Successful tips for essay writing for school children

Successful tips for essay writing for school children

An academic essay is nothing but forming a logical argument out some set of ideas. Essays are meant to be in step-by-step logical way so that it is easy for the reader to understand the logic of it.

Forming the essay structure is the most important part of delivering the information and claim properly that the person is making. The structure only dictates the information delivery part. There are several guidelines available to write a successful essay, but there is no such formula to fixed (Tanner, 1933).

Learning how to write a school essay is very much important for a student as it builds up the basic writing skills for them that can become essential for their future career goals (Tanner, 1933).

How to format or structure an essay(Hamilton, 2016):

Introduction to the Topic:

An essay has to start with an excellent introduction. Elaboration of this part is necessary for any reader to understand the context of the essay or the problem statement. Hence not just a brief idea but also the place from where the idea is coming from with examples will be helpful. The introduction gives an initial idea about the essay. To get the attention of the readers, it is important to keep clarity in this part of the essay.

This section should also include the problem statement. This is essential especially for a scientific essay at any level. The statement summarizes the introduction and helps the reader to understand the very specific questions that will be answered in that essays.

Write the body of the essay:

The next step is the body of the essays. In the case of scientific writing, it could be the methodology to reach the argument. The body should provide the detailed points from the introduction and elaborate each topic that can support the logic of the topic. Some facts, examples and quotes can be used to reach the correct level of explanation.

If the student is writing a scientific essay, then each and every step of the methodology should be explained.

Conclude the Topic:

The conclusion summarises essays and gives the reader a closure in the topic.  This step need not be very long but must be adequate so that it can clearly state the essence of the essay. Restating the same words  is not a good idea. Rather writing the opinion about the topic in own words serves the purpose better. All of these arguments should be  supported with facts, examples and references. This final step should uphold the main idea in a clear and compelling way. But remember to talk about one point at a time. Trying to explain everything in one paragraph or within just one argument is not a good idea at all (Hamilton, 2016).

Some people do better when they write it backwards from the conclusion, is the student is comfortable in that, then that approach also can be taken.

One more thing that must be incorporated in the conclusion is that why the topic is important to talk about. In the other words, the significance or implications of the topics are very much important.

Major flaws that could  found in school children essays:(Headrick, 2013)

Since school students are exposed to essay writing. Hence it is expected that there will be some flaws. One of the most common is that typically essays from school students are descriptive not exactly argumentative. Students find it difficult to establish the logic, or they lose their point of view while writing.

Sometimes their essays just follow the structure of the sources that they used, but an independent structure is not established.

Also, school students also make major mistakes in referencing the proper articles.

Therefore school students should follow the following simple tips to avoid these mistakes:

1.    Choose the topic carefully, if possible and choices are available.

2.    Before starting, draw an outline for yourself.

3.    While writing, be careful of the three distinct parts: Introduction, Method and Conclusion.

4.    Don't expect the essay will be perfect in the first attempt. Try more than once and read after you write.

5.    Pick suitable and proper references.

6.    Learn how to do proper referencing.

7.    Have your essay proofread by somebody.

8.    It is a bad idea just to depend on the spell-checking tool of the word program. Read the essays more than once and check all the spellings yourself from beginning until the very end.

These simple steps and the tips to form the structure of the essay should make an essay for school children perfect.It is essential for students to learn how to write an essay as this not only teaches them how to write but also how they can form a logical theory.

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