Study Abroad Scholarships- An Overview

Study Abroad Scholarships- An Overview 

Every student dream to go abroad for their higher studies, but knowing the consequences they may face financially, they drop the idea of going abroad.

Their dream shatters. But every student know, that many foreign universities offer a scholarship to all the students willing to study abroad all over the world.



Due to lack of knowledge and information, the student stops thinking about taking admission in abroad. With proper information and reach, getting admission in abroad will not remain a dream anymore. These scholarships are of great value for a student, as it covers most of the expenses of the student. Books, accommodation, travel, etc. are covered under the scholarship program. Such universities offer many scholarships helps the student to study for the basic graduation as well as for the advanced studies.

Here is the required overview you should understand if you're thinking of applying to foreign universities for further education. Scholarships are based on certain criteria which you should know before going for it.

1.Program specific scholarships: Program specific scholarships are offered by the foreign institution/university or college based on a student's academic achievement so far. They have their eligibility and qualification based test by clearing which you can get the scholarship. To know more about the scholarships and how to apply for them, one can go to the official website of the university. You will get all the details there according to the program you are interested in applying.

2. Merit-based Scholarship: The University/institution or college offering the merit-based Scholarship, directly assess the student on the basis of their academic, athletic, artistic or any other extra-curricular activities they possess and then give approval.

3. Subject-specific scholarships: The subject based scholarships are offered to the student, who enroll themselves to learn some specific subject or want to study a particular area of a subject. They have a specific eligibility and specific case that are offered by the institution/university or college. This type of scholarship acts as a boon for the students who are willing to do some long-term research with all their dedication and eagerness to learn.

4. Destination-specific scholarships: The destination specific scholarships are for those students who want to study their course in a particular country. This scholarship awarded to the students who aspire to learn at a certain destination rather than in just any other country. The government usually sponsors these scholarships. For better knowledge of this scholarship, one can go to the website of the government of the country and also to the site of the college, which avail this scholarship.

5. Student-specific scholarships:  The student-specific scholarships are offered for the students who qualify the aspects like gender, race, caste, religion or medical history. These types of scholarships are mainly there for the minorities. If the student belongs to minority group and aspires to study more, They can also apply for this scholarship program.

Studying abroad is a pure gem if you are aware of its benefits. Not only you'll learn more, the exposure you will get after studying at abroad will be full of benefits. Also, by studying at the place other than your native, you'll be more independent and social. It will benefit your communications skills, interpersonal skills, and you'll get to know different people around the world. You will get to meet them and know them better. All this will only benefit you. With all these advantages, your personality will be more groomed, and you will see yourself growing and thus, successful.

Scholarship acts as wings to your dream. Thus, make best out of it. Think about your future and plan it well, as now you know that studying abroad will not stay as a dream as there are scholarships available for you.

These scholarships will act as fuel to your dreams, determination and hopes.

The better exposure will get you a better future and a better life.

Start planning what you want to do ahead in life. If you are willing to take admission abroad, then it is the best options.

Apart from that, you can go through the internet. There are lists of the university offering scholarships. Stay aware for the fraud one.

Ask your teachers and parents while you go through the list of a university.

Choosing a university, that too in abroad is not work of a single day. Spend some good time before finalizing one college for you. And then see which sort of scholarship you are looking to apply for.

Check for all the information wisely. And go live your dreams.

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