you can move to other tasks.

-    The Early bird catches the worm: what this means is that it is good to start early. You should wake up early. It will make you fresh and stress-free. Moreover, by getting up early, you have more time on hand.

The saying, 'if you value time, time will value you', is very much true. Time makes a person and not the other way around. You fill content and happy when you use time wisely.



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