The Power Of Human Brain

The Power Of Human Brain

The device of consciousness; remember, reason, that one aware of its surroundings and which one is capable of emotions, make decision total organizer of mental and psychological organism processes, conscious and unconscious. Is determined by the human mind.


Alpha is the first state-changing associated with light and relaxing start to the process of reflection. In this case, it will start, to be able to access your subconscious mind. In this case, you will experience creative thought waves and be able to see how ideas that may have seemed irrelevant could actually be deep linked. It becomes easier to solve the problem and solutions more deeply. As you progress with meditation gradually will be able to reach deeper layers of your consciousness and the real strength of mind will be unlocked. Meditation is easy to learn and can be practiced by anyone. This medium practice studies have other benefits as well.


The conscious mind controls the brain only 5%, the subconscious mind has the huge impact on the brain as it is been overall controlled 95%,

In this case, you'll begin to be able to access your subconscious mind. In this case, you will experience waves of creative thinking and to be able to see how ideas that might have seemed irrelevant could in fact be deeply connected. It becomes easier to solve the problem and the solutions more deeply. As you progress with meditation will gradually be able to reach the deeper layers of your consciousness and the real power of the mind will be activated. Meditation can be easily learned and can be done by any other person. The benefits of meditation as well, which studied extensively over the last decade real changes include medication the brain with the real increase in both white and gray. It also causes the release of a wide variety of chemicals in the brain, increasing the sense of well-being, as well as improving mood, learning the ability.

The power of the mind is undetermined. Unlimited capacity. You can create anything you want just let the mind perform its activity made by god. As god created our mind its logo should be live to fullest, programming, strengthen your mind functions, and improve the way you could put your mind, can be anything you want or desire. It just takes the process to understand the mechanism.

In the society, the mind plays a vital role in maintaining the image and power of person it is been determined that human has its potential to create and destroy its inventions, as a human has a very extensive mind which is related to its mode
the actions are given by human also relocated in society it may cause discomfort area as human have many emotions that are been rectified by the mind
believe the supernatural postulates are also the determined source of human as if believed its everything or nothing
so the vice verse played by the human is being very appropriate in mind and helps to now the behavior of human nature.


About the fact that the brain is truly remarkable.
The brain will take the fifth of all energy from the body it is similar to 20 watts of light bulb continuously, glowing, the brain is connected to many millions of cells which are sub connected to another million cells and goes on. The human brain has the capabilities beyond it is being used.

Here are some most amazing facts about the brain. As the brain weighs 3 pounds only, it contains many numerous numbers of neurons. It contains molecules of 9223372.036854775807 trillion far beyond our ability to calculate, can process bit 30 billion of information per second. Your brain has neurons 10 billion neurons and a range of contacts all neurons in the brain can make one amount. The brain has an extremely talented mind, energy to build any of the major cities in the world many times over. Unsurprisingly, there is no human being who was able to use all the potential of the brain.


We think our skills are beyond our imagination, the mind always makes some efforts and fail to achieve what we deserve is one of the reasons we have confusion while thinking is the lack of confidence we carry in our perspective while thinking. The courage is the regional aspect in thinking the bold and quick decision as making it wisely and not giving up easily the mind always been the betterment tool of our body it will make us feel the enamors behavioral changes in our body as the relaxation is also very important to measure to make it quick and proper sleep will relate to proper thinking as the subconscious mind works total of 95% of brain activity. The effect on brain is been seen while the stress increases, as workload, insomnia nervous system disorders are been observed.

The human brain is so powerful that, few of us are not using it properly. But some guineas will show the proper definition of the power of the mind. Every person has the ability to think intelligently, and creatively, the one who does it have been referred intelligent. The brain has its unique mental aspects to all humans. It is up to them, as how they use it some have amazing grasping power, some with different learning ability (such as memory and imagination and creativity and innovation). The function of the human mind is that is developing the modern era for next generation. As the machines, electronics, robots, and many more skills, etc. are been developed by human mind who thought! That an era will come in which internet is the basic utility. The luxury lifestyle adopted by a human has been one of the great, achievement, which is developed by human mind itself. Today we cannot live without robots and, hence it is proven the power of human mind.

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