Take study resolution – Stick to it – And make your academic career bright

There are plenty of students who take resolutions at the eve of New Year regarding what they want to achieve in their life like some students decide to raise their grade level or become a topper of college.

But when you come back to college after celebrating your new year parties or vacations, then you feel like you won’t accomplish your resolution or you might be facing some issues regarding concern subject and after a while you start losing your confidence and motivation; but it’s not too late you can come back again your track if you simply stick to your study resolutions. Here, I will tell you some tips to accomplish your target.

1. Your aim should be clear and reasonable:

First of all, you need to decide your specific resolution. If you don’t have a goal, you can’t achieve anything. On the other hand, if your resolution is specific then you can achieve your goal easily. The researcher says, “if you decide you will get 9.2 CGPA in class and do hard work, you will definitely achieve your goal. Wake up early in a morning, take classes regularly and ask questions to professor in extra time then definitely you will achieve your goal.

2. Make yourself comfortable:

As we notice that whenever we try to do the study then we always feel sleepy, there will be large gap between nap and study. If we don’t give time to study, then no one help you. Then nap always wins easily. So we just have to beat the nap. For this, we can make our time schedule or take help from friends or someone else. Scientist found that there is a time of nap between 9 am to 9 pm. So most of the students disturbed between these timing but once you fixed your target then you won’t allow to wins nap.

3. Try to get help from new Techniques:

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4. You should use your time in an effective way:

If your resolution includes exercise, study, and sleeping then you have to give time to each and everything. For this, you need to do hard work to achieve your target and you have to schedule your time management. You have to do more study in short period of time because you have to give your time to other activities also.

There are few strategies which have proven by researchers:

1. Make study groups which will be helpful for you to get study materials and you get a deep knowledge of that course also.

2. Whenever we use flashcards for vocabulary and facts, try to study them in big one compare to smaller one.

3. A psychologist found that students will get more information when try to understand the course material rather than cramming because it happens if we cram any topic then we forget after some time and once the topic is clear in our mind then we won’t forget that topic lifetime. So As I suggest you don’t cram the course material implement it try to understand the logic behind that. So you will get successes in your life.

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