Should Students be Allowed to Skip Senior Year of High School

Should Students be Allowed to Skip Senior Year of High School?

Many students feel that the senior year of high school is a waste of time. If given the opportunity, they would skip it and go right ahead to college! But many teachers are not for with the idea of skipping senior year. They say that senior year gives students an insight of what to expect in colleges and universities. In the senior year, students can sit competitive exams and entrance tests of various colleges and universities. Preparation takes time and they can use their senior year to prepare for it. Moreover, it senior year gives students and experience which they remember throughout their lives. They can relay and share their experiences with their younger siblings, cousins, children and grandchildren. They won't feel left out from the experience. Students can also use the senior year to spend more time with their family and friends who they will leave behind. College life is different from high school. Students will observe this and agree once they start with college. Many officers in the education department think otherwise. They say students should be given the opportunity to do what they think is best. After all, it's their life and career on the line. If students skip their senior year, the education department can save thousands of dollars. They can divert or use the funds in other education sections. Some officers have even highlighted that there are no qualifying tests for students in the senior year. Many students pass the tests in the junior year itself, which gives them the graduation certificate. Overall, high school is a four-year program, from grade 9 to 12.

No Care Attitude

Senior year is a no care attitude. The 12th-grade students get the 'senior' tag. They have a blast of a time playing pranks, organising and attending proms, and graduation. The seniors just have fun. The students sit back and relax. They look back at the years of high school, their accomplishments and achievements. The ones who want to go off to college have a more serious attitude. They sign up for extra-curricular activities and volunteer work for credentials. These students work towards making their academic record good. They take standardised and competitive exams as well as entrance tests for colleges and universities. Teachers side with them saying that they have to be determined to get overall good grades. In 12th grade, students have to sit for the final exam and then they get their high school diplomas in graduation.

Senior Year is Important

Many teachers say that the senior year is important and should be taken seriously. Students should throw away the relaxed and no care attitude. They should prepare for exams and work hard towards it with determination. Teachers say that there are always available for seniors to help them make the decision in regards to what college or university they should go to and what undergraduate program to take. College is not easy at all. Most students think that it's a breeze, but it's quite the opposite. They get a shock seeing how much dedication and hard work is needed. Many students drop out of college half way because they feel pressurised and stress. Some say that it's not their thing or they enrolled in the wrong program. What they fail to realise is that they carried the carefree attitude of senior year of high school into college. Students need proper counselling and guidance to help them sail through. And schools should help them through rather than giving options of skipping the senior year. Teachers can encourage and motivate students to stay focused on their goals. They should tell them to take up short courses in computers, programming or languages, or any other course that will help them in college. Students can attend various workshops and tour the colleges or universities to get a feel of the environment. Schools can keep the seniors engaged in extra-curricular activities, sports, drama and debate clubs. They can also get the seniors to help out the juniors in selecting streams (arts or science or humanities). By being in-charge, the schools and teachers boost the confidence and self-esteem of the seniors. It also gives them the experience to be with all kinds of students. Overall, students can make the most of their senior year by exploring what they are good at or where their interest lies. It will help them in choosing a career path. They can also sign up for internships and get hands-on experience. Students can themselves make their senior year of high school productive.

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