Teacher’s attention helps you to do well in assignments

Relationship between a teacher and student:

The relationship between a teacher and their student is one which demands some of the highest level of respect. Teachers play a very important role in a person’s life. A teacher molds a person in onto something meaningful.

Whatever he is today, whatever he had achieved in his life; it would not have been possible without the guidance of a teacher. A teacher always guides his students on a right path; it’s up to students whether they want to walk on a right path or on a wrong but a teacher never teaches you wrong. No one can deny the role of their teachers and thus this makes teacher and student relationships to be one of those precious gift of a relationship which are to be valued.

Benefits of grabbing the teacher’s attention:

It is very important to be in your teachers good books. Now this encompasses lot of benefits, it not only helps you to get the attention of a teacher but it also helps you in lot many things.

Firstly, if the teacher is paying more attention on you it will help you to gain knowledge as much as possible that to in a steady and easy way.

Grades will; not become any problem. Since the teachers are paying more attention on you its obvious your grades will increase neither decrease.

Moreover, you will be receiving personal tips from the teachers themselves.

There are few steps which will help you to enter in your teachers good books.

1. Try to secure good grades in your examinations, and always help the students who need the assistance regarding the subject. Always try to relieve your teacher of explaining something by doing so yourself once it has already been taught in class. You will be taken as a student who is willing to learn and teachers will also get ready to share the knowledge what they have learnt. You can solve Textbook Solutions by your own using online services and ask query in class. Teachers appreciate students with this kind of attitude who have these qualities.

2. Get to know the likes and dislikes of teacher, if teacher loves a kind and calm natured guy then behave quite and speak only when there is a necessary. If your teacher likes active aspirants them do as you want ask questions, give answers, take out interesting topics, you will surely get their attention in jiffy.

3. Maintain a positive attitude in class always. It is not “try” but “must”. Give positive suggestions, praise your fellow classmates’ work and be ready to give support. Most teachers crave to see this level of dedication from their students.

4. Be quite and maintain yourself well dignified. You should stop involving in the gossips when the class is going on and should have concentration on your teacher what is she saying and what she is explaining. If you are caught once while gossiping, misbehaving, the entire good attitude which you earned all will get drained.

5. Always try to be friendly to your teacher. Try to get into casual conversations which do not involve the subject, with them, before or after class hours. Be warm with your words. Try to make them feel that you are actually interested. If they speak of someone in their family, ask about them and how they are doing. If your teacher is jovial, try to make jokes sometimes. In this way, your teacher will feel your respect and will know that you look up to them not just as a teacher but a person as well.

6. Think before you open your mouth. Do not just stand up and say dumb things. Understand the situation. If the ambience is humorous then saying dumb things can make it better. If there is some serious discussion that is going on, try to say in context of it. This will give away the fact that you were actually paying attention in class.

Try to become a model student. All teachers like those students from whom they can cite examples to others. By doing this, not only will you be successfully be able to get your teachers attention to do well in assignments, but you will also get respect from your juniors who will be looking up to you.

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